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Attention Eastern University 

Harrisburg, PA – City council turned down the posposal for Eastern University to lease unused space in the City Hall building. 

This was an opportunity for the city to rent out space in the basement of the city government property, and Eastern University offered to spend $600,000 on building renovations. 

Of the rejected deal, Harrisburg resident Anthony Harrell says: “City Council I am with you on this, the mayor sprung this on you and the citizens, and he already had it set up!”

Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse responded: “We are going to take taxpayer dollars to help fix a building instead of potholes and playgrounds, and to me, it was a no-brainer, and we should have moved forward with a partnership with Eastern.”

Beau Brown, a 17 year commercial real estate veteran says he can help Eastern University find an alternative site. 

He was in favor of the proposed deal, and stated in the past that it seemed like Eastern U and the administration worked hard on the feasibility exercise to locate at city hall.

Brown stated that despite prior disagreements with the administration – he believes that he could serve both the client and the city’s interests by finding a site where the city can still benefit directly or indirectly.  

This was a clean partnership proposal and it shouldn’t fall to the back burner. 

Let’s work together to find a beneficial alternative.


Will the Harrisburg-Amazon deal be lost to official egos and political agendas?

By: Sean M. Guay

Harrisburg, PA – “The announcement that Amazon would build a $5 billion facility supporting 50,000 jobs immediately lit up social media. Some local citizens and officials suggested that the sprawling, for-sale Harrisburg State Hospital grounds off Cameron Street would be a perfect fit.” – theBurg

However, varying political agendas almost squashed the deal before it gained traction. An essential component of the proposal requires cooperation between Harrisburg Mayor and the president of the Regional Chamber, among other opposing forces.

David Black, president of Harrisburg Regional Chamber of Commerce and CREDC initially said: “Harrisburg is too small to put in a bid, but I do think there’s an opportunity to put in a bid with partners in York and Lancaster.”

Harrisburg City Councilman Westburn Majors expressed motivation to engage local government and private entities together in this process. “It is my hope that the administration can work with the county, the commonwealth, local business groups such as the Chamber, CREDC, etc., to determine if putting in an application is something that they would consider,” Majors said.

Brandon Flood and Beau Brown, who are both active in local & state politics, also engaged in the social media conversation. Brown expressed deep interest and insight into the potential Amazon deal, and began drafting preliminary concepts for a proposal in front of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Meanwhile, Bruce P Weber (HBG City Director of Finance) who is very active on social media, often echos the perspective of Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse. The tone of Weber seemed to brush off the Amazon deal as a no-go.

Jennie Jenkins makes an excellent point that preparing and proposing to Amazon executives would serve as a terrific protocol for organizing forces in Harrisburg, and potentially bringing future investment to the region.

Beau Brown flips the script on Weber when he compares former Harrisburg Mayor Steve Reed to the short-falls of the current administration. The City of Harrisburg was transformed under Mayor Steve Reed. He had an unmatched love for Harrisburg and equal drive & determination to get results.


A bold proposal was made by Beau Brown, who offered free services to help draw 50,000 Amazon jobs to Harrisburg. Brown published an advertisement for his proposal stating that in fact Harrisburg can fulfill the requirements, and the posting was circulated around on social media.

Perhaps Harrisburg leaders and CREDC heard the calls of the community, because within 2 weeks, a new twist to the story was reported by Pennlive on 9/25/2017 when David Black says: “We’re pulling apart the RFP Amazon issued to see what we need.”

Harrisburg will partner with Lancaster, York, Cumberland & Lebanon counties to fulfill the metro requirement of the RFP.

Brown says that this is an opportunity to get face-time and build rapport for Harrisburg in front of one of the most powerful corporate owners in the world. Also, this experience will serve as excellent practice for pitching our region to investors. He also makes the point that proposing to Bezos would only be to the potential benefit of Harrisburg and the entire region. We should not pass up such an opportunity, as we are negotiating with an unpredictable entrepreneur, not a legislative body with strict rules to follow.


Beau Brown is uniquely qualified. He has a Reed-like drive and passion for the City of Harrisburg. Brown’s advocacy for the city is evident through the multiple published reports and editorials that have appeared in the Central Penn Business Journal, including this following article where Brown lays out a road map plan to land a deal such as the Amazon headquarters.

If Harrisburg and regional leaders are serious about this huge proposal, Brown’s negotiating and real estate experience should be utilized in making this deal.

Here, in a rare moment of clarity, Weber comes to his senses and recognizes the brilliance and potential in Brown’s proposal:

Original report by theBurg:

theBurg follow-up:

In Proposal to City Council, Mayor Dismissive about Filing Board Slots from Within the City

By: Harrisburg100

In a recent article on the codes department, Beau Brown makes the case for a total restructure of the codes department mindset; one that gives power back to the People.

Brown asks the reader if an appointed (political friend) board member should have the ability to decide what goes on in a neighborhood where they don’t live in, or visit often.

Proving his case is a recent proposal by Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse, where he insisted that council pass resolution (6/6/17) to give control of two new code office appeals board slots to people from outside of the city.

Council pushed back very hard against this, and claimed it was outrageous to believe that the city has no talent, to which the mayor maintained was the case.

One council member asked the mayor why we are not advertising these two open seats, instead of giving them out to friends of the mayor to push a bizarre codes agenda.

That agenda has been discussed at length in central Allison Hill lately, as rumors of a class action lawsuit surface, whose members are being represented by the same attorney that successfully represented the Third Street Cafe against the mayor’s agenda.

Council president Wanda Williams told the mayor that a city resident (who was in the meeting) had submitted her resume in an effort to be considered for a certain board position, to which the mayor arrogantly asked: “Oh, so I’m just supposed to appoint ‘said person’?”

This negative tone comes just one week after the mayor asked this same city resident, in a personal meeting, how she could help him heal the divide in Harrisburg, between the city and its citizens.

The city resident’s response was that the only way to heal the divide is to atone for what you’ve done. To own up to your own actions that contributed to the divide.

It is important as city residents that we don’t allow the mayor to subvert our citizens rights by continuing to outsource control.

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

The Codes Department: Friend or Foe? By: Beau Brown

Op Ed By: Beau Brown 

The Codes Department: Friend or Foe?

Despite the controversy this opinion may cause, it will pale in comparison to the thousands of entrepreneurs and regular renovators that need their voices heard.

What I am about to say does not apply to every codes department in every municipality. It is also not a personal attack on any individual. At my own risk of bureaucratic rebuttal, I’ll say what needs to be said.

There is an eggshell relationship that exists between codes departments’ state wide, and an enterprising citizenry that must be acknowledged.

If local government officials are reading this, and behind closed doors want to know how to attract more innovation to their town, I’d start with the consumer confidence index.

I’d estimate that the code office represents about 50% of a municipality’s projection, or erosion of consumer confidence. Consumers being: homeowners, business owners, developers, or contractors.

I’ve traveled all over the state as a commercial real estate broker, making friends out of customers and clients, listening to gut-wrenching stories, and bearing witness to people unnecessarily losing thousands of hard earned dollars. In some cases, by the stroke of an officiated pen – their American dream.

Some actions could be construed as fraudulent. If not criminally, at least morally, and the consequences many times is the continuation of vacancy and blight, as quality renovators are equalized with poor renovators, and are chased away. It’s a hard truth to swallow.

Let’s do some Q&A

• If one individual has a difficult and unnecessary experience with the codes department, how likely would they tell anyone and everyone that listens? Very likely.

• If their story makes it to the media, how likely would the viewing audience rush to invest in your town? Unlikely.

• Do you agree that if a new construction project, major renovation, or small improvement is planned and performed that it should be held to a strict standard of safety? I absolutely do.

• Do you believe going forward, new safety code regulations are most likely in the best interest of our nation’s infrastructural future? I certainly hope so.

• Do you believe that a contractor, entrepreneur or homeowner should bypass, or be lazy in their efforts to meet safety requirements? I do not.

• Do you believe that if the code office disagrees with an individual or business personally or politically, or there is a conflict of interest, manufactured obstacles that make no sense are allowed to prevent progress? I hope you don’t.

• Do you believe that a code officer, who knows they can get away with such obstacles, should be allowed to serve the community? I don’t.

Think of fire. It can cook your food or scald your hand. It can heat your home, or burn down a town.

I’d like to offer an idea that could forever change the way these offices work:

Through a selective process, let’s gather five respected members of the community that possess specific knowledge about building codes and safety protocols, have education and experience as innovators, and who value private property rights.

We could brand it the: “Liberty Codes Committee.”

As a model of oversight, its purpose would be to act as a supporting body for entrepreneurs and regular people to go to as a last resort when they have evidence of a code office playing out of bounds.

Those who would need this committee may have provable legal cases, but either lack funds for an attorney, can’t find an attorney willing to fight city hall, or just plain have an attitude of dissent in the face of codified overreach.

With that attitude, they righteously fight the power, only to have more obstacles placed in their way as payback.

I’ll nicely call this payback: “frivolous aggravation.”

By virtue of its founding purpose, this committee could then:

1) Verify the petitioner complies with all safety standards, and is not cutting corners.

2) Privately meet, or call public attention to the office causing issue in pursuit of a remedy

3) Demand relief based on facts and principles.

Relief would most likely be granted, because if this trend setting body was formed in real life, you can also expect a cash swollen legal defense fund right along with it.

If senselessness produces punishment, then reason will produce defiance.

The municipalities shouldn’t object to this idea, unless of course they object to Abraham Lincoln, who famously said that this is a nation of the people, by the people and for the people.

We the people own every single codes office in existence. While we respect the need for safety and standards, and encourage it thoroughly, we object to selective punishment and ridiculous red tape

What some may not believe, but I know thousands instantly will – is that this committee would be overwhelmed within its first month of operation.

The Racial Divide in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Part I

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Update: ISIS claims responsibility for England Attack

Harrisburg, PA – As reported by The Washington Post in 2008, the idea of a racial divide in the City of Harrisburg is not new to the election cycle, locally. In fact, the tense racial history of this city goes back for centuries.

Currently, in the aftermath of a local election which featured some smear campaigns, and became chippy at times, the incumbent Mayor Papenfuse has been reelected as the Democratic nominee for the upcoming general election, this fall. Now, ‘racial divide’ has resurfaced as an issue that has not yet found resolve in the fair city.

In a post-election interview, Mayoral challenger Lewis Butts issued a statement on his willingness to work with Papenfuse on the racial divide, and the need to make sure that all cultures are embraced:


From the follow-up commentary of the video, respondents describe a variety of opinions. One person said:

All cultures are not at a disadvantage, but black folk issues cannot be clumped with everyone else issues. We need to focus strictly on our own issues as black folk.


Of Papenfuse, another citizen mentioned:

[Papenfuse] needs a visionary, such as Lewis Butts, in his ear.


Of Butts, recent School Board Director elect, Carrie Fowler said:

Lewis Butts deserves a seat in [Papenfuse’s] administration. Harrisburg and it’s citizens would profit from his vision.


At a local polling center, city resident Beau Brown takes direct action towards unity, on the day of the election. Brown, and Tim Rowbottom are pictured here with the team of Gloria Martin-Roberts, an opposing challenger:

Brown comments:

Many of us had a great time running from poll to poll yesterday! While there was some mild tension (kind of fun), there was a lot of collective love for Harrisburg City.

Many of the Jennie Jenkins team had very great interactions, and discussions with members of the Gloria Martin-Roberts team while visiting these polls.

Mr. Eric R. Papenfuse – respectfully sir – this is how you heal divides. Just go talk to each other.


In another perspective on race, local BLM activist Katherine Lugaro, who is not happy about Papenfuse being reelected, also recently posted her disapproval of Sheriff David Clark joining forces with President Trump:

Exclusively for Harrisburg100, Lugaro offers a very in depth perspective on the controversy surrounding Sheriff David Clark:

Sheriff Clarke is a fascist that launched his career on Fox News as a self hating- black hating contributor. This is a trend at Fox, where they will pay/hire a self hating black gov’t official to come smear Black Lives Matter. Sheriff Clarke’s black hate reminds me of the old “Is WE sick boss” house negro, who will lay his life down for his white master and sell his fellow black slaves down the river. It’s the sickness of the House Negro, who runs the plantation and functions on the plantation as a free man…why would he want to upset the apple cart? Clarke is a fitting addition to the Trump Administration. No doubt about it…Clarke validates all the stereotypes held by rich white males in this country…why wouldn’t they love him? The list of reasons of why Clarke is a gross and telling pick for the Trump Administration goes on and on…. starting with Clarke seriously claiming that Black Lives Matter is going to work with ISIS to take over the country.


Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

United States1000 👨🏼‍🎤

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HBG Schools Exposed Part II – Officials knew of safety conditions for months

 GoFundMe – Writing Towards a Better Future

By: Sean Guay

[Link to Part I]

One sad response that I have read more than once today: blaming the kids (10 years old) that are perpetrating the vandalism being done to the schools.

We cannot blame the kids, there are many adults, professionals, and parents, big contracts, and too much money going around to accept this disaster as business as usual.

These photos were spread via Twitter to local officials in February 2017:

Apparently this means of egress problem with the EXIT signs isn’t new:

Notice the picture of the identical EXIT sign hanging on Feb 17, 2017 is still hanging here, in the recent photo from April 13, 2017:

As a follow up to the huge response from the original HBG Schools Exposed, some local leaders have questioned the motives of so-called opportunists who helped to expose the information. No word yet from Otto V. Banks, however Beau Brown, who is very active in Harrisburg civics, does expand on his insight and motivation.

Sean Guay: Personally, my focus is to bring attention to the educational epidemic in our city.

Highly esteemed local advisers are saying it would be unfortunate if the release of these photos is a politically charged maneuver to sway opinion in the school board election.

Others say that blame on the school board for some of these problems may be unwarranted, and we should get answers from administrators and superintendent.

Any thoughts?

Beau Brown: It certainly could be viewed that way, yes.
However what is important to note is that the one who originally took these photos and sent them around many weeks ago had reasons beyond political motivations.

1) His son attends the school and he has documented evidence of being locked in a battle to get him the help he needs dating back to the beginning of the year.

2) That child has tested number 3 in the grade at the school in question, yet he is being failed, and well over a dozen documented attempts to resolve have been met with intentional Road blocks.

3) The city has issued people numerous code violations in cases where they were unnecessary, and if this school building was a private enterprise, the city and fire Marshall would shut it down until there is a correction.

More-so, the school owned properties directly across Swatara Street from the school building in question, at times have had 3 foot weeds and heroin needles on the ground.
Again, a private enterprise would have been cited and shuttered until resolution.

I would say that the author (or news entity) of the story that has been going viral on this subject also has political motive.
But that is why we are a Republic and not a Democracy.
It’s why we have elections, so that people who are running for office, that run based on a real need for solutions, are afforded their ability to be heard.

If you are in a mansion, you are likely to be intrigued and motivated based on your surroundings.
If you are in an institutional environment where it reflects lack of quality and care, you will have the opposite motivational effect.

If these photos have to drop in order for the school building to become safe again, then so what?

I’d be willing to go head to head with any local “esteemed” adviser and debate it. I’d debate any elected official on this, but I’d like to do it at the parking lot across from the school, that the school owns, when school let’s out – so we can all look at the kids walking by heroin needles while the leaders try to convince us, these photos are just a political maneuver.


“I believe the leaders are not truly focused on the kids.
They’re focused on the money, and the reasoning they give for denying an opportunity to redevelop a now blighted and massive piece of real estate in the upper Allison Hill section was not convincing to me.” – Beau Brown

Follow up with Otto V. Banks and his recent facebook query to Harrisburg leaders.

Potential Mold & Harrisburg Wikileaks Preview

 GoFundMe – Writing Towards a Better Future

Harrisburg100 to Raging Chicken Press: Get Down or Lay Down

By: Harrisburg100 

Nobody reads Raging Chicken Press. Go back to your beloved Philadelphia where all the stories are bigger and the problems are so much worse, as you constantly remind Harrisburg citizens in your condescending commentary.

Call it writer’s block. Or call it a long term slump. Perhaps your ship has sailed and your glory days have past. With your credibility dwindling, Mr. Kitchen you appear to be licking your chops at any hint of a potential untold controversial back story. To the point that you have resorted to createing the story when there is no evidence of such.

All writers go through slumps, and it’s too bad that yours has gone on for so long.  As speculation would have it, perhaps The Raging Chicken lost its edge after being blamed by Papenfuse for ‘propagating rumor.’ Maybe it is time for a new platform and nickname, bud.

“Otto Banks and Beau Brown “the republican turned democrat” are involved with the local charter school community” – Sean Indignado Kitchen

Although the name chicken suits you quite well, the fury of your rage is no greater than that of a west shore teenage slumber party pillow fight. On behalf of Harrisburg100, I would like to offer you a role as a guest writer. You no longer will be called the Raging Chicken; from here on your new personality in Harrisburg will be Mother Clucker. This is a hostile takeover. Get down or lay down.

One stipulation of the deal is that you cannot continue to constantly compare Harrisburg to your beloved Philadelphia in every single lame rebuttal that you regurgitate. We are the fuxking State Capital and we will run our own show. Tell them out-of-town lawyers to hit the road.

And another thing: those Rowland Elementary bathrooms are horribly wrong, but what you fail to understand is that the root of the problem is not just about cleaning up the bathrooms. It is about a district with a 38% graduation rate. Those images symbolize the overall educational epidemic that these children are facing. Imagine the future of these Harrisburg citizens.

Offering his commentary on the recently released pictures form Rowland Elementary, Sean Kitchen makes a point about charter schools, but also takes shots at local political activists like Beau Brown and Otto V. Banks.

Sean Indignado Kitchen:

Do alternative education options, like charter schools, really work? This state has the worst charter school regulations in the country. Philadelphia has become a national joke because of the rampant fraud in the charter community. Dont see how alt-ed will fix this.” – S. Kitchen

“And as someone who is from Philadelphia, charter schools are not the answer. They’re breeding grounds for corruption and self-enrichment.” – S. Kitchen

“I really like to question the motives of this article before I make a serious judgement. The drop ceiling looks to be an issue. The bathroom photos dont look horribly wrong besides the graffitti. Otto Banks and Beau Brown “the republican turned democrat” are either involved with the local charter school community or have a local business of their own and their outrage may possibly have other motives behind them.” – S. Kitchen


FOLLOW UP with Otto V. Banks


Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

HBG Schools Exposed in Pictures from Deep Inside Rowland Elementary

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New: Harrisburg School District Secret Policy – Split Classes and No Reporting

By: Sean Guay

Harrisburg, PA – Dreadful; Terrible; Horrible; Crime Scene

“I went into the restroom it looks like a crime scene, the one door to the stall is missing” – Jennifer Snavley

Otto V Banks: You can start by asking Mr. James “Jimmy” Pianka and Bill Gretton.

These are the first reactions from Harrisburg citizens after viewing the original Facebook post by Jennifer Snavley, who recently made a visit to the school during a parent/teacher conference.

Jennifer Snavely: So I went to my daughter’s parent teacher conference yesterday (4/13/17) and this is what I seen inside Rowland school on the top floor in front of her classroom.

The 1st thing I seen was the holes in the ceiling.

Then I had to pee so as i went into the restroom it looks like a crime scene, the one door to the stall is missing (I didn’t pee and feel bad for the lil girls that have to use it) not to mention the boys bathroom smells like shit and the walls are hot pink..

Our kids spend 8+ hrs in this building 5 days out of the week. I’m a disgusted..

I know “girls on the run” is going to paint the girls restroom (not sure when) but we need to fix the problems 1st not just paint over them..

(A dozen more photos exist)

In response to this post being circulated on facebook, many concerned citizens of Harrisburg provided feedback.

Kevin Butts: I think the school board members need to do spot inspections of the cleanliness of the schools facilities after a meeting I had with two of the members they solely rely on parents complaints and do inquiry about the issues but the follow up about it getting done is what’s lacking.

Beau Brown: If this were a private company, the city codes department and city fire marshal would have shut the building down.

Otto V. Banks: The Harrisburg school district has an annual budget of $145 Million Dollars. The City of Harrisburg’s general fund budget is approximately $61 Million dollars!! Explain how a school district that is coterminous with a city has a budget that is twice the size of the city’s budget that it resides? Ms. Snavley’s post sickens me! Harrisburg needs a checkup from the neck-up if you put these same people back in office!!

Link to budget documents

Sean Guay: These figures speak to the amount of responsibility that the school board directors have. They must be held accountable by their constituents and stand tall for the students of this district.

Can you provide any insight into the various forces that influence the directors decisions. Do you believe the past failures are related to political conflicts, or due to incompetence of the directors?

Otto V. Banks: You can start by asking Mr. James “Jimmy” Pianka and Bill Gretton. I believe they would have better insight into the financial workings and missteps of the Harrisburg School Board. Mr. Gretton testified in the Attorney General’s Grand Jury Presentment. Click on the blue hyperlink “Criminal Complaint and Grand Jury Presentment.

Look for more coverage on Otto V. Banks, James “Jimmy” Pianka, and Mr. Gretton’s testimony in a future Harrisburg100 follow up. 

Jennifer Snavley’s cause to help the school has started a fund, follow this link.

Otto V. Banks: the community helps by paying its taxes. People should not have to volunteer to fix something that should be paid for out of a multi-million dollar budget that’s larger than the entire City of Harrisburg’s budget!

FOLLOW UP: PART II – Officials knew of safety conditions for months

Potential Mold & Harrisburg Wikileaks Preview

Otto V. Banks statement

Harrisburg100 calls out Raging Chicken Press

The response from Raging Chicken


Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

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