2 White Males Rob and Murder Black Male in Harrisburg, PA – No Bail

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Update: Robbery for “Payback” – Exclusive Interview with the Female Driver 

By: Harrisburg100

Harrisburg, PA – Sidney Michaels and Dylan Beard allegedly robbed, shot and killed Kodi Flanagan at the intersection of N. 3rd and Muench Streets, in broad daylight on Tuesday April 25, 2017.

Both men are being held without bail in the Dauphin County Prison.

Kodi Flanagan

Police said the victim, Kodi Flanagan, 22 of Middletown PA, was pulled out of a car with a female acquaintance and a child inside, then beat down before he was shot. This occurred just after 6:30pm in a residential neighborhood in Uptown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The murder occurred at a busy intersection where many neighbors walk and wait for the bus. There is also a bar on one corner. It happened around 6:30pm, when most neighbors are enjoying a stroll through the community, or relaxing on their front porch.

The shooter, Sidney Nathan Michaels, 22, of Middletown PA, has been arrested for the April 25 murder of Kodi Flanagan.

Michaels was arrested Friday afternoon on charges of homicide, robbery, conspiracy and firearms violations. He was located by deputy U.S. Marshals in Derry Township, Dauphin County.

Chief of Police, Thomas Carter – City of Harrisburg, PA

Until now, the police and the city have not released much information about the horrific scene that unfolded in the residential neighborhood this week in broad daylight.

All parties involved in this robbery/murder do not live in the City of Harrisburg, including the victim and both suspects.

Flanagan, 22, of Middletown, was shot at around 6:30 p.m. near N. 3rd & Muench Streets in the city, police said.

According to court records, Sidney Michaels and Dylan Beard, 25, of Highspire, attempted to rob Flanagan when the shooting occurred.

The police have text message evidence of Beard stating he was “planning to commit a robbery with a male friend who had a ‘toaster.’ [Gun]”

As per an eye-witness account, Michaels “used a handgun to shoot and kill the victim,” according to records.

Beard is being held without bail after turning himself in and being arraigned Thursday night in Dauphin County Night Court on charges of homicide, robbery and conspiracy.

This homicide is not believed to be a racially motivated hate crime, but there is a lot more to this story. Another fact of this matter is that these individuals and have a prior history of sketchy drug deals together.

There is also potentially another co-conspirator involved in this robbery set-up.

Look for the follow up to this report.



3rd & Muench @ 7:00pm after ambulance left with victim, and Chief of Police arrives on scene

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29 thoughts on “2 White Males Rob and Murder Black Male in Harrisburg, PA – No Bail”

  1. You guys keep fucking this story up. I am kodis child’s mother THAT CHILD IN THE DAMN CAR WAS NOT HIS STOP SAYING THAT. The girl in the car was Ciara’s keck not his girlfriend or child’s mother. This story upsets me every time I see it please get my sons face out of this article because he was not there


    1. No disrespected but damn shame where is the love at his makeshift graze flowers Bloons teddy bears candles even if you don’t know the song when they’re still should be much-loved specially from the people that witnessed it

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Our local Real estate developers hate these memorials. They might try to have it removed.
        How can we get the wealthy developers to be involved with the effort to rid our community of drugs and violence?


    2. Regardless if he was there or not u missing the point that ya nigga got killed and u worrying about if ur child was at the scene or not but u just proved that u don’t give a shit…ur sorry ass

      Liked by 1 person

    3. The article says a female acquaintance and a child…not his child…and I think ppl should think about what they are saying before writing or posting anything….and remember this young man has a family that is grieving…all over some nonsense BS…his mother lost a son, and his son lost his father….have some compassion for this young man’s family and stop the nonsense.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Please stop labeling it 2 white males kill black male….why do you label it like it’s a hate crime!?! First off pretty sure no one has been convicted of any killings or robbery yet and the suspects in custody are white yeah and the guy was black, but so what, when it’s the other way around race is never mentioned, please stop trying to turn people against each other and turn everything into a race situation, your acting as part of the problem and not the solution by that, this was clearly not a racial crime so please stop making it sound like it was.


      1. Then why was their race important enough to put in the headline? If you are gonna use race to garner more views at least own up to it.


    1. First time it was worded this way, I’m proud they finally has this right, blacks are always tore apart in the white media and their family too. This is a hate crime, tbey followed him for over 10 miles to rob him unbelievable!!! This man was caught off guard in the present of a child, these white men hated thos black man so much they beat him and then shot hom in front of witnesses of his peers like if they were sending a message to the black communities!! Modern day linching

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Selling drugs in the burg where shootings happen almost everyday over who’s on what corner selling chemicals to people fuck that shit you live by the gun you’ll die bu the gun you know what you’re risking with that type of lifestyle get off your lazy asses and actually work for a living and maybe you wouldn’t have to worry about dying!!


    2. How would you like them to label it. Let’s be honest… two white guys killed a black man. Put it out there. White people like to make sure that we all know a black person was committed of a crime. Get the heck outta here with this mess. White privilege doesn’t always live in the media.


  3. She shouldn’t have to email you. Learn to research a story to confirm the truth before writing and reporting information. Its called, professionalism.


  4. Cut it out with all the semantics please. People are uptight about whose child it is and such. Can we remember that a young man lost his life to needless violence?



    Liked by 1 person

  6. I have seen plenty of headings with race when its blacks on white idk what a few of you are talking about. Its a terrible situation. Especially since my mans got caught up with his side chick, and now his bm and girlfriend know.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I agree that if you live by the gun you will die by the gun if you are out there on the streets you know what’s going down white black oragne yellow green blue it don’t matter and you shouldn’t​ put innocent children in that type of situation!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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