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Johnny Depp Suggests Assassination of President Trump

At Glastonbury, Depp asks about assassinating the president

Johnny Depp has asked a crowd at the Glastonbury Festival when was the last time an actor assassinated a president. The remarks came during a segment Thursday in which Depp was speaking about President Donald Trump.

Look at London! That’s what the Democrats and the mainstream media want for us”

The extremist rhetoric, and outright propaganda narratives that are being purveyed by our national mainstream media directly contributed to the recent politically targeted shooting of Congressman Scalise at baseball practice in Arlington, VA.

In light of this event in which 5 people, including 2 Capitol Police, were shot, bipartisan support of our country and the value of all life, should bring us together in unity. It is time for the left to show some dignity as human beings and speak out against the violence and hate.

img_1202But that is not happening, the media continues to attack our President, and by doing so the value and the decency of our country in the eyes of the international community is being reduced. Even here in the U.S., now in repeated cases, extremist members of the left are expressing support of violence against Trump supporters, and republicans.

The people who live in these echo chamber bubbles of society have developed extreme ideologies to support their dwindling political relevance. This cult-like anti-government activism has spread into the Arts community. In a copycat version of Kathy Griffins violent Severed Head image, the following group from Harrisburg, PA, shows no shame in its equally disturbing new art exhibit.

CopyCat Severed Head “Art” Display

According to their website, We Arts Collective (WAC):

The behavior of our current administration is unacceptable, and we are left without proper recourse.

  • In celebration of Kathy Griffin’s violent display of the severed head of our current United States President Donald J. Trump, this exhibit is led by this artist.

These attacks against the image represent more than just attempts at censorship, but rather the ideologies that fuel the support of our current President. We fully believe that art is one of the last forms of expression in which we can feel free and is a tool to be wielded in the struggle against injustice.” – WAC

  • This artist holds strong beliefs in the anti-Trump rhetoric.

We are recreating this photo in order to support freedom of expression through art while simultaneously resisting the current administrations outlandish use of power against the interests of American citizens.” – WAC


Look at London! That’s what they want for us”:



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AntiFA to Burn Flag and Desecrate Graves in Gettysburg

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New: The Anti-Trump Resistance Encourages Violence

“ANTIFA” are planning on holding a rally at Gettysburg National Battlefield on July 1st, asks it’s members to “Bring and Burn Confederate Flags”.

By: Amy Lynne Thomas – The Sunbury American and Northumberland County Journal

Over the past few weeks, several US cities have been a hotbed of controversy over the removal of several Confederate monuments. After decades standing sentinel over New Orleans, the last of four Confederate monuments have been removed after being labeled as “Monuments of Racism and Hate”. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu said of the removal of his city’s monuments: “To literally put the Confederacy on a pedestal in our more prominent places—in honor—is an inaccurate recitation of our full past, is an affront to our present and it is a bad prescription for our future”. The next state to follow in the footsteps in the movement is Arizona, where leaders call for the swift removal of six Confederate monuments around the state.


Most recently, “Antifa” protesters in Texas have demanded the removal of a 100-year-old statue and “any other landmark that bears the name of Sam Houston”. Houston, one of the founders of Texas, was a staunch Unionist and denounced the creation of the Confederacy. But Houston owned slaves, so he’s been added to the purge list, which now includes: Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Woodrow Wilson, among many others.

Susan Platt, a candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, called for the Commonwealth to take down Confederate monuments and rename Confederate-themed highways and public buildings. In her political announcement, she states “I don’t believe it is right to celebrate an act of treason against the United States of America, a war that was waged for the purpose of maintaining slavery”.

In an online video,  Right Wing News stated that the “City of Baltimore wants to follow in New Orleans footsteps and remove several Confederate monuments”; including monuments to General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and ones to soldiers, sailors, and women.

Many have asked, “How long til this moves North?” To answer that question, the statue of a former mayor, Orville Hubbard, was removed from the front of the old City Hall building in Dearborn, Michigan and spent 17 months in storage before being placed on the lawn of the Dearborn Historical Museum. Beyond his name and dates of service, the statue’s new site will not provide any information about Hubbard and his views that made Dearborn “a symbol of the deep-seated racism of the North,” the New York Times said in 1969.


A local group of self-proclaimed anti-fascism activists called “ANTIFA” are planning on holding a rally at Gettysburg National Battlefield on July 1st in protest of President Trump and asks it’s members to “Bring and Burn Confederate Flags”. The reasoning behind why this group picked the date and location for their rally is for the importance Gettysburg played in the American Civil War. The Battle of Gettysburg started on July 1, 1863, when Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia met General George Meade’s Union Army of the Potomac. During the three-day battle, about 165,000 soldiers clashed in and around the small town of Gettysburg. When the Battle of Gettysburg was over on July 3, 1863, 51,000 soldiers were casualties (killed, wounded, captured or missing) in what remains the largest battle ever fought in North America. There are approximately 1,328 monuments, markers and memorials that stand in both the cemetery and battlefield to commemorate the Union and Confederate troops who fought there.

In removing any monument or marker of history, to what purpose does that serve? History in every corner of the world while oftentimes ugly and heinous, still serves a purpose. It is a remembrance to learning from our past and not condemning ourselves to repeat it. To some, it is a heritage that we tell future generations of who they are, where they come from and our American history is not a stumbling block but a stepping stone to a better future.

Update: The event link has recently been taken down: https://us.eventbu.com/gettysburg/burn-confederate-flag-to-trigger-trump-fans-day/229814

More perspectives on last years AntiFA Gettysburg protest:



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Open Message to Kathy Griffin – Signed, We The People

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I don’t know where you got the idea that the Trump family is trying to ruin your life or your career, or that President Trump sent the Secret Service to investigate you. Don’t be paranoid. You’re not that important to him. He has a country to run and a huge mess to clean up after 8 years of failed Liberal policies and corruption.

Besides, it wasn’t President Trump who sent the Secret Service after you – it was US, his Conservative constituents.

The Secret Service was inundated with hundreds of calls within the first few hours of you posting your photo of you holding a gory ISIS-esque beheaded image of our President. And all of US were demanding that you be investigated and arrested.

Then we went after all of your scheduled venues; thousands of US, calling and emailing each and every one of them. We asked that they cancel your shows because of your disgusting ISIS-inspired picture displaying a bloody and beheaded President Trump. It went WAY past bad taste and you deserve the repercussions of your actions.

We are all well aware of your hatred of President Trump and his family by statements you have made in the past, and too many of US felt you had crossed the line this time.

President Trump didn’t ask or tell anyone to take you down or break you. It was you, Kathy, you pushed US too far. An attack on our President is an attack on every person who voted for him and believe in him, something I’m sure you couldn’t possibly understand.

You represent the embodiment of hatred and hypocrisy which now seems to steer the Left, and an overwhelming number of Americans are sick and tired of it. It was US who stepped up and held you accountable. The same people who are abandoning the mainstream media as a result of their endless, unfounded attacks on OUR President.

Want a perfect example of a stark reality demonstrating HOW FED UP we are with Liberals and what they stand for ??
– LOOK at the ratings decline of CNN over the last 5 years.
– Then LOOK at the revenues of Chick-fil-A over the last 5 years.

You, Kathy – and people like you – seem repulsed by slogans like “AMERICA FIRST” – “SECURE OUR BORDER” – “ALL LIVES MATTER” – and many other phrases which only reflect common sense. We elected President Trump because we want to live in a country that IS defined by its laws and its borders. We elected President Trump because we want a strong leader who puts the safety and well-being of Americans FIRST and does NOT apologize for America. We elected President Trump because we – the hard-working tax-paying AMERICAN CITIZENS – were FED UP with Washington DC insiders and politics as usual.

Out of our love and support of President Trump – it was US who took you down, Kathy – just average everyday people; cops, plumbers, housewives, business owners, carpenters, secretaries, stock brokers, realtors, doctors, nurses, farmers, ranchers, etc.

We civilly and bloodlessly annihilated you because you deserved it and THAT’S HOW CONSERVATIVES ROLL.


Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

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ISIS Terror in England – Suicide Blast at Ariana Grande Concert 

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By: Sean M. Guay

Update: ISIS claims responsibility for the attack

Update: Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi likely received some ISIS training by traveling to Syria in the months before the bombing, according to information gathered in the preliminary investigation into the attack, a US official told CNN Thursday. The US believes ISIS, through this training, set the stage for him to carry out his attack. Other members of Abedi’s family are believed to have been radicalized as well, the official said.

Five people have been arrested in connection with the Manchester bombing undertaken by Salman Abedi, including the suspect’s brother, Hashem, who is suspected of having links to ISIS.

But even outside of the network after which the police are hunting, details are emerging that Abedi has been steeped for years in radical Islamic extremism…in his own home.

Fox News has produced an account of the Abedi family stretching back to their roots in Libya, where Salman’s father, Ramadan, was a member of a group now linked to Al-Qaeda.

From the fair and balanced network:

…the elder Abedi was a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group in the 1990s. The group had links to Al Qaeda.

Although the LIFG disbanded, Haroun said the father belongs to the Salafi Jihadi movement, the most extreme sect of Salafism and from which Al Qaeda and the Islamic State group hail. Haroun added that Abedi, also known as Abu Ismail, had returned to the Libyan capital of Tripoli.

The LIFG was founded in 1995, and was involved in attempts to assassinate then-Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi as well as violent clashes with Benghazi police. In 2002, a senior LIFG commander, Anas al-Libi, who also was a companion of Al Qaeda founder Usama bin Laden, was detained by U.S. forces for his role in the 1998 bombings of the American Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, which killed more than 200 people.

That piece also discusses Ramadan’s decision to immigrate toLondon, where he settledin south Manchester, where they had lived for at least a decade.

The Manchester bombing has shone a light on the evils the city has produced in the way of Islamic extremism:

We will update with more breaking news as the search for the ‘network’ that supported Abedi continues.

Originally Reported:

Police arrest several suspects for the attack in #Manchester, UK.

More about Abedi’s background here 

23-year old man, Salman Abedi has been identified as a man who was known to British authorities prior to the attack. He died in the blast. According to the BBC, it is believed he was British or from the United Kingdom.

British police say the suicide bomber was behind the attack at a pop concert in Manchester, England that killed at least 22, some of whom were children. 60 people are injured from the blast and chaos that followed.

Police said the attacker died after detonating explosives shortly after 10:33 pm (2133 GMT) at Manchester Arena, which has the capacity to hold 21,000 people. Children were among the dead, police said.

The blast occurred near the end of the concert at the large venue where Grande performed. The arena is situated atop a large rail corridor hub. Transit was halted Monday night, after the attack, and daily life in England will be disturbed for the foreseeable future.

U.S. President Donald Trump extended his condolences on Tuesday to the victims of the Manchester suicide bombing that killed 22 people and said those behind the attack were “evil losers”.

Islamic State supporters celebrated on social media on Tuesday after a blast at a concert venue in the north of England killed at least 19 people, although the militant Islamist group has not formally claimed responsibility.

Twitter accounts affiliated to Islamic State have used hashtags referring to the blast to post celebratory messages, with some users encouraging similar attacks elsewhere.

We will have further updates as information becomes available.

No offical claims of responsibility yet. The terrorism coincide with President Trump’s visit to the Mid East, in Saudi Arabia and Israel.

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President Trump’s Historic Foreign Tour

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Update: ISIS Affiliates Overtake southern Philippines Island of Mindanao

Update: ISIS claims responsibility for England Attack

By: Sean M. Guay

Day 1 & 2: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Day 3 & 4: Jerusalem & Bethlehem 

Trump visits Brussels, the Capital of the European Union

President Donald J. Trump uses NATO speech to slam allies over dues payments. “Twenty-three of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying,” Trump said

Trump unveiled a 9/11 memorial — a piece of twisted metal from the World Trade Center, which was destroyed in the Sept. 11 attacks — outside NATO’s new building

After Trump’s criticism that the alliance should do more against terrorism, NATO announced that it would formally join the fight against the Islamic State

Article 5 of the Atlantic alliance’s founding treaty states the principle that an attack on any member is an attack on all

Trump meets with the Pope at the Vatican

President Trump meets Italian President Mattarella and PM Paolo Gentiloni at the Presidential Palace

Trump has now made his rounds, meeting with leaders from the big three religious, and cultural centers of the world.

Security is at its highest level at the Vatican, in England, and throughout Europe

Suicide Bomb Terror Attack at Ariana Grande Concert in England

South Philippines overrun by ISIS Affiliated Terrorist – Cops Killed, Hostages at Church

These are the pictures that you will not see from the mainstream American media

Trump unites Israelis and Sunni-Palestinians against their mutual enemy in Shiite-Iran

President Donald J. Trump becomes the first sitting U.S. president to visit the Western Wall

Trump places a prayer note in the wall

President Donald J. Trump stresses that “Iran must never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon” while on first foreign trip to Israel.

Trump Secures the Mideast through a $110 Billion Arms Deal

For the First Time in History, Air Force One has Flown from Saudi Arabia to Israel

Gulf Nations Love Trump

$380 Billion in Total Investments


Trump: Pro-Sunni Arab Gulf States

Obama policies favored Pro-Shiite Iran


US Secretary of State says the arms agreements will help Saudi Arabia deal with ‘malign Iranian influence’.

The economic powerhouse has already begun to spawn further deals:

Saudi Arabia, UAE Will Donate $100M to Ivanka Trump-Proposed Women Entrepreneurs Fund:

American Views of our Saudi Arabian Relations:

War Veteran Anthony Harrell: My fellow Americans before we all hold hands and say what a wonderful job our President is doing in Saudi Arabia, DO NOT FORGET WHERE THE 911 TERRORIST CAME FROM, DO NOT FORGET, DO NOT FORGET, DO NOT FORGET!!!!!!!

Vincent Blackwell, Information Security Professional, Disabled Veteran & NRA Safety Instructor: The 911 hijackers were Saudi citizens not AGENTS of the Saudi government. It is not an issue that American arms makers will benefit from this deal. What is wrong with the American defense industry? They are a critical component of President Trump’s plan to MAKE AMERICA GREAT. Many Americans have their retirement funds invested in such companies. Without strong and vibrant American defense companies, how are we going to improve our military preparedness or upgrade our military. It is a lot different when and American President makes deals with Saudi Arabia then when a traitor gives billions of dollars to Iran, a regime that is directly responsible for American soldier’s deaths by IED technology.

Evan McLaren, Former Law Clerk at PA Cumberland County DA’s Office: We contribute to chaos in the Middle East–and to our own enemies–each time we extend one of these deals to the Saudis. We make them because they benefit arms dealers and military contractors. This is not America First.

Trump made the stops in Saudi Arabia, and Israel. He met with Middle-Eastern leaders, seeking peace in the region. 

Iran Not Happy:

Melania Trump praised the “empowerment of women” at a General Electric all-female service center in the Saudi capital: 

Trump’s Saudi Arms Deal Helps Leading Exporter Of Islamic Extremism:

As American patriots, how do we reconcile these facts?

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The QUIXOTIC Post-Election Reflection

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Harrisburg, PA – Lewis Butts sets the stage for his Post-Election Campaign, and Jenkins remains hopeful for the Republican write-in nomination for the General Election

The Northeast United States is a hotbed of political activity, and happening now, at the epicenter crossroads of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a tranquilly serene war on the Liberal Media has begun. In the aftermath of a local election, Lewis L. Butts JR threw the first gentle nudges in the direction of Pennlive (Harrisburg’s local #FakeNews outlet).

Pennlive has not even hinted of the very real possibility of a Jenkins republican write-in nomination. 

Pennlive claims to be the official ‘newspaper of record’ for the City of Harrisburg, however they are actually located on the west shore, 10 miles outside of the city limits. Many citizens of Harrisburg disregard the reporting of Pennlive, due to its heavily biased coverage.

Peaceful Reflections – Lewis Butts tranquilly goes in on Pennlive, and builds up anticipation for his upcoming Camp Curtin project with the Civil War Museum:

Update: Lewis Butts will make an announcement at the Civil War Museum on Monday, May 22, @ 10am. 

Harrisburg100 will be documenting the progress on the battle front of Butts’ Camp Curtin Project, as well as the battle taking place against the corporately controlled liberal media.

Remember, everything is controlled by corporate interests:

This local controversy surrounding the biased media, reflects a much larger divide among the opposing prevailing opinions throughout the United States of America.

The recent battle of the ‘National Liberal Media vs. America’ has been inspired by some of the most biased journalism that America has ever witnessed. Due to their constant barrage of our President, and all things republican, The United States of America has been continuously portrayed in the most unfavorable image, and now looks foolish and vulnerable in the eyes of the International community.

Time magazine is playing the United States as a fool, for the world to see:

Now This:

The Dollar has begun to Drop:

Comic Relief? Or the actual International view of the Dollar:

Local radio host Ken Matthews exposes the truth about the murdered DNC staffer, Wikileaks, and Russia:

At the other end of the spectrum, unexpectedly, now it is President Trump, who has appeared on the radar as being a threat to the expression of certain types free press:

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International Trouble Strikes in the United States

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Harrisburg, PA – Today, a suspected Drunk Driver strikes pedestrians in the heart of Time Square, in New York City, and this week international unrest spills into the streets of Washington D.C:

Meanwhile, Trump meets with Turkish President Erdoğan this week.

International troubles spill into the streets of Washington D.C., when Turkish Security forces attack protesters who oppose Turkish President Erdoğan.

This video is play out like a live action trailer for a new movie:

The recent battle of the ‘National Liberal Media vs. America’ has been inspired by some of the most biased journalism that America has ever witnessed. Due to their constant barrage of our President, and all things republican, The United States of America has been continuously portrayed in the most unfavorable image, and now looks foolish and vulnerable in the eyes of the International community.

Time magazine is playing the United States as a fool, for the world to see:

The Dollar has begun to Drop:

Comic Relief? Or the actual International view of the Dollar:

Now This:

Radio host Ken Matthews exposes the truth about the murdered DNC staffer, Wikileaks, and Russia:

At the other end of the spectrum, unexpectedly, now it is President Trump, who has appeared on the radar as being a threat to the expression of certain types free press:

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Expect HEAVY Police Presence in Harrisburg on Saturday

 GoFundMe – Writing Towards a Better Future

Update: Trump will sign Executive Order for the review of our International Trade agreements, at Ames True Temper on the West Shore, Saturday afternoon. Specifically, the order is to determine whether America is being treated fairly by its trading partners and the 164-nation World Trade Organization. 

Update: VP Pence will accompany Trump in Harrisburg

By: Sean M. Guay

Harrisburg, PA – Harrisburg should be expecting a military style police state takeover tomorrow, if the preparation by the Local and State Police, combined with the Federal Secret Service, for the Presidential Visit to the city is similar to the November Neo-Nazi Rally on the Capitol Steps. This experience may resemble the show of force typically displayed by foreign powers that are less than democratic.

Unfortunately, these are not peaceful times in the world, and the problems that were spawned by the economic decline of the post-2008 era, have manifested into the political realities that we are faced with even here in mainstream America, and the dilemma of our millennial generation to find its place in the world.

On the day of the Neo-Nazi rally, less that 6 months ago in Harrisburg, the police were prepared for a full scale war. A helicopter hovered over our heads all day and there were reportedly rooftop snipers located on buildings in the general vicinity of the rally. The State Police had a full riot platoon of soldiers, accompanied by a fleet of more than a dozen horseback mounted troopers from the Tactical Mounted Unit.

When the rally reached its climax, the protestors erupted in yelling, then throwing rocks and fireworks over the heads of police towards the neo-nazis. A mobilized State Police Caravan of 4 SUV’s was initiated and came blaring down N. 3rd Street in unison to the Capitol Steps.

Some of the hype of this event was lost in the developing news surrounding the Presidential Election on November 8th, just three days after this rally and counter-protest.

Harrisburg is very much a politically active city.

Starting at 4pm, the MaClay Street Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic between Cameron and 7th Streets for tomorrow’s events.

The following pictures are from the November Rally and the riot police takeover of Harrisburg:


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Trump, Papenfuse & Dauphin County Neglect the Seniors whose Lifetime Investments Sunk on S. 14th Street

By: Sean M. Guay

Harrisburg, PA – The sinkhole disaster block of S. 14th Street in South Harrisburg was called the original ‘war zone‘ in 2014, years before now President Trump‘s visit to the city, which he described using those exact words that upset the citizens of this community in 2016. After a politically motivated article was recently released, the 1400 block is losing hope in depending on assistance from the Federal Government to buyout some of the homes. A cloud of fear has been cast by local leaders who cite the Trump administration’s proposed $6 Billion in program cuts to HUD. The city is now jockeying its position with the Federal Government over the time frame to complete the project phases, as they seek an extension to the May 31 deadline. In this scenario, where the Mayor has his personal vision to champion the cause and to construct the newly designed green space, it is the struggling residents who continue to suffer greatly.

Had the city been proactive, the people of S. 14th Street would have been paid 6 months ago, before the change of federal administration. What makes it very much upsetting, is that this post-disaster crisis was due to the lack of initiative by the City of Harrisburg. The city government has a duty to serve the citizens, and a proactive city government would have recognized the potential threat looming from the new administration, and focused on getting its people help first, then follow through with the visionary plan. Now, the aftermath of this disaster has gone too far, when the city should have made arrangements long ago to ensure that the citizens of S. 14th Street were protected, but instead has been dragging out this affair. Good citizens and folks with a family legacy in Harrisburg are losing their inheritance in this bad deal. This is an example of poor crisis management by the Papenfuse Administration.

Labeled as an anti-gentrification initiative, the mayor abruptly held meetings aimed at rallying support from local African-American leaders under the premise that he intended to do right by them. When will that happen? Because thus far it has been compared to a politically motivated step towards building up the image of Mayor Papenfuse as a champion for the people. This move would be in line with the modus operandi of our Mayor, who recently pulled a similarly lame political maneuver in his Fox43 TV Interview on Monday. It has been well documented by Tim Rowbottow that Mayor Papenfuse was aware of the problems at Rowland Elementary since February, but he didn’t make a comment on the situation until the public outrage developed. Suddenly Papenfuse is appalled and insisting on a fix to a problem that he didn’t care about last week.

In the case of the Sinkhole buyout, it certainly appears that the city has politicized and created an atmosphere of fear regarding these these payments. Who will save these unfortunate neighbors? In particular, it could be that the Mayor wants to accept the credit of any future success to come from this buyout as momentum towards his bid in the upcoming primary election. When the timing is just right, and through carefully selected channels, Papenfuse will issue an update on the payouts, essentially proclaiming himself the hero of S. 14th Street.

Why was the City and County so eager to move forward with tax sale of Ms. Taylor’s property? The City of Harrisburg could have stopped the sale by courting Dauphin County and requesting a “stay” of the collection of taxes. This inaction of the city created a situation where Ms. Taylor became the victim of “sale under duress,” because she did not want the sale to happen, but unfortunately she was leveraged by undue influence.

No public meetings have occurred for months and some of these forgotten senior citizens are struggling. They cannot even get a hint of help from the Dauphin County Commissioners. There were many good folks who owned homes here, and some who are still on the block to this day, including an 86 year old man who doesn’t have a plan for what to do with himself. It is sad that so many of these senior citizens have been overlooked and forgotten about in an isolated section at the southern extent of Harrisburg. There are many other stories. Today we will focus on Ms. Della Taylor who owned a property at the end of the block, part of phase two of the project, which relies on the $3 Million that is coming from the Federal Government.

For several decades, Ms. Taylor owned a house within the 14th Street sinkhole area. While she lived in a home in Highspire, at one time she supplemented her income by renting the 14th St. property. But following the national financial crisis, and due to further personal struggles, Ms. Taylor had to adjust her life to these new realities. Eventually, she reached a point where she just didn’t have the money anymore, and found herself slightly behind on taxes for the property that she owned on S. 14th Street in Harrisburg.

“The Mayor didn’t handle the situation properly.” Ms. Della Taylor

img_9966-2At this time in 2014, the family who lived at the property had terrific grandchildren who loved to play outdoors on nice days. Unfortunately, things changed and they could no longer enjoy themselves outside, because their grandparents had to fear for their safety after this block became ravaged with the ground opening up to 100’s of sinkholes. A neighbor’s child had a very close call in an encounter with a hole and could have been seriously hurt. These landmines that riddled the area gave the appearance of a true war zone.  The problem got worse and at one point the sinking ground caused a terrible water main break. Eventually, the street collapsed, some residents were stuck in their homes, some suffered structural damage and many homes have since been condemned. Some of the homes have doors that can no longer be opened. Can you imagine that the ground where you live, play, eat and sleep could just sink underground and your space would no longer exist?

The situation went from bad to worse on S. 14th Street, and with no hope in sight, the tenants of Ms. Taylor’s property stopped paying rent and eventually moved out. She was unable to find new renters under such conditions since the entire block had become uninhabitable. With no money coming in, the taxes went unpaid.

Why was Ms. Della Taylor’s property not condemned by the City of Harrisburg?


With such dreadful conditions on this street, it is hard to hold these folks accountable for the heavy property tax burden. It has since been decided that properties on this block will be considered county tax exempt for the years of 2014-2017. As it turns out, during her financial struggles, Ms. Taylor did get behind on her tax payments sometime in 2012-2013, and that lead to her property being put up for tax auction, but that sale happened 2 years after the sinkhole disaster. Although it hardly would seem fair, or in the interests of the city, to put such a burden on a property owner in a heavily struggling section. Especially with the assumed pending buyout settlement. The house was in tax arrears before the sinkhole, but once the event occurred all legal action should have ceased, according to the opinion of at least one legal counsel sought by Ms. Taylor.

sinkhole-d-march-21jpg-24017a5bc6f9fe95Considering the status of S. 14th Street, and under such uninhabitable conditions, why was Ms. Della Taylor’s property not condemned by the City of Harrisburg? Over 20+ homes were condemned and it was fully understood that these residents would be qualifying for a buyout. It was assumed that before her home was sold, there would be assistance likely to come from the federal government. In fact, the way Ms. Taylor described it, she spoke directly with Mayor Eric Papenfuse, and Jackie Parker (head of Harrisburg Dept. of  Economic Development) prior to the county tax sale of her home being finalized. According to Ms. Taylor, he took down her name and telephone number, and Mayor Papenfuse gave his word that he would include her property on a list of homes on the block of S. 14th Street not to be sold, due to the owners being in limbo on the uninhabitable street. The mayor probably has a different recollection of the meeting, but has not provided a comment, and there no word yet on this from Joyce Davis, his Director of Public Relations. It is believed that this matter could have been squashed as far back as May 2016 for Ms. Taylor, but the due diligence was not done by the city to protect her. Why was she and other citizens of S. 14th St. placed at a lower level of priority?

When the Sheriff showed up at her home with paperwork that had to be signed by Ms. Taylor, who by the way is a 71 year old woman, she felt very threatened by his large presence and certainly felt obligated to comply with the officer’s request to provide her signature. But the truth is that she didn’t know what she was signing at the time, and Ms. Taylor has admitted that at the time she “felt intimidated” by the Sheriff at her door.  Her nerves were shook after the declining series of events over the past few years, especially because of the sinkhole problems that were followed up by a tax lien on her property. It had been just one bad thing after another for Ms. Della Taylor. All she knew was that she didn’t have the money to pay for the outstanding taxes and was put under the impression that she had no other choice. This was an undue influence as she had no support and couldn’t afford legal council at the time. Her property was sold at a tax sale in September of 2016.

It is most unfortunate that Ms. Taylor was not represented by the city, who should have requested that the collections be “stayed” to stop the requirement that the taxes be paid, therefore avoiding tax sale. An investor purchased her property for an amount of nearly $5,500. That is a small fraction of the assessed property value that would be paid to the property owner as a result of the buyout settlement. Many of the homes have been assessed around $50,000. As of now, Ms. Taylor stands to earn none of that settlement money. And the city let this process go through. The new name listed as owner of the property comes up under R & K Realty Group @ 7871 Manada Court, Harrisburg PA, and is listed as General Partner to A & D Realty, both created in August 2015 at the same address.

Ms. Taylor cannot afford legal council, but spoke with Attorney Susan Confair, who believes that this investor will not gain from the settlement payout, but only stands to get back their initial investment. And due to highly questionable actions on the part of the city and county which lead to the post-disaster sale of her property, Ms. Taylor stands to lose the decades-long investment she placed in her home. 

Another wildcard in this deal is the potential for the city to gain from the buyout of that property, should they receive the money that is rightfully due to Ms. Taylor. The value of that home was included when the city negotiated the deal as it currently exists with the federal government. If Ms Taylor and the new owner are not eligible to receive that buyout money, it would theoretically end up in the account of the city.

Ms. Taylor spoke with every familiar name and face in and around Harrisburg, but all to no end. She spoke with Mayor Papenfuse, Jackie Parker (Director of Community & Economic Development), Commissioner George Hardwick, George Conners (Deputy Director of Community & Economic Development), State Rep Patty Kim, Ruth from housing, and the list goes on. Everybody seems to have their hands tied and lips sealed in this matter. She has made endless contacts, personal meetings and phones calls to every office related to the state and city and some attorneys regarding this matter, and somehow at every path she hit a dead-end. Just like the dead-end that has become of the once bustling residential street.

There are many other stories from the residents and owners of S. 14th Street. There may be other properties, including one whose owner is deceased, that may have suspiciously sold after the disaster in March of 2014. It is possible that the deceased owner’s kin inherited the property and sold it. At any rate, none of those properties should have been able to be sold after the condemnations.

This is not a success story for the Mayor of Harrisburg to hang his hat upon, however it is just the opposite because we have good reason to reconsider the leader of our fair city in the upcoming primary election.

Mayor Papenfuse has many excuses why the S. 14th St. property owners are still in limbo. He could’ve courted Dauphin County and taken a stand against the county, similarly to the way he so desperately fought the commissions on the Civil War Museum, to no end. Perhaps he surrendered in defeat to the county, thus another point proving his incompetence as leader of Harrisburg. The fact remains that the citizens, many of modest means, are now in the unfortunate position of counting on the Trump administration to deliver on his infrastructure promises and help the people in our “war zone”.  Regardless, due to bureaucratic incompetence, lack of due diligence, and just plain not caring about the plight of a vulnerable senior citizen, Ms. Taylor has lost her home and became a victim of circumstances – twice. First, when the sinkholes opened making her property unrentable, and second, when the improper tax sale of duress took away her property and any chance of compensation for the loss.

We will be following up on this and the stories of other residents of S. 14th Street in our future publications.

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