AntiFA Terrorizes Harrisburg, PA

Update: AntiFA Assaulted State Police Horse

AntiFA Antagonized the Police on 3rd Street, in Midtown Harrisburg:

AntiFA first spotted @ 3rd & Forester:

AntiFA Marched Towards the Capitol Steps:

AntiFA Made Noise @ 3rd & State Streets:

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽


10 thoughts on “AntiFA Terrorizes Harrisburg, PA”

  1. Antifa” is made up of self-described anarchists — radical left-wing thugs who employ violence and intimidation to advance their beliefs.
    I do not agree with anything they stand for except their Civil Right for Free Speech. The person behond the camera doesn’t have much of an educated vocabulary, much like trump. Our local Law Enforcement id a great job in containing them to the sidewalk for their own safety as well as the safety of the citizens of Harrisburg and other law enforcement officers. I am about as Liberal as they come and do not always agree with others but these folks had the right to have their march. Even though it did not make much sense except to extol violence which I abhor! #Resistance #TheResistance


    1. Interesting how you can critique people about their “educated vocabulary” but can not use correct grammar yourself. You are not a resistance. You are a freaking loser who needs to work hard and be grateful for the country you live in.


  2. ANTIFA is a domestic terrorist organization and the sooner they cross the line that gets them listed as such, the better. They all need to be locked up for the safety of us all. Anyone that covers their face for the purpose of violence, is a criminal. They need to be, and will be treated as such. The American people have a right to protect their right to free speech. These criminals will be imprisoned and made an example of. If the cops won’t do their job, the good people of America will have to use their Second Amendment Rights to protect themselves. Let’s get this shit done. Every time the little cry babies ratchet up the violence, the more the patriots and veterans will be moved to stomp them down as you would a rabid skunk. What they think they are going to achieve is beyond me. If they want a fight, they will get one. Bring it on and let’s get this shit over with. There are FEMA Camps to fill, and someone is going to fill them. Make America Great Again. Build The Wall. Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, and Trump. I hope this triggers you little commie bastards. Trump and did I say Trump. Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, and Trump. I hopes this helps to get you going. Build the wall. LOL Go Trump!!


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