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Fifteen MS-13 Thugs Attempt to Murder 2 American Citizens in Maryland State Park

Pack of MS-13 members choke, kick, stomp, beat 2 men with tree limbs at Md. park

WHEATON, Md. (WJLA) – Yet another case of unbridled violence at the hands of alleged MS-13 members has made its way into news headlines in Montgomery County.

Around 7 p.m. on June 14, two men were walking in the Wheaton Regional Park, located about two miles northeast of the Westfield Wheaton Mall. As the men approached a public restroom to wash their hands and face, they encountered five Hispanic men staring them down.

The men did their best to ignore the awkward situation, but the five suspects followed them inside of the otherwise empty bathroom. One victim had his hat knocked off his head. The other victim had his North Face backpack taken.

The five suspects separated and interrogated the two men, asking if they were affiliated with a certain gang, what country they were born in and what high school they attended.

The suspects confiscated cell phones from both men, searching for photos and text messages that would allude to gang ties. One suspect used a knife to demand the screen lock password set on one of the phones.

The five suspects took the two men to a pavilion beside the park’s main playground area. There the suspects called for reinforcements. Despite repeatedly denying any gang allegiance, the victims continued to be held against their will. It wasn’t long before 10 more men arrived at the park, bringing the total number of suspects to 15.

Seeking more privacy, the suspects forcefully led the victims through some 300 yards of wooded land to a secluded lake on the park’s property. Police described the walk as, more or less, a death march.

Beside the shore of that small lake, the victims were encircled, patted down, photographed and had their wallets taken. Then for the first time, the pack stated they were part of MS-13. They further explained their belief that one victim’s Nike Cortez shoes and red hat suggested he was a member of the rival 18th Street Gang.

Without provocation, all 15 MS-13 members began to punch the two men in the head and chest. Upon falling to the ground, the victims were placed in “chokeholds, kicked and stomped on,” court documents state. A few members went so far as to grab hold of large tree limbs, using the heavy, coarse wood to beat the victims’ defenseless bodies.

One of the men reportedly grabbed hold of a knife and shouted, “Let’s just kill them now!” Other members secured weapons of their own when two park patrons happened upon the ongoing assault. Those witnesses inadvertently spooked all 15 MS-13 members, in turn, making them scurry away.

The two victims ran in the opposite direction, finding help at a nearby dog park. They later told officers they had feared death as the countless blows and kicks were issued with seemingly fatal force. Paramedics transported both men to Suburban Hospital in Bethesda with severe injuries. Their current medical conditions are not known.

So far, Maryland-National Capital Park Police have arrested four individuals, charging each with at least a dozen criminal counts that include attempted second-degree murder, first-degree assault and kidnapping. However, 11 suspects remain at large. Investigators are calling the felony case “open and fluid” but have refused to disclose any additional details. MNCPP also refused to release mug shots of the adult suspects currently in custody, an uncommon move in the law enforcement community.

Nevertheless, here is what we know about each of the four accused MS-13 members already facing charges in this case.

Jose Alberto Sibrian-Garcia, 25, lives in a rental home along the 4400 block of Randolph Road in Silver Spring. Court documents indicate Sibrian-Garcia was born in El Salvador and resides with his fiancée in an upstairs bedroom. The 25-year-old has worked as a landscaper for the last 18 months, and previously did work as a day laborer. Sources tell ABC7 U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is actively reviewing his immigration paperwork. He is presently in Montgomery County custody.

Albaro Moreno, 20, lives in an apartment along the 13500 block of Georgia Avenue in Aspen Hill. He is currently in Montgomery County custody.

Jose Joya-Parada, 16, lives in an apartment along the 13500 block of Georgia Avenue in Aspen Hill. He is currently in Montgomery County custody.

Alonso Ernesto Rivera, 16, lives in a home along 2300 block of Glenallan Avenue in Silver Spring (Glenmont). He is currently in Montgomery County custody.

On Monday, Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy spoke before the Montgomery County Council’s Public Safety Committee about the continual rise in violent gang activity and crime, most notably with regard to MS-13. According to McCarthy, at any given time, 25 percent of Montgomery County’s jail inmates openly confess allegiance to a gang. McCarthy suggested a change in mentality is needed at the county level to thwart the mounting issue.

“I really don’t know if we have a real idea of the full extent to which there is gang crime in the county,” McCarthy stated with great candor.

Sibrian-Garcia, Moreno, Joya-Parada and Rivera are each facing more than 300 years in prison for their alleged roles in the mid-evening ambush at Wheaton Regional Park.


School Board Director tied to The Resistance/ AntiFA – Harrisburg, PA

Carrie Fowler has a lengthy criminal history, including her 4th DUI offense which occurred less than one year ago. Fowler was also recently arrested again within the last month. She is currently campaigning for a public office as a Harrisburg School Board Director. The vote is on November 7.

This weekend on the The Big Sarge fb raido show, Harrisburg Mayoral candidate Glorida Martin-Roberts spoke out against Carrie Fowler saying, “The law should not permit her to run for any public office.” Fowler becomes the topic of conversation around the 1hour 30min mark.

Of these recent charges coming to light, Otto V. Banks mentions, “The larger question is whether or not Ms. Carrie Fowler was under court supervision at the time that she filed her petition? If so, she could possibly be brought up on charges for perjury. The most recent date of her last DUI arrest was 12/2016. Normally, a person would have to be on probation for at least a year.”

Carrie Fowler: “I do support [AntiFA]”

In an online discourse on 7/10/2017, via the Concerned Citizens of Harrisburg facebook page, Harrisburg School Board Director-elect, Carrie Fowler boasts of her leadership role in a protest demonstration that ended with 6 people being arrested. She also admits that she will always have hate in her heart, and reaffirms her loyal support of the domestic terrorist group Antifa.

She is currently campaigning for a seat as a Harrisburg School Board Director. The election is in November 2017.

18426259-standardFowler is proud to be associated with AntiFA members in Harrisburg, including Chris Siennick, who is leading the ‘Resistance Movement.’ He is admittedly recruiting minors into his local activity, and recently accommodated out-of-town AntiFA crews who terrorized Harrisburg citizens and Police. Siennick endorsed solely Fowler in the May 2017 primary election for Harrisburg School Board Director.

Carrie Fowler: “I will spread hatred till the day I take my last breath.”


Antifa visited Harrisburg, PA on the Saturday of June 10th, when they held a violent counter-protest against an openly gay activist, to advance their pro-Sharia Law campaign. Militants were arrested during the demonstration. One actor assaulted a police horse by stabbing its neck with a staff. Antifa has been named for using a chemical mixture as a weapon to burn the skin of police in Harrisburg that day. A variety of weapons were brandished by the group, who also staged an aggressive ‘march’ that featured blocking traffic, harassing police, and being disorderly towards civilians.
On the Facebook page, Fowler was pressed by several concerned citizens, after boasting her leadership role in a recent demonstration against Republican Pennsylvanian Senator Pat Toomey, that ended with 6 ‘protesters’ being arrested. Several admissions were made in the discussion that followed.

From Concerned Citizens facebook page 7/10/2017:

Sean M Guay The ‘Resistance Movement’ emulates the tactics of black bloc, and has aligned with the terrorists of AntiFA. It is a threat to American freedom.
Such a shame that so-called citizens of Harrisburg would display pride in being aggressively disruptive. 

Carrie Fowler If you think the resistance movement is a threat to American freedoms, then you don’t understand how this country was built.

Sean M Guay This country was not built by aligning with terrorists. 

Carrie Fowler What do you think the monarchy thought of our founding fathers? You need a history lesson. 

Robert Brandt Seriously Carrie Fowler, did you just compare our founding fathers to ANTIFA?? LMFAO!! And I saw a pic you posted awhile back with you supporting ANTIFA so spin more spin doctor.

Carrie Fowler pledging allegiance to Antifa in Harrisburg on June 10, 2017

Sean M Guay: You all (the resistance) missed that while you were busy sympathizing with AntiFA, spreading hatred about America and our President.

Carrie Fowler: I will spread hatred about and for Trump till the day I take my last breath. He does not represent me or 58% of this country. He is a national embarrassment.

Amy Thomas: NJ DHS listed AntiFa as domestic terrorists.  Aligning with them when your seeking a position in the public school system board…what message does that send to the children, their families and the tax payers? Fine, you don’t like Trump but to associate with domestic terrorists? Wow

Sean M Guay: AntiFA assaulted a police horse, harassed civilians and police in the street around 3rd and Forester, blocked traffic and sprayed a chemical mixture at police in Harrisburg on June 10. 

Carrie Fowler, you are a current school board director elect, and as a ‘leader’ in this community, the citizens of Harrisburg must look to you for guidance.

Will you publicly condemn the violent activities of AntiFA and any person associated with them?

Amy Thomas Carrie Fowler, Do you condemn AntiFa? Simple question.

Carrie FowlerI do support them (AntiFA) for their efforts to stand against hate. Am I a member? No. On that Saturday (June 10) in question Antifa were the only ones protecting the hate from walking down our streets and there was absolutely NO violence. Do I stand by everything they do ? No.

I am not tolerant of Trump and his hate. Not for one minute. I will expose him every chance I get. I will call him out every chance I get

Now have fun twisting my words to fit your agenda. I put action behind my words. I make mistakes just like everyone else, but when I do I admit them, learn from them and move on a better person.

Brittney Parker: Carrie Fowler I think it’s pretty interesting you say you will never tolerate hate, and then a few posts above this one you say you will spread hate for Trump till you take your last breath.

Of course, we all know you’re ok with facism and hatred as long as it’s someone or something you disagree with, am I right? 

I don’t even like Trump, haha, I didn’t vote for him and left the GOP over it. But trying to claim the moral high ground on tolerance, diversity, and love while bragging about spreading hatred is pretty far out.

Closing Statements:

Apparently, Carrie Fowler was busy sympathizing with Antifa members, and while she was caught up in passionately spreading hatred of America and our President, she conveniently missed all the relevant national news about the violence and hatred that was caused by Antifa in Harrisburg on June 10, 2017. Recently, Fowler has become the Democratic mascot, making appearances on behalf of the party at every protest cause in the Pennsylvania State Capital.

Direct Link to the posting that was deleted (we have all screen shots) as soon as the connection to Siennick and AntiFA was established:


🇺🇸 Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

Woman Assaulted & Held Hostage By Burglar With Gun

1700 block of North 6th Street – Harrisburg, PA

Harrisburg Police investigated a domestic violence incident in the early morning hours on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 resulting in the arrest of James Carden.  Officers responded to the scene and found a victim suffering from facial injuries.

Carden allegedly broke into the victim’s room, struck her and held her against her will at gunpoint.  He was charged with Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Unlawful Restraint and Firearms violations.

He was arraigned by the Honorable Magisterial Judge David O’Leary and denied bail.

He is detained at Dauphin County Prison while awaiting a preliminary arraignment.

Case Number:


Arrest Date:

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Harrisburg Bureau of Police