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My name is Shawn Cooper, I’m a (lesbian) photographer/ cinematographer from Pennsylvania. I’m filming an ongoing vlog series about my current cancer treatment that I need some help with. I’m now entering the stages of my 9th battle, as it seems intent on coming back every time we try to cut it out or nuke me. My goal here is not just to educate people, but to inspire them to live their lives in spite of a bad diagnosis. Many people give up when they hear the word “cancer” but I’ve found that the right mentality can truly keep you alive. After all, I’m living proof, I should be dead by now. I’ve had so many people reach out to thank me for motivating them to keep pushing, it’s overwhelming.

My illness isn’t just my primary focus, either. I want to drive attention towards the people that deserve it. I do a lot of work with kids with disabilities, help counsel (unofficially) younger gay and lesbian with some of their difficult identity issues, and just really like to help out the underdogs in any situation. If someone’s being picked on, you can almost guarantee I open my big mouth about it and get some results. I unwittingly became a bit of a mentor last year when a child from my neighborhood was murdered by his own parents and his oldest brother sought me out for guidance after I organized a fundraiser to pay for the poor boy’s funeral. It just seemed like the right thing to do at the time, I didn’t really envision such an impact of what I was trying to do.

I’ve had 8 surgeries on my neck, with a 9th coming in the weeks to come. I went blind during this, resulting in two more surgeries to make me able to see again. I’m not complaining. Because I’m still working. My work load, exposure, followers have been on the rise since the last episode with the footage from my neck surgery hit the internet (114k organic facebook reach).

I’ve attached links to the show, trailer, and recent articles my photography work has been published in. I shoot everything myself, edit everything myself, and I’m completely self taught.

Please follow the progress of my treatment and my artistic expression through the vlog project that I’m working on. Any support would be greatly appreciated.



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Headshots were captured by Elena Jasic


Harrisburg100 ✌🏽


This Joint Lit Fam: Trapback Trill – “No Limit” 

By: Harrisburg100

Hot new shit comin’ from out the Burg right now. 

🎼”Never been a lame, I put the Burg on the map”

Check out “No Limit” by Trapback Trill, directed by Zahir Zahir

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

@ 4th & Woodbine, CB in luv wit the Cake

By: Harrisburg100

This jawn is hard AF. Check out his street video filmed in the thick of the hood @ 4th & Woodbine: Cake

🎼”Glock 40 on the waist, I don’t trust him, nigga’s fake”

Uptown Harrisburg’s own CB is Organized and he is Money! This young man’s raw talent, smooth voice, and finesse in front of the camera keeps his game on point. And that’s real rap, cuzzo.

CB is The Hardest Street Rapper In Harrisburg City “Fuck A Hook 2” proves why you need to be Fuckin with CB Powermove “Show No Love” “Thank God” ya’ll not fuckin with real niggas Harrisburg Got Unity -Buddy Bryckz – CB Organized Money Official Facebook Page

🎼”that’s a no go, bitch get chick fillet, HAAA!”

🎼”The ones that smile in ya face be the same ones got low key envy”

And  listen for when the bull Jimmy Wopo makes reference to Cassius Clay. 

Stay tuned for more from CB and other local artists. 

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

Life in 717 – CB Organized Money

By: Sean M. Guay

Last year, seemingly under the radar, this young artist released several quality productions, featuring his home town of Harrisburg, PA.

With stunning video quality using great aerial views of the city, the show is all featuring Uptown’s own CB Organzied.

Check out the music video here: Life in 717

CB’s raw talent, smooth voice, and finesse in front of the camera keeps his game on point.

Stay tuned for more on CB and other local artists. 

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽