Land Reform in Harrisburg, PA – Socialist Candidate Wins Democratic Mayoral Debate

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Update: Mayor Papenfuse Signature Fraud

By: Harrisburg100

Harrisburg, PA – Chris Siennick, the Socialist candidate for Harrisburg Mayor, has now blazed through 2 of 2 Democratic primary debates.

“We’ve had three fires in the city already, and a one lethal to a firefighter.” – Siennick

Here is Siennick on WHP 580, from a live radio broadcast interview with Ken Matthews this week.

Ken Matthews: “Did you just say you’ve been spreading propaganda around town?”


Chris Siennick: “Theft is kind of a weird concept when it comes to property.”

Chris Siennick & Lewis Butts Steal the Show at the Harrisburg Mayoral Debate


Look for Lewis Butts’ multi-part series on the Future of Entertainment in Harrisburg coming soon.

Here is a sneak peak of Lewis Butts West Coast Surf Pool:




Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

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