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String of Armed Robberies in Midtown Harrisburg

Update: 2 Armed Robbers arrested in separate incidents

Harrisburg, PA – After a bank robbery was reported at 3rd & Reily Streets earlier this week, a string of armed robberies has haunted neighbors in the Midtown section of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The bank robbery was committed by a known suspect, however no further information has been made public by the Harrisburg or State Police about the armed robberies this weekend.

Friday night at 5:33 pm, robbery with threat of immediate serious injury was reported at Penn & Reily Streets. Harrisburg and State Police responded Friday evening and several locations were being investigated in the nearby area, as well as an overall heavy police presence being reported throughout the Engleton section of Midtown in the early evening hours of Friday.

An eyewitness found themselves directly involved in the police activity when riding with their family in a vehicle near 2nd & Kelker Streets. They were struck by a suspect’s car who was fleeing State Police. There were no serious injuries in the crash. It was later revealed that the suspect, who was quickly apprehended by police at the scene, was wanted for homicide.

The Police activity was also reported Friday evening on Green Street by a resident who published a post on Facebook.

Police responded on Saturday in the area of the laundromat at 2nd & Calder Streets, and reportedly a group was dispersed from loitering there.

💯 In recent weeks other robberies have been reported in Midtown at Green & Hamilton, and on Capitol & Verbeke Streets.

💯 Another attempted robbery was reported at 11pm on 12/16/2017, Saturday night at Al’s Cafe on Susquehanna and Verbeke Streets.

💯 Police have been searching for a suspect in a string of armed robberies using a knife in and around Harrisburg. The incidents may be unrelated.

💯 Overnight Thursday near 2300 4th Street, just a few blocks north of Midtown, a victim was shot in an uptown home after answering a knock at the door.

💯 On twitter, a citizen reports hearsay of a shooting overnight Saturday in Harrisburg.


In Midtown Harrisburg, 4 Soft-Top Convertible Slashings and a Wave of Car Break-ins

Harrisburg, PA – This past couple of weeks, dozens of Harrisburg citizens in Midtown have left their home in the morning to find that their property has been tampered with, destroyed, and sometimes stolen.

In particular, there has been a wave a car break-ins and most recently, very expensive damage to 4 convertible cars parked around 1100 Penn, 2nd and Cumberland Streets. Thieves used knifes to slash the soft top convertibles to gain entry and stole small items of little value.

It is assumed that this is related to local addicts seeking any valuables or money that they can easily trade for drugs. There is likely a drug dealer living and operating in close proximity to the thefts.

But there are other theories about crime waves in the city and the ulterior motives of crime bosses calling for petty crimes in midtown to take officers attention from high risk sections of South Allison Hill and other areas. Theories about the effect of political control and policy on local crime may be explored in future editions of Harrisburg100.

In this case, there is video footage of the thieves causing damage to one of the convertibles, however it remains to be seen if these suspects will ever be caught and held accountable.

Residents in midtown are requesting increased night patrols from police to ensure the security of their neighborhood.

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