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SCANDAL: Harrisburg City Officials named in alleged Coordinated Property Subversion Scheme

Initial Report on Lawsuit against HBG Mayor’s Senior Advisor

Harrisburg, PA – The Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority (HRA) & HBG Economic Development Director Jackie Parker is accused of bypassing the legal planning process in order to steal property in Allison Hill. Harrisburg officials violated the Urban Redevelopment Act of PA. 

Photo credit: CBS21 News

In a letter sent to Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority solicitor Stu Magdule, a Harrisburg resident presents the solid case against the illegal processes. It is detailed how Harrisburg City coordinated a subversion of private property rights and ownership, by using the Brownfield planning fund. 

A private attorney counciling the citizen believes this could spark a grand jury investigation. The call is for the United States attorney general to intervene.

The letter was certified and sent to the following recipients:

Eric Papenfuse, Neil Grover, Bryan Davis, George Payne, Harrisburg City Council, Harrisburg Planning Commision, Dauphin County Commissioners, John DiSanto, Edward Marsico, Josh Shapiro, Jeffrey Sessions

City Council and the planning commission were sent certified copies of the letter because HRA kept them in the dark

Read the letter here

HRA Letter of Official Notice

This letter details how the city bypassed the planning commission so they could sneak money into a fund first.

They bypassed the Urban Redevelopment Act of PA.

The city planned to gentrify Allison Hill under the guise of brownfield redevelopment.


In Proposal to City Council, Mayor Dismissive about Filing Board Slots from Within the City

By: Harrisburg100

In a recent article on the codes department, Beau Brown makes the case for a total restructure of the codes department mindset; one that gives power back to the People.

Brown asks the reader if an appointed (political friend) board member should have the ability to decide what goes on in a neighborhood where they don’t live in, or visit often.

Proving his case is a recent proposal by Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse, where he insisted that council pass resolution (6/6/17) to give control of two new code office appeals board slots to people from outside of the city.

Council pushed back very hard against this, and claimed it was outrageous to believe that the city has no talent, to which the mayor maintained was the case.

One council member asked the mayor why we are not advertising these two open seats, instead of giving them out to friends of the mayor to push a bizarre codes agenda.

That agenda has been discussed at length in central Allison Hill lately, as rumors of a class action lawsuit surface, whose members are being represented by the same attorney that successfully represented the Third Street Cafe against the mayor’s agenda.

Council president Wanda Williams told the mayor that a city resident (who was in the meeting) had submitted her resume in an effort to be considered for a certain board position, to which the mayor arrogantly asked: “Oh, so I’m just supposed to appoint ‘said person’?”

This negative tone comes just one week after the mayor asked this same city resident, in a personal meeting, how she could help him heal the divide in Harrisburg, between the city and its citizens.

The city resident’s response was that the only way to heal the divide is to atone for what you’ve done. To own up to your own actions that contributed to the divide.

It is important as city residents that we don’t allow the mayor to subvert our citizens rights by continuing to outsource control.

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽