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Attention Eastern University 

Harrisburg, PA – City council turned down the posposal for Eastern University to lease unused space in the City Hall building. 

This was an opportunity for the city to rent out space in the basement of the city government property, and Eastern University offered to spend $600,000 on building renovations. 

Of the rejected deal, Harrisburg resident Anthony Harrell says: “City Council I am with you on this, the mayor sprung this on you and the citizens, and he already had it set up!”

Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse responded: “We are going to take taxpayer dollars to help fix a building instead of potholes and playgrounds, and to me, it was a no-brainer, and we should have moved forward with a partnership with Eastern.”

Beau Brown, a 17 year commercial real estate veteran says he can help Eastern University find an alternative site. 

He was in favor of the proposed deal, and stated in the past that it seemed like Eastern U and the administration worked hard on the feasibility exercise to locate at city hall.

Brown stated that despite prior disagreements with the administration – he believes that he could serve both the client and the city’s interests by finding a site where the city can still benefit directly or indirectly.  

This was a clean partnership proposal and it shouldn’t fall to the back burner. 

Let’s work together to find a beneficial alternative.


Trump Says: New jobs & lower taxes in Harrisburg; Papenfuse/ Hartzler Resist

By: Jansas “Covfefe” Reds

Harrisburg, PA – After an early day trip to Canada to meet with Prime Minister Trudeau, President Trump visited Harrisburg on Wednesday (Oct. 11,2017) to discuss job creation through his new tax plan. Network host Sean Hannity was also in town to interview the President about his new plan for America. 

Trump spoke in front of an audience of roughly 1,000 people, including lots of truckers, against a backdrop of big rigs at a local air plane hangar. Trump pitched a plan that would dramatically cut corporate tax rates from 35 percent to 20 percent, reduce the number of personal income tax brackets and boost the standard deduction.

The meeting also included 50-100 people invited through political and business circles, including David Black and members of CREDC. 

Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse has been vocally outspoken against the President of the United States.

Is Papenfuse willfully resisting Trump? In the following video, under the guise of a “grassroots” effort, Papenfuse inspired the anti-Trump anarchists who advocate for mob-rule:

Or is Papenfuse being leverage by his boss?

His boss donated half-a-million dollars in campaign contributions (through PAC), and is an influential liberal publisher/real estate developer in the Harrisburg area.

The local developer/publisher bought the election of Papenfuse, Patty Kim, and Cornelius Johnson. He has already returned on his original investment through WCI, and has likely profited significantly from the so-called ‘pay-for-play’ scheme.

Hartzler uses his twitter account and media outlet ‘theBurg‘ to sow discord in America, and to indoctrinate the Harrisburg population by attempting to normalize leftist ideology.

Specifically, Hartzler influences the midtown Harrisburg yuppie crowd, who is 100% complacent in spreading extreme leftist ideology that creates a divide in our nation.

Hartzler regularly cites sources such as ‘State of Resistance’ and ‘The Daily Show’
With no regard for credibility in his sources, on a daily basis the publisher retweets the most trending anti-Trump stories. These postings dictate the narratives that are purveyed by his close followers.


Hartzler qualifies his emotional response to the latest trending anti-Trump narrative “breathtaking.. and true”

Much of the #FakeNews that is purveyed by the anti-Trump resistance is based in partisan opinion, and often the supporting facts in these stories have been debunked by various competing media outlets. Another tactic of these leftist; to develope a false narrative based on a typical daily interaction, then create liberal outrage and backlash.

It has also be suggested by Harrisburg insiders that “TheBurg and it’s 2nd command, Lawrance Binda has accepted the torch passed to it by #FakeNews alpha-dog; Pennlive. Binda consistently imposes his views for himself and his boss as “truth” and believes that Midtown is the center of the universe, where terms for everyone are dictated.”

This liberal media has perverted the mind of many Americans who now believe wholeheartedly in the anti-Trump news, and even network executives are willing to condone violence against Trump supporters:

The leftist controlled media has created a revolution of anarchist who wish to overthrow the government:

The Washington Post has also been a leading source in the leftist war on Trump.

However, more recently The Washington Post has displayed hints of a shifting political culture toward the ‘Make America Great Again’ movement, evident in this recent opinion piece predicting a win for Trump in 2020.

Overwhelming, public opinion stands against the disadvantages of globalization on America, and the MSM is showing signs of beginning to shift towards that pro-national sentiment. Will our local publisher follow suit with the patriotic shift in mainstream media culture? Will Papenfuse and company follow along?

The liberal media covers for scum like this:

Papenfuse with Bill Clinton – birds of a feather..

Hillary Clinton in Dauphin County, PA
Party Kim greets the womanizer in Harrisburg, PA
Shamaine Daniels poses with the womanizer in Harrisburg

Everyone is a Nazi 

The actual outcome of the liberal media’s propaganda campaign has yielded unfortunate results in Harrisburg:

*This opinion is from the authors perspective

Artwork by: Fred

Edited by: Theij of SLK


School Board Director tied to The Resistance/ AntiFA – Harrisburg, PA

Carrie Fowler: “I do support [AntiFA]”

In an online discourse on 7/10/2017, via the Concerned Citizens of Harrisburg facebook page, Harrisburg School Board Director-elect, Carrie Fowler boasts of her leadership role in a protest demonstration that ended with 6 people being arrested. She also admits that she will always have hate in her heart, and reaffirms her loyal support of the domestic terrorist group, Antifa.

She is currently campaigning for a seat as a Harrisburg School Board Director. The election is in November 2017.

18426259-standardFowler is proud to be associated with AntiFA members in Harrisburg, including Chris Siennick, who is leading the ‘Resistance Movement.’ He is admittedly recruiting minors into his local activity, and recently accommodated out-of-town AntiFA crews who terrorized Harrisburg citizens and Police. Siennick endorsed solely Fowler in the May 2017 primary election for Harrisburg School Board Director.

Carrie Fowler: “I will spread hatred till the day I take my last breath.”

Antifa visited Harrisburg, PA on the Saturday of June 10th, when they held a violent counter-protest to advance their anti-gay, and pro-Sharia Law campaign. Militants were arrested during the demonstration. One actor assaulted a police horse by stabbing its neck with a staff. Antifa has been named for using a chemical mixture as a weapon to burn the skin of police in Harrisburg that day. A variety of weapons were brandished by the group, who also staged an aggressive ‘march’ that featured blocking traffic, harassing police, and being disorderly towards civilians.
On the Facebook page, Fowler was pressed by several concerned citizens, after boasting her leadership role in a recent demonstration against Republican Pennsylvanian Senator Pat Toomey, that ended with 6 ‘protesters’ being arrested. Several admissions were made in the discussion that followed.

From Concerned Citizens facebook page 7/10/2017:

Sean M Guay The ‘Resistance Movement’ emulates the tactics of black bloc, and has aligned with the terrorist of AntiFA. It is a threat to American freedom.
Such a shame that so-called citizens of Harrisburg would display pride in being aggressively disruptive. 

Carrie Fowler If you think the resistance movement is a threat to American freedoms, then you don’t understand how this country was built.

Sean M Guay This country was not built by aligning with terrorist. 

Carrie Fowler What do you think the monarchy thought of our founding fathers? You need a history lesson. 

Robert Brandt Seriously Carrie Fowler, did you just compare our founding fathers to ANTIFA?? LMFAO!! And I saw a pic you posted awhile back with you supporting ANTIFA so spin more spin doctor.

Carrie Fowler pledging allegiance to Antifa in Harrisburg on June 10, 2017

Sean M Guay: You all (the resistance) missed that while you were busy sympathizing with AntiFA, spreading hatred about America and our President.

Carrie Fowler: I will spread hatred about and for Trump till the day I take my last breath. He does not represent me or 58% of this country. He is a national embarrassment.

Amy Thomas: NJ DHS listed AntiFa as domestic terrorists.  Aligning with them when your seeking a position in the public school system board…what message does that send to the children, their families and the tax payers? Fine, you don’t like Trump but to associate with domestic terrorists? Wow

Sean M Guay: AntiFA assaulted a police horse, harassed civilians and police in the street around 3rd and Forester, blocked traffic and sprayed a chemical mixture at police in Harrisburg on June 10. 

Carrie Fowler, you are a current school board director elect, and as a ‘leader’ in this community, the citizens of Harrisburg must look to you for guidance.

Will you publicly condemn the violent activities of AntiFA and any person associated with them?

Amy Thomas Carrie Fowler, Do you condemn AntiFa? Simple question.

Carrie FowlerI do support them (AntiFA) for their efforts to stand against hate. Am I a member? No. On that Saturday (June 10) in question Antifa were the only ones protecting the hate from walking down our streets and there was absolutely NO violence. Do I stand by everything they do ? No.

I am not tolerant of Trump and his hate. Not for one minute. I will expose him every chance I get. I will call him out every chance I get

Now have fun twisting my words to fit your agenda. I put action behind my words. I make mistakes just like everyone else, but when I do I admit them, learn from them and move on a better person.

Brittney Parker: Carrie Fowler I think it’s pretty interesting you say you will never tolerate hate, and then a few posts above this one you say you will spread hate for Trump till you take your last breath.

Of course, we all know you’re ok with facism and hatred as long as it’s someone or something you disagree with, am I right? 

I don’t even like Trump, haha, I didn’t vote for him and left the GOP over it. But trying to claim the moral high ground on tolerance, diversity, and love while bragging about spreading hatred is pretty far out.

Closing Statements:

Apparently, Carrie Fowler was busy sympathizing with Antifa members, and while she was caught up in passionately spreading hatred of America and our President, she conveniently missed all the relevant national news about the violence and hatred that was caused by Antifa in Harrisburg on June 10, 2017. Recently, Fowler has become the Democratic mascot, making appearances on behalf of the party at every protest cause in the Pennsylvania State Capital.

Direct Link to the posting that was deleted (we have all screen shots) as soon as the connection to Siennick and AntiFA was established:


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True Story: Papenfuse gets 2 scoops of ice cream, everyone else gets 1

By: Harrisburg100

Harrisburg, PA – Mayor Eric Shlapenfuse is living every child’s dream: More ice cream.
According to an exclusive interview with Harrisburg100, Shlapenfuse’s City Hall staff has settled into Shlaps routine and know his desires, sometimes before he does. Staffer and Chief Propagandist Bruce P. Weber knows first hand about the excessive waste of Papenfuse.
For example: Shlapenfuse takes two scoops of ice cream with his chocolate cream pie, Harrisburg100 reported, while everyone else around the table gets just one.


Shlap: Pennlive and Civil War Museum ban ‘could be my fault’

In the interview published Thursday, Shlap also expanded on his view of The West Shore Boys stalking him during the 2017 Trump visit to Harrisburg, refuted reports that he is unhappy with his current Director of Finance & Budget, and took a level of blame for his administrations failed $200,000 comprehensive plan.
But, more than anything, Shlap gave Harrisburg100 a window into some of the oddities that make his City Hall unlike any in modern history, including the traits that make Shlap tick.
Here are some illuminating takeaways from the interview:

Business at any cost

Shlap casts himself throughout the interview as Harrisburg’s businessman, someone who is wasting as much federal grant tax dollars as possible to line the pockets of his friends, and create the illusion that he is rebuilding Allison Hill.
The focus of the interview extends to faulty FBI crime statistics, that are due to the dysfunctional computer system in the Harrisburg Police Department.
Harrisburg100 reported that Shlap brought up how he is trying to champion the cause of removing illegal firearms from the mean streets of the warzone, in Harrisburg, PA.


Report: Shlap blames self for ruining the relationship of the city with the Civil War Museum

‘It is 100% my fault’

Shlap rarely takes blame, and throughout the 2017 Mayoral campaign he said he rarely, if ever, apologizes.
But during his interview with Harrisburg100, Shlap took responsibility — sort of — for the major failures of his administration.
“It is 100% my fault,” he said. “I don’t want to necessarily take the blame, but it is my inability to engage with the real citizens of Harrisburg that has been the detriment of this administration.”

“I fully think apologizing is a great thing, especially considering that I am dead wrong,” Shlap told Kristen Vordell in September 2016 PennFake Interview. “I will absolutely apologize sometime in the distant future if I’m ever wrong.”


Shlap accuses James Ellison of misrepresenting him on facebook

A level of introspection

img_0338Shlap, carrying on the tenor of his vicious 2017 campaign, has made Harrisburg a more acrimonious place. James Ellison, appalled by his negative campaigning, has grown more fearful, more vocal and more disgusted. Shlap has kept his foot on the gas, too, by publicly calling out Ellison in the Mayoral Debate, for his recent facebook activity.
But during the Harrisburg100 interview, as the dinner was wrapping up, Shlap appeared to have a moment of introspection.
“It never made sense to me, the level of animosity,” Shlap said. “All we want to do is squander tax dollars, we want to raises taxes and parking rates, we want to steal midtown property for our personal gain, while we forget about the rest of the city, and we won’t worry about fixing education in Harrisburg.”
Shlap, notably, at times during the 2017 campaign defended his midtown establishment and the well paid spouses of his good friends who are owed favors, and attacked a local attorney who is the treasurer of his opponents campaign. More recently, he cast Pennlive reporting as the “enemy of the city.”


Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

Challengers Take the High Road, While City ‘Leaders’ Squabble

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By: Sean M. Guay

Harrisburg, PA – In the days leading up to the primary election for our local city government, the Mayoral candidates debate for a third and final time.

Consistently at the debates, and through their public speaking, the calm patience and logical reasoning of the less experienced candidates has been on display. It is the elder city politicians who have shown the truth about their ill-temperament, and inability to collaborate towards the good of the city. These attitudes of the old guard politicians in Harrisburg have led to gridlock, and the dysfunction of our city government.

For the voters of Harrisburg, it is time to move on from these negative campaigners, and look to the new up-and-coming candidates, who represent the political movement that is underway in our fair city.

Lewis Butts Jr., Anthony Harrell, and Jennie Jenkins represent the voices of Harrisburg citizens that have been silenced for too long.

In the opening minuets of the final Mayoral Debate, our so-called ‘leaders’ fight on stage while squabbling over Facebook postings, they debate who is more old guard, and discuss Papenfuse’s Midtown establishment:


Through the lofty romantic ideas, and extravagantly chivalrous action of Lewis Butts in these debates, and his public interviews, he continues to display his personal honor, generosity, courtesy, as well as his genuine passion for the City of Harrisburg. 

Here, Butts chimes in on the ill-temperament of the experienced candidates, as they squabble over their past differences. He makes a huge point about the need to maintain civility, to enable the new candidates discussion about the future potential of Harrisburg:


Jennie Jenkins explains the problem of Harrisburg’s flawed crime reporting to the FBI. As it turns out, the ‘reduction‘ in city crime coincides with the implementation of the new computer system that has reduced the ability of the officers to properly complete police reports. These incorrectly reported statistics have been used by Mayor Papenfuse to tout his administration’s success in reducing crime within Harrisburg.

This claim of reduced city crime statistics is widely disputed by the actual experiences of Harrisburg residents. The vast inconsistencies that exist between citizen reporting, versus police reporting of crime incidents, have recently come to light:


Papenfuse is “proud to lead the resistance” against the leader of the free world, while pitting Harrisburg at ground zero in his bosses war on Republicans:


Gloria Martin-Roberts explains her lack of knowledge regarding the major city failure of the Harrisburg Incinerator Debacle that took place under her watch, while leading city council.

Papenfuse rebuts her claims of ignorance, and admits that he regrets his controversial Pennlive ban:


New Video Coming Soon: Lewis Butts Calls Out PennLive for their heavily biased journalism, and their remarks about his “Quixotic bid for mayor.”



Update: In a facebook posting today, as for the fate of the failed attempt by our current city administration to produce a completed Comprehensive Plan ($200,000 wasted), Beau Brown updates the city on the efforts of Mayoral Candidate Jennie Jenkins to make right the lack of due diligence by Papenfuse and his out-of-town associates.

Jenkins plans to work with the contracted Engineer to complete the plan, and to keep the city out of court.



Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

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Eric Papenfuse For Mayor: Part III

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By: Jeffrey Williams

Harrisburg, PA – We have been receiving continuous information, raw data, emails, photos, comments, evidence, and many other parts and pieces of Harrisburg’s hidden and suppressed past.

Our apologies to those whose information has not yet been displayed. Much time is needed to research, analyze, interview and to make conclusions. 

One by one, these documents and other evidence will be released.

The public can decide what to make of it.

Here is the latest review of Gloria Martin Roberts Team’s involvement with Harrisburg’s trouble:


  • Elected LT to City Council & Mayor-7th link/ 4th link
  • Elected GMR to City Council- 4th link
  • Running GMR’s campaign-1st link
  • Firm has been paid out 2.4 mil by HBGSD & HA- 4th link
  • Former Reed Ally-worked on Campaigns-4th link
  • Counsel for HBGSD during 1997-1999/2001-2005-4th link
  • Was HA counsel from 1997-2002
  • Was counsel to HBGSD & HA at the same time
  • 2007-2010 Served as chairman & CEO of the board of the HA-10th link
  • Violated Section 1103(a) of the public official & employee’s act

By participating in the hiring of a member of his law firm through the HA & again violated Section 1103(a) when he signed checks for Bruber-individual he got hired by Torres the then E.D..Ellison is equity partner at firm so directing any business to is in violation, as if the aforementioned signing of checks to said individual.- Paid $2,297 settlement-8th link

  • Was forced to resign from chairman of HA as a result of the violations-9th link
  • While on the board of school control(appointed by Reed) approved more than 100$ million relating to bonds.-9th link
  • Many controversial bond deals(including bonds related to the incinerator) were made while he was the City Solicitor-9th link
  • Tax liens- while Ellison and Rhods/Sinon represented CASD, the district ‘sold millions of dollars in delinquent property tax claims to third parties’ A poor business venture- they lost money. HA made $30,000 in fees  from 2005-2007 from the sale of said items- 2nd link
  • Coatesville Area SD 2002-2013 collected 7.7 million from services- 11th link
  • While working at Rhoads & Sinon the firm represented CDSD. Ellison served as Insurance defense counsel and solicitor for CDSD. The firm billed CDSD 189,527$ for 1,064.52 hours of which- ‘The records also show that attorney James Ellison billed the district for an hour for an interview he gave to Patriot-News reporter Mary Klaus. The firm also billed the school district for an e-mail it sent regarding a Right-to-Know request the bus drivers sent to the school district.The firm also billed the school district for research it did on defamation after Epstein wrote an article on a blog. It also billed the district for reviewing a draft denial of a Right-to-Know request’- 12th link
  • As a result of the combination of Linda Thompson making good on a campaign promise and Ellison giving bad legal advice; Rhoads and Sinon was ordered to pay $250,000 of a $2.4mil settlement with Gerald Kohn. Harrisburg SD paid $125,000. The rest was paid by insurers. Linda Thompson didn’t pay a cent- 4th link/ 6th link/ 7th link


James Ellison activity on Board of Control

  • Ellison Rhoads and Sinon largest donor to campaign during Linda Thompson election
  • 2010-1 year left of mayoral control of Harrisburg School Board, Linda Thompson appoints Gloria Martin Roberts to Board of Control
  • Gloria Martin Roberts fired solicitors, hired James Ellison and hired & Rhoads and Sinon
  • Previous solicitors billed 1.2mill over 5 years/ Ellison proceeded to bill over 500k in less than a years time- he got into documented legal trouble for similar behavior with Central Dauphin SD and Coatesville SD. His actions with HbgSD were never scrutinized.
  • Ellison acting as Solicitor,  Kohn, ended up costing millions
  • For services rendered to Board of Control-checks rarely itemized. We have examples of the checks. The checks were signed by GMR and invoiced by JE



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  14. http://caselaw.findlaw.com/pa-supreme-court/1525159.html

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Eric Papenfuse For Mayor: Part II

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Update: Part III

By: Jeffery Williams

Harrisburg, PA – We have been receiving continuous information, raw data, emails, photos, comments, evidence, and many other parts and pieces of Harrisburg’s hidden and suppressed past.

Our apologies to those whose information has not yet been displayed. Much time is needed to research, analyze, interview and to make conclusions.

One by one, these documents and other evidence will be released.

The public can decide what to make of it.

Here is the drop:


Payment Checks and Board Minutes


GMR vote to approve JE – GMR Vote To Approve Ellison


Board of Control R and S checks – School District Payments to Rhodes and Sinon


Board of Control Mins 6 – May 17, 2010


Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

Eric Papenfuse For Mayor: Part I

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Update: Part II

By: Jeffery Williams

Harrisburg, PA – We have been receiving continuous information, raw data, emails, photos, comments, evidence, and many other parts and pieces of Harrisburg’s hidden and suppressed past.

Our apologies to those whose information has not yet been displayed. Much time is needed to research, analyze, interview and to make conclusions.

One by one, these documents, and other evidence will be released.

The public can decide what to make of it.

Here is some of what has been uncovered on Harrisburg’s past troubles:

Gloria Martin-Roberts:

GMR LT – Gloria Martin-Roberts elects Linda Thompson VP City Council


GMR JE 1 – Appointing James Ellison to the Harrisburg Authority


GMR JE 2 – Reaffirming James Ellison to the Harrisburg Authority


GMR brings resolution to floor on JE reappoint HA


GMR moves resolution appointing JE to HA board (1)


There is more. A lot more.


Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

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Harrisburg Not A Warzone? Mayor and Police Chief Disagree

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Update: Mayor Papenfuse Signature Fraud

By: Sean M. Guay

Harrisburg, PA – Mayor Papenfuse has defended the City of Harrisburg against the label of being called a ‘warzone’.

This warzone description first was used to reference the Sinkhole Disaster block of S. 14th Street, in 2014, and more recently it was used by Trump after his visit to the city in 2016.

Of President Trump visiting the city, Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse said: “I hope he will look around and understand that he needs to do more than rally his supporters. He needs to listen to and speak with those who didn’t vote for him.” – Washington Post

This statement was made as Mayor Papenfuse organized a counter-protest, specifically targeting the President of the United States of America.

It’s unfortunate that Mayor Papenfuse would make this stand against the President, at a time when the City of Harrisburg is still counting on the Federal Government for much needed disaster relief funding, as well as the fate of a proposed Federal Courthouse lingers under the hand of President Trump.

Now, Mayor Papenfuse has been referencing the statistics which he says support a reduction in reported crime. However it doesn’t feel that way in the streets, and does not align with the earlier sentiments of the Chief of Police in Harrisburg.

It is concerning that these statistics are complied based on data from a broken police computer system.


In fact, it was the Chief of Police who himself described Harrisburg when he said it “looks like Beirut.” That was his statement regarding a 30 round shots-fired incident, resulting in one man injured, on the 1400 block of Market Street.

Some time has passed since that event, and our hats go off to the great work of the Harrisburg Police Department, however crime is running rampant in our streets, and the constant shots-fired after dark, and daytime shooting events can feel commonplace.

Today, while campaigning around the area of 15th & Calder, it was Harrisburg city councilman Ben Allatt, who experienced first hand the violent fouls of the drug trade that has run rampant in our city.


It remains to be a discouraging fact that our police computer and reporting system is inadequate, as pointed out by Jennie Jenkins in the Mayoral Debate. This system was developed through a lowest bidder contract, and it has not satisfied the needs of the department.

Due to the shortcomings of this computer system, it is difficult to determine the accuracy of our city’s crime reporting.

In regards to the excessive neighborhood crime, Bruce P. Weber, Finance Director for The City of Harrisburg said: “Crime is down, but still too high, esp. as it relates to illegal drugs and guns.”

Bruce has recently become the most vocal supporter of Mayor Papenfuse and his ideologies.

He later attempted to clarify his crime facts by making a rather ambiguous statement about how the city hasn’t been able to find any solution the to the gun and drug problems that are plaguing our neighborhoods:

In follow up commentary regarding the inadequacies of our police computer system, Bruce Weber elaborated on his earlier remarks by saying that in his opinion, “All data reported is true. The slow data throughput has nothing to do with the actual data reported.”

We continue to received conflicting messages from our leaders in the City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Today it was also Mayoral Candidate Anthony Harrell who was unhappy with recent public statements from the city Director.

Although we all have different perspectives, after the primary election we must come together for the common good of our city.

Update: It has since been reported that the shooting event, that was witnessed by Ben Allatt, was part of a larger domestic dispute incident.


Harrisburg100 ✌🏽


Trump, Papenfuse & Dauphin County Neglect the Seniors whose Lifetime Investments Sunk on S. 14th Street

By: Sean M. Guay

Harrisburg, PA – The sinkhole disaster block of S. 14th Street in South Harrisburg was called the original ‘war zone‘ in 2014, years before now President Trump‘s visit to the city, which he described using those exact words that upset the citizens of this community in 2016. After a politically motivated article was recently released, the 1400 block is losing hope in depending on assistance from the Federal Government to buyout some of the homes. A cloud of fear has been cast by local leaders who cite the Trump administration’s proposed $6 Billion in program cuts to HUD. The city is now jockeying its position with the Federal Government over the time frame to complete the project phases, as they seek an extension to the May 31 deadline. In this scenario, where the Mayor has his personal vision to champion the cause and to construct the newly designed green space, it is the struggling residents who continue to suffer greatly.

Had the city been proactive, the people of S. 14th Street would have been paid 6 months ago, before the change of federal administration. What makes it very much upsetting, is that this post-disaster crisis was due to the lack of initiative by the City of Harrisburg. The city government has a duty to serve the citizens, and a proactive city government would have recognized the potential threat looming from the new administration, and focused on getting its people help first, then follow through with the visionary plan. Now, the aftermath of this disaster has gone too far, when the city should have made arrangements long ago to ensure that the citizens of S. 14th Street were protected, but instead has been dragging out this affair. Good citizens and folks with a family legacy in Harrisburg are losing their inheritance in this bad deal. This is an example of poor crisis management by the Papenfuse Administration.

Labeled as an anti-gentrification initiative, the mayor abruptly held meetings aimed at rallying support from local African-American leaders under the premise that he intended to do right by them. When will that happen? Because thus far it has been compared to a politically motivated step towards building up the image of Mayor Papenfuse as a champion for the people. This move would be in line with the modus operandi of our Mayor, who recently pulled a similarly lame political maneuver in his Fox43 TV Interview on Monday. It has been well documented by Tim Rowbottow that Mayor Papenfuse was aware of the problems at Rowland Elementary since February, but he didn’t make a comment on the situation until the public outrage developed. Suddenly Papenfuse is appalled and insisting on a fix to a problem that he didn’t care about last week.

In the case of the Sinkhole buyout, it certainly appears that the city has politicized and created an atmosphere of fear regarding these these payments. Who will save these unfortunate neighbors? In particular, it could be that the Mayor wants to accept the credit of any future success to come from this buyout as momentum towards his bid in the upcoming primary election. When the timing is just right, and through carefully selected channels, Papenfuse will issue an update on the payouts, essentially proclaiming himself the hero of S. 14th Street.

Why was the City and County so eager to move forward with tax sale of Ms. Taylor’s property? The City of Harrisburg could have stopped the sale by courting Dauphin County and requesting a “stay” of the collection of taxes. This inaction of the city created a situation where Ms. Taylor became the victim of “sale under duress,” because she did not want the sale to happen, but unfortunately she was leveraged by undue influence.

No public meetings have occurred for months and some of these forgotten senior citizens are struggling. They cannot even get a hint of help from the Dauphin County Commissioners. There were many good folks who owned homes here, and some who are still on the block to this day, including an 86 year old man who doesn’t have a plan for what to do with himself. It is sad that so many of these senior citizens have been overlooked and forgotten about in an isolated section at the southern extent of Harrisburg. There are many other stories. Today we will focus on Ms. Della Taylor who owned a property at the end of the block, part of phase two of the project, which relies on the $3 Million that is coming from the Federal Government.

For several decades, Ms. Taylor owned a house within the 14th Street sinkhole area. While she lived in a home in Highspire, at one time she supplemented her income by renting the 14th St. property. But following the national financial crisis, and due to further personal struggles, Ms. Taylor had to adjust her life to these new realities. Eventually, she reached a point where she just didn’t have the money anymore, and found herself slightly behind on taxes for the property that she owned on S. 14th Street in Harrisburg.

“The Mayor didn’t handle the situation properly.” Ms. Della Taylor

img_9966-2At this time in 2014, the family who lived at the property had terrific grandchildren who loved to play outdoors on nice days. Unfortunately, things changed and they could no longer enjoy themselves outside, because their grandparents had to fear for their safety after this block became ravaged with the ground opening up to 100’s of sinkholes. A neighbor’s child had a very close call in an encounter with a hole and could have been seriously hurt. These landmines that riddled the area gave the appearance of a true war zone.  The problem got worse and at one point the sinking ground caused a terrible water main break. Eventually, the street collapsed, some residents were stuck in their homes, some suffered structural damage and many homes have since been condemned. Some of the homes have doors that can no longer be opened. Can you imagine that the ground where you live, play, eat and sleep could just sink underground and your space would no longer exist?

The situation went from bad to worse on S. 14th Street, and with no hope in sight, the tenants of Ms. Taylor’s property stopped paying rent and eventually moved out. She was unable to find new renters under such conditions since the entire block had become uninhabitable. With no money coming in, the taxes went unpaid.

Why was Ms. Della Taylor’s property not condemned by the City of Harrisburg?


With such dreadful conditions on this street, it is hard to hold these folks accountable for the heavy property tax burden. It has since been decided that properties on this block will be considered county tax exempt for the years of 2014-2017. As it turns out, during her financial struggles, Ms. Taylor did get behind on her tax payments sometime in 2012-2013, and that lead to her property being put up for tax auction, but that sale happened 2 years after the sinkhole disaster. Although it hardly would seem fair, or in the interests of the city, to put such a burden on a property owner in a heavily struggling section. Especially with the assumed pending buyout settlement. The house was in tax arrears before the sinkhole, but once the event occurred all legal action should have ceased, according to the opinion of at least one legal counsel sought by Ms. Taylor.

sinkhole-d-march-21jpg-24017a5bc6f9fe95Considering the status of S. 14th Street, and under such uninhabitable conditions, why was Ms. Della Taylor’s property not condemned by the City of Harrisburg? Over 20+ homes were condemned and it was fully understood that these residents would be qualifying for a buyout. It was assumed that before her home was sold, there would be assistance likely to come from the federal government. In fact, the way Ms. Taylor described it, she spoke directly with Mayor Eric Papenfuse, and Jackie Parker (head of Harrisburg Dept. of  Economic Development) prior to the county tax sale of her home being finalized. According to Ms. Taylor, he took down her name and telephone number, and Mayor Papenfuse gave his word that he would include her property on a list of homes on the block of S. 14th Street not to be sold, due to the owners being in limbo on the uninhabitable street. The mayor probably has a different recollection of the meeting, but has not provided a comment, and there no word yet on this from Joyce Davis, his Director of Public Relations. It is believed that this matter could have been squashed as far back as May 2016 for Ms. Taylor, but the due diligence was not done by the city to protect her. Why was she and other citizens of S. 14th St. placed at a lower level of priority?

When the Sheriff showed up at her home with paperwork that had to be signed by Ms. Taylor, who by the way is a 71 year old woman, she felt very threatened by his large presence and certainly felt obligated to comply with the officer’s request to provide her signature. But the truth is that she didn’t know what she was signing at the time, and Ms. Taylor has admitted that at the time she “felt intimidated” by the Sheriff at her door.  Her nerves were shook after the declining series of events over the past few years, especially because of the sinkhole problems that were followed up by a tax lien on her property. It had been just one bad thing after another for Ms. Della Taylor. All she knew was that she didn’t have the money to pay for the outstanding taxes and was put under the impression that she had no other choice. This was an undue influence as she had no support and couldn’t afford legal council at the time. Her property was sold at a tax sale in September of 2016.

It is most unfortunate that Ms. Taylor was not represented by the city, who should have requested that the collections be “stayed” to stop the requirement that the taxes be paid, therefore avoiding tax sale. An investor purchased her property for an amount of nearly $5,500. That is a small fraction of the assessed property value that would be paid to the property owner as a result of the buyout settlement. Many of the homes have been assessed around $50,000. As of now, Ms. Taylor stands to earn none of that settlement money. And the city let this process go through. The new name listed as owner of the property comes up under R & K Realty Group @ 7871 Manada Court, Harrisburg PA, and is listed as General Partner to A & D Realty, both created in August 2015 at the same address.

Ms. Taylor cannot afford legal council, but spoke with Attorney Susan Confair, who believes that this investor will not gain from the settlement payout, but only stands to get back their initial investment. And due to highly questionable actions on the part of the city and county which lead to the post-disaster sale of her property, Ms. Taylor stands to lose the decades-long investment she placed in her home. 

Another wildcard in this deal is the potential for the city to gain from the buyout of that property, should they receive the money that is rightfully due to Ms. Taylor. The value of that home was included when the city negotiated the deal as it currently exists with the federal government. If Ms Taylor and the new owner are not eligible to receive that buyout money, it would theoretically end up in the account of the city.

Ms. Taylor spoke with every familiar name and face in and around Harrisburg, but all to no end. She spoke with Mayor Papenfuse, Jackie Parker (Director of Community & Economic Development), Commissioner George Hardwick, George Conners (Deputy Director of Community & Economic Development), State Rep Patty Kim, Ruth from housing, and the list goes on. Everybody seems to have their hands tied and lips sealed in this matter. She has made endless contacts, personal meetings and phones calls to every office related to the state and city and some attorneys regarding this matter, and somehow at every path she hit a dead-end. Just like the dead-end that has become of the once bustling residential street.

There are many other stories from the residents and owners of S. 14th Street. There may be other properties, including one whose owner is deceased, that may have suspiciously sold after the disaster in March of 2014. It is possible that the deceased owner’s kin inherited the property and sold it. At any rate, none of those properties should have been able to be sold after the condemnations.

This is not a success story for the Mayor of Harrisburg to hang his hat upon, however it is just the opposite because we have good reason to reconsider the leader of our fair city in the upcoming primary election.

Mayor Papenfuse has many excuses why the S. 14th St. property owners are still in limbo. He could’ve courted Dauphin County and taken a stand against the county, similarly to the way he so desperately fought the commissions on the Civil War Museum, to no end. Perhaps he surrendered in defeat to the county, thus another point proving his incompetence as leader of Harrisburg. The fact remains that the citizens, many of modest means, are now in the unfortunate position of counting on the Trump administration to deliver on his infrastructure promises and help the people in our “war zone”.  Regardless, due to bureaucratic incompetence, lack of due diligence, and just plain not caring about the plight of a vulnerable senior citizen, Ms. Taylor has lost her home and became a victim of circumstances – twice. First, when the sinkholes opened making her property unrentable, and second, when the improper tax sale of duress took away her property and any chance of compensation for the loss.

We will be following up on this and the stories of other residents of S. 14th Street in our future publications.

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