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Islamic Terrorist Targets Police in Harrisburg, PA

The rampage attack on police began as guests arrived at a wedding ceremony in front a historic Christian church on State Street, and ended near a mosque. One officer was injured.

🔘 Shooting Spree targeted State and City Police

🔘 Homeland Security has declared the attacks to be terrorism

Harrisburg, PA – This week’s attack that specifically targeted police officers during rush hour carried the hallmarks of ISIS inspired terrorism. The FBI and Homeland Security are investigating the Christmas time terror attack. Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty was a 51 year old Egyptian who returned to Pennsylvania from the Middle East just weeks ago. He was killed by police after committing a shooting spree throughout Harrisburg aimed at law enforcement officers.

Christmas Rush Hour Shooting Spree Path of Terror in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

The shooting spree began Friday during a wedding ceremony at a large Christian church on the 100 block of State Street as innocent bystanders ducked to the ground for cover. Moments later the shooting continued during rush hour at the Pennsylvania State Capitol building in downtown Harrisburg when El-Mofty drove a car south on 3rd Street and shot at a Capitol Police vehicle near State Street. An officer was almost hit by the gunfire.

He continued to drive towards Market Street and opened gunfire on a State Police car traveling @5th & Market Streets. A female state trooper was struck in the eye with glass during the shooting. El-Mofty’s vehicle was eventually stopped at 17th & Mulberry Streets in Allison Hill where a large scale shootout ensued with Harrisburg Police. El-Mofty was armed with two 9mm handguns when he opened fire on police. Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty was then shot by Harrisburg Police when they returned fire. He died on the scene.

Police on scene after shootout @17th & Mulberry Streets

Early reports mentioned a suspicious device that was spotted near his body, prompting the bomb squad to be called in. The package was eventually removed from the scene, and it was later described as insignificant by the District Attorney. It could be coincidental that the shootout occurred across the street from the Harrisburg Masjid.

17th & Mulberry, scene of final shootout with police
El-Mofty died after shootout with police @17th & Mulberry Streets

Local speculation suggests that this attack may be retaliation for the recent sentencing of Jalil Ibn Ameer Aziz who was convicted of helping ISIS in Harrisburg.

The extent of Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty’s motive remains under FBI investigation. It is clear that he was directly targeting Police. The attack occurred 3 days before Christmas on the last busy weekday in the city prior to the holiday.

District Attorney Ed Marsico on scene with police

Press conference with Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico:


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“Know Your Rights” forum may provide stage for AntiFA leader to spew Anti-Police rhetoric

Posted by Chris Siennick following violent AntiFA clashes with Police in Harrisburg on June 10, 2017

As reported by Newsweek, AntiFA is now considered a Domestic Terrorist Organization by the FBI and DHS:

In Harrisburg, PA, local city leaders have organized a forum to spread awareness for citizens to “Know Your Rights.” The panelist include a great cast of folks, other than one name that stands apart from the rest. This individual is a known AntiFA leader and has spewed Anti-Police rhetoric throughout town. Chris Siennick advises criminals how to manipulate law enforcement officers, and the criminal justice system.

This forum will be held in Harrisburg on September 27:

Chris Siennick, a local AntiFA leader and violent protest organizer, is a panelist on this community forum.

Chris Siennick is a known AntiFA leader who openly corresponds and organizes with violent AntiFA crews from Philadelphia:


Those protests were organized by Siennick and resulted in a police horse being stabbed with a flag pole, and police being sprayed with skin irritant chemicals. 

It prompted Police in Harrisburg to request an additional $65,000 for riot gear:

Siennick is proud to admit that he is a paid agitator:

Siennick’s closest associates are anti-government extremist:


Host of the Harrisburg Hope event, Brandon Flood claims that no side show will take place under his watch. He also cites Siennick’s victim mentality going into this forum, and mentions that this list of panelist “may be augmented by one or two folks.”

Here is a collection of recent anti-Police rhetoric, more violent references will be released over time:

Siennick has no respect for the tough job of Police:

Siennick offers a $200 bounty for his followers to shoot down a HPD police drone:

Siennick also tracks and broadcasts the whereabouts of our HPD and their family members:

Philadelphia police: Teen flash mob threw bottles at cops

Teens threw bottles at Philadelphia police officers as they tried to break up an unauthorized summer cookout Sunday night, police said.

Updated: JULY 17, 2017 — 9:34 AM EDT

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Philadelphia police say a flash mob of about 500 teens threw bottles at officers and jumped on cars after a rec center closed for the evening.

Authorities say the disturbance began Sunday night outside the Lonnie Young Recreation Center in the city’s Germantown section. Police say the teens gathered with an unauthorized disc jockey outside the center and had to be dispersed.

No officers or youths were hurt. Police say they opted not to make any arrests so tensions wouldn’t escalate.

At one point, police asked some area businesses to close after some of the youths ran into the businesses.

Most of those in the crowd appeared to be 12 to 17 years old.


10 Dead, 37 Wounded in Chicago Deadly Weekend; R.I.P. 9-y.o. male victim

CHICAGO (Sun-Times Media Wire) – Ten people have been killed, including a 9-year-old boy, and 37 others wounded in shootings across Chicago since Friday evening.

Since the start of the year, 1,984 people have been shot in the city, 349 of them fatally, according to data maintained by the Chicago Sun-Times. Last weekend, two people were killed and 38 others were wounded in city gun violence.

The 9-year-old Gustavo Garcia was in an SUV with a 31-year-old at 11:13 p.m. Friday when they were shot in the East Side neighborhood on the Far South Side, according to Chicago Police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office. They were traveling west in the 3500 block of East 97th Street when someone fired shots from a gray car that pulled up next to them. The boy was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital, where he died, police said. The man was in critical condition at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.

Family members gathered inside and outside the children’s hospital. A man who said he was Garcia’s father took about 10 minutes to calm down before entering the hospital. He went back outside and fell to his knees when he learned of his son’s death. A man in the group said the family didn’t want to comment any further on the incident and declined to reveal the boy’s identity.

The most recent fatal shooting happened about 3:20 a.m. Sunday in the South Shore neighborhood. A 23-year-old man was sitting in a parked vehicle in the 2100 block of East 71st Street when he was approached by two males who shot him in the chest and left arm, according to Chicago Police. He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he died.

About two hours earlier, one man was killed and another was wounded in a shooting in the Lawndale neighborhood on the West Side. A male approached and shot the men while they were standing on the sidewalk in the 3900 block of West Arthington, police said. They were both taken to Stroger Hospital. A 31-year-old man died with a gunshot wound to the neck. A 32-year-old man was shot in the right leg, and his condition had stabilized.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office did not release their identities Sunday morning.

A 58-year-old man was killed in a Princeton Park shooting about 4:15 p.m. Saturday on the Far South Side. Willie Cooper was outside when a vehicle pulled up to him in the 1100 block of West 95th Street and someone inside fired shots, police and the medical examiner’s office said. Cooper, who lived in the Fernwood neighborhood, was shot in his mouth and torso, and pronounced dead at the scene. No one was in custody as Area South detectives investigate.

Earlier Saturday, a man was killed during an attempted robbery in the East Garfield Park neighborhood on the West Side.  A 60-year-old man was walking on the sidewalk about 4:55 a.m. in the 3200 block of West Franklin when an armed male confronted him and demanded his money, police said. The suspect then shot the man in the left shoulder during an ensuing fight before running away east on Franklin. The victim was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Another man was found shot to death about 40 minutes earlier in the West Garfield Park neighborhood. Officers responded to a call of a person shot about 4:15 a.m. in the 4400 block of West Monroe and found a 20-year-old man lying in the street with a gunshot wound to the head, police said. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Late Friday, another East Side drive-by shooting left a man dead and another wounded. The men, ages 49 and 54, were getting out of a vehicle at 10:43 p.m. in the 10600 block of South Green Bay Avenue when someone shot at them from a white SUV, police said.The younger man was shot in the back and died at 11:35 p.m. at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn. The older man was shot in the face and taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where his condition had stabilized.

The medical examiner’s office did not release their identities Sunday morning.

About 20 minutes earlier, 25-year-old David Marin was shot to death in the Brighton Park neighborhood on the Southwest Side. Marin was standing on the sidewalk in the 4600 block of South Washtenaw when someone fired at him from a silver SUV, police and the medical examiner’s office said. Marin, who lived in the Marquette Park neighborhood, was struck multiple times and pronounced dead at the scene.

About 6:05 p.m. Friday, one man was killed and two others were wounded in a shooting on the South Side. They were shot in the first block of West Pershing, near the former site of the Stateway Gardens public housing buildings, police said. All three men were taken to Stroger Hospital, where a 21-year-old man with gunshot wounds to his abdomen and shoulder died. A 19-year-old man was stabilized after being shot in his head and hand, and a 22-year-old man was in serious condition with a gunshot wound to his back. The medical examiner’s office has not released the dead man’s identity.

A few minutes earlier, a 20-year-old man was fatally shot in the West Garfield Park neighborhood. Cercy Robinson was shot in the chest in the 4500 block of West Jackson, police and the medical examiner’s office said. He died at Mount Sinai Hospital.

The most recent nonfatal shooting happened when a fight broke Sunday morning in the South Side Englewood neighborhood. A 38-year-old man was standing on the sidewalk at 5:13 a.m. in the 5900 block of South Carpenter when the fight broke out and shots were fired, police said. He was taken with a gunshot wound to the abdomen to St. Bernard Hospital, where his condition stabilized. He was later transferred to Stroger Hospital.

At least 31 more people have been shot across the city between 6 p.m. Friday and 5 5:30 a.m. Sunday.

Additionally, a person was shot by a Chicago Police officer after an “altercation” early Sunday in the Belmont Central neighborhood on the Northwest Side, according to CPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. A weapon was recovered form the scene. Additional information — including the person’s age, gender and condition — was not immediately available.

School Board Director tied to The Resistance/ AntiFA – Harrisburg, PA

Carrie Fowler has a lengthy criminal history, including her 4th DUI offense which occurred less than one year ago. Fowler was also recently arrested again within the last month. She is currently campaigning for a public office as a Harrisburg School Board Director. The vote is on November 7.

This weekend on the The Big Sarge fb raido show, Harrisburg Mayoral candidate Glorida Martin-Roberts spoke out against Carrie Fowler saying, “The law should not permit her to run for any public office.” Fowler becomes the topic of conversation around the 1hour 30min mark.

Of these recent charges coming to light, Otto V. Banks mentions, “The larger question is whether or not Ms. Carrie Fowler was under court supervision at the time that she filed her petition? If so, she could possibly be brought up on charges for perjury. The most recent date of her last DUI arrest was 12/2016. Normally, a person would have to be on probation for at least a year.”

Carrie Fowler: “I do support [AntiFA]”

In an online discourse on 7/10/2017, via the Concerned Citizens of Harrisburg facebook page, Harrisburg School Board Director-elect, Carrie Fowler boasts of her leadership role in a protest demonstration that ended with 6 people being arrested. She also admits that she will always have hate in her heart, and reaffirms her loyal support of the domestic terrorist group Antifa.

She is currently campaigning for a seat as a Harrisburg School Board Director. The election is in November 2017.

18426259-standardFowler is proud to be associated with AntiFA members in Harrisburg, including Chris Siennick, who is leading the ‘Resistance Movement.’ He is admittedly recruiting minors into his local activity, and recently accommodated out-of-town AntiFA crews who terrorized Harrisburg citizens and Police. Siennick endorsed solely Fowler in the May 2017 primary election for Harrisburg School Board Director.

Carrie Fowler: “I will spread hatred till the day I take my last breath.”


Antifa visited Harrisburg, PA on the Saturday of June 10th, when they held a violent counter-protest against an openly gay activist, to advance their pro-Sharia Law campaign. Militants were arrested during the demonstration. One actor assaulted a police horse by stabbing its neck with a staff. Antifa has been named for using a chemical mixture as a weapon to burn the skin of police in Harrisburg that day. A variety of weapons were brandished by the group, who also staged an aggressive ‘march’ that featured blocking traffic, harassing police, and being disorderly towards civilians.
On the Facebook page, Fowler was pressed by several concerned citizens, after boasting her leadership role in a recent demonstration against Republican Pennsylvanian Senator Pat Toomey, that ended with 6 ‘protesters’ being arrested. Several admissions were made in the discussion that followed.

From Concerned Citizens facebook page 7/10/2017:

Sean M Guay The ‘Resistance Movement’ emulates the tactics of black bloc, and has aligned with the terrorists of AntiFA. It is a threat to American freedom.
Such a shame that so-called citizens of Harrisburg would display pride in being aggressively disruptive. 

Carrie Fowler If you think the resistance movement is a threat to American freedoms, then you don’t understand how this country was built.

Sean M Guay This country was not built by aligning with terrorists. 

Carrie Fowler What do you think the monarchy thought of our founding fathers? You need a history lesson. 

Robert Brandt Seriously Carrie Fowler, did you just compare our founding fathers to ANTIFA?? LMFAO!! And I saw a pic you posted awhile back with you supporting ANTIFA so spin more spin doctor.

Carrie Fowler pledging allegiance to Antifa in Harrisburg on June 10, 2017

Sean M Guay: You all (the resistance) missed that while you were busy sympathizing with AntiFA, spreading hatred about America and our President.

Carrie Fowler: I will spread hatred about and for Trump till the day I take my last breath. He does not represent me or 58% of this country. He is a national embarrassment.

Amy Thomas: NJ DHS listed AntiFa as domestic terrorists.  Aligning with them when your seeking a position in the public school system board…what message does that send to the children, their families and the tax payers? Fine, you don’t like Trump but to associate with domestic terrorists? Wow

Sean M Guay: AntiFA assaulted a police horse, harassed civilians and police in the street around 3rd and Forester, blocked traffic and sprayed a chemical mixture at police in Harrisburg on June 10. 

Carrie Fowler, you are a current school board director elect, and as a ‘leader’ in this community, the citizens of Harrisburg must look to you for guidance.

Will you publicly condemn the violent activities of AntiFA and any person associated with them?

Amy Thomas Carrie Fowler, Do you condemn AntiFa? Simple question.

Carrie FowlerI do support them (AntiFA) for their efforts to stand against hate. Am I a member? No. On that Saturday (June 10) in question Antifa were the only ones protecting the hate from walking down our streets and there was absolutely NO violence. Do I stand by everything they do ? No.

I am not tolerant of Trump and his hate. Not for one minute. I will expose him every chance I get. I will call him out every chance I get

Now have fun twisting my words to fit your agenda. I put action behind my words. I make mistakes just like everyone else, but when I do I admit them, learn from them and move on a better person.

Brittney Parker: Carrie Fowler I think it’s pretty interesting you say you will never tolerate hate, and then a few posts above this one you say you will spread hate for Trump till you take your last breath.

Of course, we all know you’re ok with facism and hatred as long as it’s someone or something you disagree with, am I right? 

I don’t even like Trump, haha, I didn’t vote for him and left the GOP over it. But trying to claim the moral high ground on tolerance, diversity, and love while bragging about spreading hatred is pretty far out.

Closing Statements:

Apparently, Carrie Fowler was busy sympathizing with Antifa members, and while she was caught up in passionately spreading hatred of America and our President, she conveniently missed all the relevant national news about the violence and hatred that was caused by Antifa in Harrisburg on June 10, 2017. Recently, Fowler has become the Democratic mascot, making appearances on behalf of the party at every protest cause in the Pennsylvania State Capital.

Direct Link to the posting that was deleted (we have all screen shots) as soon as the connection to Siennick and AntiFA was established:


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VIDEO: AntiFA Draw Confederate White Knights to Gettysburg, July 1st

With no permits to protest in Gettysburg, AntiFA threatens violence, flag burning and damage to graves on July 1st

The White Knights issued the following WWF style challenge to AntiFA, which has been called racially derogatory, outright offensive, with similar intolerance that is comparable with the tactics of the AntiFA thugs. 

*Warning – Explicit Content:

Update: It is believed that since the release of this video, AntiFA has backed off of their threats to show up in Gettysburg with no permit.  

VIDEO: Summer Hits Hard in Harrisburg

Harrisburg100 on Facebook

Update: AntiFA used Chemical Weapons on State Police in Harrisburg

Harrisburg, PA – It has been a wild 2 weeks in June, with shootings, robberies, and large crowd fights happening repeatedly all over the city. No neighborhood is safe when large scale fighting can break out at any moment. 

As the police have recently been busy disbanding groups of wannabe militant activist, their presence is not visible in the neighborhoods where, at this point, anything goes. 

Summer is on full blast and the videos are in:

Girl get swooped by large group in Capital Heights 


In the middle of Traffic 


Car drives off with girl on top of hood


En Espanol


It’s going down on Berryhill Street


Big shout to 717memes

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽


AntiFA Terrorizes Harrisburg, PA

Update: AntiFA Assaulted State Police Horse

AntiFA Antagonized the Police on 3rd Street, in Midtown Harrisburg:

AntiFA first spotted @ 3rd & Forester:

AntiFA Marched Towards the Capitol Steps:

AntiFA Made Noise @ 3rd & State Streets:

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

AntiFA Terrorizes Harrisburg, PA

We are Working to Eradicate this Threat to American Security – Your Support is Greatly Appreciated 

AntiFA Antagonized the Police on 3rd Street, in Midtown Harrisburg:

AntiFA first spotted @ 3rd & Forester:

AntiFA Marched Towards the Capitol Steps:

AntiFA Made Noise @ 3rd & State Streets:

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

Harrisburg School District Secret Policy – Gifty Fifty: Rounding All the Way Up

By: Sean M. Guay

Harrisburg, PA –  “Violence is common in the school, and at times, it’s a place that is more chaotic than the local jails and prisons. I don’t know how our youth can be expected to learn in that environment” – A Concerned Citizen

Coming Soon: Another Day, Another Fight in Harrisburg High: The Video Reel – Look for Local News Coverage Next Week

Harrisburg100 Exclusive: “Gifty-Fifty Secret Policy”

The lack of proper accountability has repeatedly been highlighted, and now it has been learned that Harrisburg School District is not keeping it all the way 100% honest in their reporting of student grades. In fact, they are barely keeping it 50.

Through a memo (See Attached), titled “Gifty Fifty”, which was sent to all teachers, they were told directly by administration that any student performing at a grade below 50% is the fault of the teachers, who are led to believe that they must be doing something wrong.

A teacher at Harrisburg High School said: “The memo, which I understand, refers only to IEP students, but the administration is using that to blanket across all students. We have been made to go back and change any grade that is below a 50% for every student.”

Another teacher breaks down the failure: “Basically, if a student is failing below a Fifty percent, we are obligated to round their grade up to a 50%. It’s a pressure move. If you got a 5% in my class, I have to give you a 50% even though you don’t deserve it, this way it’s mathematically possible for you to pass, so you can do nothing all year, then get an 80% or above 4th marking period, and you’ll pass the year with a 60%.”

Rhonda Mays, who is an involved Harrisburg parent, recently expressed her experience with educating youth: “A parent can’t just rely on report cards, but must keep close contact with teachers, analyze standardized test performance, regularly monitor homework assignments, pay close attention to classroom atmosphere, and regularly monitor the mental state of the child when they come home from school. Quite often, due to what the kids witness during the school day (fights, classmates taken out of school in handcuffs by the HPD, unruly classrooms, teachers beat on or stressed, teachers leaving in the middle of the day and never coming back, ect.), causes a sort of PTSD in some of the students.”

Unfortunately for the students, the results show that most parents are not following a disciplined regiment in order to encourage the success of their children. It is also very difficult for any children to focus in the rowdy environment, where many do not feel safe.


10 Fights a day

“Kids fight at school because they know it’ll get broken up and no one will press charges. In the past few years, I can’t think of one day without at least one fight. The maximum I’ve heard of is 10,” said a Teacher who prefers to stay anonymous.

This year: “Teachers have been hit, choked, and slapped. There are usually about 13 teachers out every Friday and Monday.”

“Most of us don’t want to stick a juvenile with a criminal record.”


The Problems Continue

“The kids know all the tricks, like if you come to school late the attendance office will mark you present for homeroom, then you can walk around the building all day,” said another Harrisburg High School Teacher

  • Some kids go to school twice a week
  • The hallways look like the mall
  • The additional hired security have changes nothing except cost the school more money

“It’s been getting worse since William Penn and Shimmel shut down. We have no vocational or alternative program, and the placement program we do have has had a waiting list since the first marking period.”

“The gym is full for basketball games and the stands are full for football. But, I saw only 10 out of 150 student’s parents during Parent/Teacher conferences.”


Another teacher had a student who showed up for the first day of school with no credits from the previous school year.

The attendance of some students is dismal. Students are never going to pass if they don’t do homework, and miss half the school year.

The consensus among teacher is that Harrisburg Schools are allowed to slide because other districts don’t want the problems of our kids, and sweeping it all under the rug is easier for everyone.


Also: HSD Secret Policy: Split Classes/ No Reporting

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽 – Thank you to the teachers and others who contributed to this publication, Identities are not revealed to maintain the privacy, livelihood, and security of the concerned educators.