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Will Harrisburg, PA Host Museum of Confederate Monuments that are Removed from Southern Cities?

The proposed ‘Rise of Camp Curtin’ has sparked a controversial debate about the future relocation of confederate monuments.

In response to the recent removal of confederate monuments, a new idea is being entertained for the future of historic monuments in the City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Lewis Butts On Removing Historic Civil War Monuments:

“It’s actually wrong to remove the historical monuments, because it erases identity.

It results in a disservice to society, since people won’t realize how far they have progressed.

If all memories are washed away, we will never acknowledge the existence of our realities.

In Camp Curtin, we plan to resurrect its rich history, and the economic development of the distressed neighborhood.”


Butts has faced opposition from his political opponent, Mayor Eric Papenfuse who has formed the resistance in Harrisburg against Civil War history that highlights African-Americans.

In a press release today, Lewis Butts alludes to the rise of Camp Curtin and his dissatisfaction with Harrisburg current Mayor.

“My objective is to smash Papenfuse… tear him down like a Confederate Monument… The Rise Of Camp Curtin”

The debate continues as one response suggested confederate monuments are inappropriate in Harrisburg, PA, and a more suitable location may be the the Capital’s West Shore, or Gettysburg, PA.

Lewis Butts recently called into M.O.A.B. Radio, when he publicly disavowed AntiFA, and he advocated for the preservation of Civil War History.

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Lawsuit Filed against Harrisburg Mayor’s senior advisor, Karl Singleton

Harrisburg, PA – In a motion recently filed by Timothy Rowbottom against the senior advisor to Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse, Karl Singleton has been named in a $12,000 civil suit for threatening life of the Mayor’s constituent.

In a written statement by the plaintiff, it has be alleged that on May 09, 2017, around 9 p.m., the defendant, Mr. Singleton threatened the man and alluded to knowing his home address. This incident occurred in the Harrisburg Hilton Hotel during the 2017 Mayoral debate. Singleton and Rowbottom were both in attendance at the debate event that took place that evening in the 2nd floor Ballroom.

 The plaintiff believes this was a politically motivated threat. 

School Board Director tied to The Resistance/ AntiFA – Harrisburg, PA

Carrie Fowler: “I do support [AntiFA]”

In an online discourse on 7/10/2017, via the Concerned Citizens of Harrisburg facebook page, Harrisburg School Board Director-elect, Carrie Fowler boasts of her leadership role in a protest demonstration that ended with 6 people being arrested. She also admits that she will always have hate in her heart, and reaffirms her loyal support of the domestic terrorist group, Antifa.

She is currently campaigning for a seat as a Harrisburg School Board Director. The election is in November 2017.

18426259-standardFowler is proud to be associated with AntiFA members in Harrisburg, including Chris Siennick, who is leading the ‘Resistance Movement.’ He is admittedly recruiting minors into his local activity, and recently accommodated out-of-town AntiFA crews who terrorized Harrisburg citizens and Police. Siennick endorsed solely Fowler in the May 2017 primary election for Harrisburg School Board Director.

Carrie Fowler: “I will spread hatred till the day I take my last breath.”

Antifa visited Harrisburg, PA on the Saturday of June 10th, when they held a violent counter-protest to advance their anti-gay, and pro-Sharia Law campaign. Militants were arrested during the demonstration. One actor assaulted a police horse by stabbing its neck with a staff. Antifa has been named for using a chemical mixture as a weapon to burn the skin of police in Harrisburg that day. A variety of weapons were brandished by the group, who also staged an aggressive ‘march’ that featured blocking traffic, harassing police, and being disorderly towards civilians.
On the Facebook page, Fowler was pressed by several concerned citizens, after boasting her leadership role in a recent demonstration against Republican Pennsylvanian Senator Pat Toomey, that ended with 6 ‘protesters’ being arrested. Several admissions were made in the discussion that followed.

From Concerned Citizens facebook page 7/10/2017:

Sean M Guay The ‘Resistance Movement’ emulates the tactics of black bloc, and has aligned with the terrorist of AntiFA. It is a threat to American freedom.
Such a shame that so-called citizens of Harrisburg would display pride in being aggressively disruptive. 

Carrie Fowler If you think the resistance movement is a threat to American freedoms, then you don’t understand how this country was built.

Sean M Guay This country was not built by aligning with terrorist. 

Carrie Fowler What do you think the monarchy thought of our founding fathers? You need a history lesson. 

Robert Brandt Seriously Carrie Fowler, did you just compare our founding fathers to ANTIFA?? LMFAO!! And I saw a pic you posted awhile back with you supporting ANTIFA so spin more spin doctor.

Carrie Fowler pledging allegiance to Antifa in Harrisburg on June 10, 2017

Sean M Guay: You all (the resistance) missed that while you were busy sympathizing with AntiFA, spreading hatred about America and our President.

Carrie Fowler: I will spread hatred about and for Trump till the day I take my last breath. He does not represent me or 58% of this country. He is a national embarrassment.

Amy Thomas: NJ DHS listed AntiFa as domestic terrorists.  Aligning with them when your seeking a position in the public school system board…what message does that send to the children, their families and the tax payers? Fine, you don’t like Trump but to associate with domestic terrorists? Wow

Sean M Guay: AntiFA assaulted a police horse, harassed civilians and police in the street around 3rd and Forester, blocked traffic and sprayed a chemical mixture at police in Harrisburg on June 10. 

Carrie Fowler, you are a current school board director elect, and as a ‘leader’ in this community, the citizens of Harrisburg must look to you for guidance.

Will you publicly condemn the violent activities of AntiFA and any person associated with them?

Amy Thomas Carrie Fowler, Do you condemn AntiFa? Simple question.

Carrie FowlerI do support them (AntiFA) for their efforts to stand against hate. Am I a member? No. On that Saturday (June 10) in question Antifa were the only ones protecting the hate from walking down our streets and there was absolutely NO violence. Do I stand by everything they do ? No.

I am not tolerant of Trump and his hate. Not for one minute. I will expose him every chance I get. I will call him out every chance I get

Now have fun twisting my words to fit your agenda. I put action behind my words. I make mistakes just like everyone else, but when I do I admit them, learn from them and move on a better person.

Brittney Parker: Carrie Fowler I think it’s pretty interesting you say you will never tolerate hate, and then a few posts above this one you say you will spread hate for Trump till you take your last breath.

Of course, we all know you’re ok with facism and hatred as long as it’s someone or something you disagree with, am I right? 

I don’t even like Trump, haha, I didn’t vote for him and left the GOP over it. But trying to claim the moral high ground on tolerance, diversity, and love while bragging about spreading hatred is pretty far out.

Closing Statements:

Apparently, Carrie Fowler was busy sympathizing with Antifa members, and while she was caught up in passionately spreading hatred of America and our President, she conveniently missed all the relevant national news about the violence and hatred that was caused by Antifa in Harrisburg on June 10, 2017. Recently, Fowler has become the Democratic mascot, making appearances on behalf of the party at every protest cause in the Pennsylvania State Capital.

Direct Link to the posting that was deleted (we have all screen shots) as soon as the connection to Siennick and AntiFA was established:


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In Proposal to City Council, Mayor Dismissive about Filing Board Slots from Within the City

By: Harrisburg100

In a recent article on the codes department, Beau Brown makes the case for a total restructure of the codes department mindset; one that gives power back to the People.

Brown asks the reader if an appointed (political friend) board member should have the ability to decide what goes on in a neighborhood where they don’t live in, or visit often.

Proving his case is a recent proposal by Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse, where he insisted that council pass resolution (6/6/17) to give control of two new code office appeals board slots to people from outside of the city.

Council pushed back very hard against this, and claimed it was outrageous to believe that the city has no talent, to which the mayor maintained was the case.

One council member asked the mayor why we are not advertising these two open seats, instead of giving them out to friends of the mayor to push a bizarre codes agenda.

That agenda has been discussed at length in central Allison Hill lately, as rumors of a class action lawsuit surface, whose members are being represented by the same attorney that successfully represented the Third Street Cafe against the mayor’s agenda.

Council president Wanda Williams told the mayor that a city resident (who was in the meeting) had submitted her resume in an effort to be considered for a certain board position, to which the mayor arrogantly asked: “Oh, so I’m just supposed to appoint ‘said person’?”

This negative tone comes just one week after the mayor asked this same city resident, in a personal meeting, how she could help him heal the divide in Harrisburg, between the city and its citizens.

The city resident’s response was that the only way to heal the divide is to atone for what you’ve done. To own up to your own actions that contributed to the divide.

It is important as city residents that we don’t allow the mayor to subvert our citizens rights by continuing to outsource control.

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The Racial Divide in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Part I

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Update: ISIS claims responsibility for England Attack

Harrisburg, PA – As reported by The Washington Post in 2008, the idea of a racial divide in the City of Harrisburg is not new to the election cycle, locally. In fact, the tense racial history of this city goes back for centuries.

Currently, in the aftermath of a local election which featured some smear campaigns, and became chippy at times, the incumbent Mayor Papenfuse has been reelected as the Democratic nominee for the upcoming general election, this fall. Now, ‘racial divide’ has resurfaced as an issue that has not yet found resolve in the fair city.

In a post-election interview, Mayoral challenger Lewis Butts issued a statement on his willingness to work with Papenfuse on the racial divide, and the need to make sure that all cultures are embraced:


From the follow-up commentary of the video, respondents describe a variety of opinions. One person said:

All cultures are not at a disadvantage, but black folk issues cannot be clumped with everyone else issues. We need to focus strictly on our own issues as black folk.


Of Papenfuse, another citizen mentioned:

[Papenfuse] needs a visionary, such as Lewis Butts, in his ear.


Of Butts, recent School Board Director elect, Carrie Fowler said:

Lewis Butts deserves a seat in [Papenfuse’s] administration. Harrisburg and it’s citizens would profit from his vision.


At a local polling center, city resident Beau Brown takes direct action towards unity, on the day of the election. Brown, and Tim Rowbottom are pictured here with the team of Gloria Martin-Roberts, an opposing challenger:

Brown comments:

Many of us had a great time running from poll to poll yesterday! While there was some mild tension (kind of fun), there was a lot of collective love for Harrisburg City.

Many of the Jennie Jenkins team had very great interactions, and discussions with members of the Gloria Martin-Roberts team while visiting these polls.

Mr. Eric R. Papenfuse – respectfully sir – this is how you heal divides. Just go talk to each other.


In another perspective on race, local BLM activist Katherine Lugaro, who is not happy about Papenfuse being reelected, also recently posted her disapproval of Sheriff David Clark joining forces with President Trump:

Exclusively for Harrisburg100, Lugaro offers a very in depth perspective on the controversy surrounding Sheriff David Clark:

Sheriff Clarke is a fascist that launched his career on Fox News as a self hating- black hating contributor. This is a trend at Fox, where they will pay/hire a self hating black gov’t official to come smear Black Lives Matter. Sheriff Clarke’s black hate reminds me of the old “Is WE sick boss” house negro, who will lay his life down for his white master and sell his fellow black slaves down the river. It’s the sickness of the House Negro, who runs the plantation and functions on the plantation as a free man…why would he want to upset the apple cart? Clarke is a fitting addition to the Trump Administration. No doubt about it…Clarke validates all the stereotypes held by rich white males in this country…why wouldn’t they love him? The list of reasons of why Clarke is a gross and telling pick for the Trump Administration goes on and on…. starting with Clarke seriously claiming that Black Lives Matter is going to work with ISIS to take over the country.


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A Letter To Neil Grover & Eric Papenfuse; From Ms. Della Taylor


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S. 14 St Della Taylor PDF File



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True Story: Papenfuse gets 2 scoops of ice cream, everyone else gets 1

By: Harrisburg100

Harrisburg, PA – Mayor Eric Shlapenfuse is living every child’s dream: More ice cream.
According to an exclusive interview with Harrisburg100, Shlapenfuse’s City Hall staff has settled into Shlaps routine and know his desires, sometimes before he does. Staffer and Chief Propagandist Bruce P. Weber knows first hand about the excessive waste of Papenfuse.
For example: Shlapenfuse takes two scoops of ice cream with his chocolate cream pie, Harrisburg100 reported, while everyone else around the table gets just one.


Shlap: Pennlive and Civil War Museum ban ‘could be my fault’

In the interview published Thursday, Shlap also expanded on his view of The West Shore Boys stalking him during the 2017 Trump visit to Harrisburg, refuted reports that he is unhappy with his current Director of Finance & Budget, and took a level of blame for his administrations failed $200,000 comprehensive plan.
But, more than anything, Shlap gave Harrisburg100 a window into some of the oddities that make his City Hall unlike any in modern history, including the traits that make Shlap tick.
Here are some illuminating takeaways from the interview:

Business at any cost

Shlap casts himself throughout the interview as Harrisburg’s businessman, someone who is wasting as much federal grant tax dollars as possible to line the pockets of his friends, and create the illusion that he is rebuilding Allison Hill.
The focus of the interview extends to faulty FBI crime statistics, that are due to the dysfunctional computer system in the Harrisburg Police Department.
Harrisburg100 reported that Shlap brought up how he is trying to champion the cause of removing illegal firearms from the mean streets of the warzone, in Harrisburg, PA.


Report: Shlap blames self for ruining the relationship of the city with the Civil War Museum

‘It is 100% my fault’

Shlap rarely takes blame, and throughout the 2017 Mayoral campaign he said he rarely, if ever, apologizes.
But during his interview with Harrisburg100, Shlap took responsibility — sort of — for the major failures of his administration.
“It is 100% my fault,” he said. “I don’t want to necessarily take the blame, but it is my inability to engage with the real citizens of Harrisburg that has been the detriment of this administration.”

“I fully think apologizing is a great thing, especially considering that I am dead wrong,” Shlap told Kristen Vordell in September 2016 PennFake Interview. “I will absolutely apologize sometime in the distant future if I’m ever wrong.”


Shlap accuses James Ellison of misrepresenting him on facebook

A level of introspection

img_0338Shlap, carrying on the tenor of his vicious 2017 campaign, has made Harrisburg a more acrimonious place. James Ellison, appalled by his negative campaigning, has grown more fearful, more vocal and more disgusted. Shlap has kept his foot on the gas, too, by publicly calling out Ellison in the Mayoral Debate, for his recent facebook activity.
But during the Harrisburg100 interview, as the dinner was wrapping up, Shlap appeared to have a moment of introspection.
“It never made sense to me, the level of animosity,” Shlap said. “All we want to do is squander tax dollars, we want to raises taxes and parking rates, we want to steal midtown property for our personal gain, while we forget about the rest of the city, and we won’t worry about fixing education in Harrisburg.”
Shlap, notably, at times during the 2017 campaign defended his midtown establishment and the well paid spouses of his good friends who are owed favors, and attacked a local attorney who is the treasurer of his opponents campaign. More recently, he cast Pennlive reporting as the “enemy of the city.”


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Challengers Take the High Road, While City ‘Leaders’ Squabble

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By: Sean M. Guay

Harrisburg, PA – In the days leading up to the primary election for our local city government, the Mayoral candidates debate for a third and final time.

Consistently at the debates, and through their public speaking, the calm patience and logical reasoning of the less experienced candidates has been on display. It is the elder city politicians who have shown the truth about their ill-temperament, and inability to collaborate towards the good of the city. These attitudes of the old guard politicians in Harrisburg have led to gridlock, and the dysfunction of our city government.

For the voters of Harrisburg, it is time to move on from these negative campaigners, and look to the new up-and-coming candidates, who represent the political movement that is underway in our fair city.

Lewis Butts Jr., Anthony Harrell, and Jennie Jenkins represent the voices of Harrisburg citizens that have been silenced for too long.

In the opening minuets of the final Mayoral Debate, our so-called ‘leaders’ fight on stage while squabbling over Facebook postings, they debate who is more old guard, and discuss Papenfuse’s Midtown establishment:


Through the lofty romantic ideas, and extravagantly chivalrous action of Lewis Butts in these debates, and his public interviews, he continues to display his personal honor, generosity, courtesy, as well as his genuine passion for the City of Harrisburg. 

Here, Butts chimes in on the ill-temperament of the experienced candidates, as they squabble over their past differences. He makes a huge point about the need to maintain civility, to enable the new candidates discussion about the future potential of Harrisburg:


Jennie Jenkins explains the problem of Harrisburg’s flawed crime reporting to the FBI. As it turns out, the ‘reduction‘ in city crime coincides with the implementation of the new computer system that has reduced the ability of the officers to properly complete police reports. These incorrectly reported statistics have been used by Mayor Papenfuse to tout his administration’s success in reducing crime within Harrisburg.

This claim of reduced city crime statistics is widely disputed by the actual experiences of Harrisburg residents. The vast inconsistencies that exist between citizen reporting, versus police reporting of crime incidents, have recently come to light:


Papenfuse is “proud to lead the resistance” against the leader of the free world, while pitting Harrisburg at ground zero in his bosses war on Republicans:


Gloria Martin-Roberts explains her lack of knowledge regarding the major city failure of the Harrisburg Incinerator Debacle that took place under her watch, while leading city council.

Papenfuse rebuts her claims of ignorance, and admits that he regrets his controversial Pennlive ban:


New Video Coming Soon: Lewis Butts Calls Out PennLive for their heavily biased journalism, and their remarks about his “Quixotic bid for mayor.”



Update: In a facebook posting today, as for the fate of the failed attempt by our current city administration to produce a completed Comprehensive Plan ($200,000 wasted), Beau Brown updates the city on the efforts of Mayoral Candidate Jennie Jenkins to make right the lack of due diligence by Papenfuse and his out-of-town associates.

Jenkins plans to work with the contracted Engineer to complete the plan, and to keep the city out of court.



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Eric Papenfuse For Mayor: Part III

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By: Jeffrey Williams

Harrisburg, PA – We have been receiving continuous information, raw data, emails, photos, comments, evidence, and many other parts and pieces of Harrisburg’s hidden and suppressed past.

Our apologies to those whose information has not yet been displayed. Much time is needed to research, analyze, interview and to make conclusions. 

One by one, these documents and other evidence will be released.

The public can decide what to make of it.

Here is the latest review of Gloria Martin Roberts Team’s involvement with Harrisburg’s trouble:


  • Elected LT to City Council & Mayor-7th link/ 4th link
  • Elected GMR to City Council- 4th link
  • Running GMR’s campaign-1st link
  • Firm has been paid out 2.4 mil by HBGSD & HA- 4th link
  • Former Reed Ally-worked on Campaigns-4th link
  • Counsel for HBGSD during 1997-1999/2001-2005-4th link
  • Was HA counsel from 1997-2002
  • Was counsel to HBGSD & HA at the same time
  • 2007-2010 Served as chairman & CEO of the board of the HA-10th link
  • Violated Section 1103(a) of the public official & employee’s act

By participating in the hiring of a member of his law firm through the HA & again violated Section 1103(a) when he signed checks for Bruber-individual he got hired by Torres the then E.D..Ellison is equity partner at firm so directing any business to is in violation, as if the aforementioned signing of checks to said individual.- Paid $2,297 settlement-8th link

  • Was forced to resign from chairman of HA as a result of the violations-9th link
  • While on the board of school control(appointed by Reed) approved more than 100$ million relating to bonds.-9th link
  • Many controversial bond deals(including bonds related to the incinerator) were made while he was the City Solicitor-9th link
  • Tax liens- while Ellison and Rhods/Sinon represented CASD, the district ‘sold millions of dollars in delinquent property tax claims to third parties’ A poor business venture- they lost money. HA made $30,000 in fees  from 2005-2007 from the sale of said items- 2nd link
  • Coatesville Area SD 2002-2013 collected 7.7 million from services- 11th link
  • While working at Rhoads & Sinon the firm represented CDSD. Ellison served as Insurance defense counsel and solicitor for CDSD. The firm billed CDSD 189,527$ for 1,064.52 hours of which- ‘The records also show that attorney James Ellison billed the district for an hour for an interview he gave to Patriot-News reporter Mary Klaus. The firm also billed the school district for an e-mail it sent regarding a Right-to-Know request the bus drivers sent to the school district.The firm also billed the school district for research it did on defamation after Epstein wrote an article on a blog. It also billed the district for reviewing a draft denial of a Right-to-Know request’- 12th link
  • As a result of the combination of Linda Thompson making good on a campaign promise and Ellison giving bad legal advice; Rhoads and Sinon was ordered to pay $250,000 of a $2.4mil settlement with Gerald Kohn. Harrisburg SD paid $125,000. The rest was paid by insurers. Linda Thompson didn’t pay a cent- 4th link/ 6th link/ 7th link


James Ellison activity on Board of Control

  • Ellison Rhoads and Sinon largest donor to campaign during Linda Thompson election
  • 2010-1 year left of mayoral control of Harrisburg School Board, Linda Thompson appoints Gloria Martin Roberts to Board of Control
  • Gloria Martin Roberts fired solicitors, hired James Ellison and hired & Rhoads and Sinon
  • Previous solicitors billed 1.2mill over 5 years/ Ellison proceeded to bill over 500k in less than a years time- he got into documented legal trouble for similar behavior with Central Dauphin SD and Coatesville SD. His actions with HbgSD were never scrutinized.
  • Ellison acting as Solicitor,  Kohn, ended up costing millions
  • For services rendered to Board of Control-checks rarely itemized. We have examples of the checks. The checks were signed by GMR and invoiced by JE



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Eric Papenfuse For Mayor: Part II

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Update: Part III

By: Jeffery Williams

Harrisburg, PA – We have been receiving continuous information, raw data, emails, photos, comments, evidence, and many other parts and pieces of Harrisburg’s hidden and suppressed past.

Our apologies to those whose information has not yet been displayed. Much time is needed to research, analyze, interview and to make conclusions.

One by one, these documents and other evidence will be released.

The public can decide what to make of it.

Here is the drop:


Payment Checks and Board Minutes


GMR vote to approve JE – GMR Vote To Approve Ellison


Board of Control R and S checks – School District Payments to Rhodes and Sinon


Board of Control Mins 6 – May 17, 2010


Harrisburg100 ✌🏽