Will Harrisburg, PA Host Museum of Confederate Monuments that are Removed from Southern Cities?

The proposed ‘Rise of Camp Curtin’ has sparked a controversial debate about the future relocation of confederate monuments.

In response to the recent removal of confederate monuments, a new idea is being entertained for the future of historic monuments in the City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Lewis Butts On Removing Historic Civil War Monuments:

“It’s actually wrong to remove the historical monuments, because it erases identity.

It results in a disservice to society, since people won’t realize how far they have progressed.

If all memories are washed away, we will never acknowledge the existence of our realities.

In Camp Curtin, we plan to resurrect its rich history, and the economic development of the distressed neighborhood.”


Butts has faced opposition from his political opponent, Mayor Eric Papenfuse who has formed the resistance in Harrisburg against Civil War history that highlights African-Americans.

In a press release today, Lewis Butts alludes to the rise of Camp Curtin and his dissatisfaction with Harrisburg current Mayor.

“My objective is to smash Papenfuse… tear him down like a Confederate Monument… The Rise Of Camp Curtin”

The debate continues as one response suggested confederate monuments are inappropriate in Harrisburg, PA, and a more suitable location may be the the Capital’s West Shore, or Gettysburg, PA.

Lewis Butts recently called into M.O.A.B. Radio, when he publicly disavowed AntiFA, and he advocated for the preservation of Civil War History.

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Fifteen MS-13 Thugs Attempt to Murder 2 American Citizens in Maryland State Park

Pack of MS-13 members choke, kick, stomp, beat 2 men with tree limbs at Md. park

WHEATON, Md. (WJLA) – Yet another case of unbridled violence at the hands of alleged MS-13 members has made its way into news headlines in Montgomery County.

Around 7 p.m. on June 14, two men were walking in the Wheaton Regional Park, located about two miles northeast of the Westfield Wheaton Mall. As the men approached a public restroom to wash their hands and face, they encountered five Hispanic men staring them down.

The men did their best to ignore the awkward situation, but the five suspects followed them inside of the otherwise empty bathroom. One victim had his hat knocked off his head. The other victim had his North Face backpack taken.

The five suspects separated and interrogated the two men, asking if they were affiliated with a certain gang, what country they were born in and what high school they attended.

The suspects confiscated cell phones from both men, searching for photos and text messages that would allude to gang ties. One suspect used a knife to demand the screen lock password set on one of the phones.

The five suspects took the two men to a pavilion beside the park’s main playground area. There the suspects called for reinforcements. Despite repeatedly denying any gang allegiance, the victims continued to be held against their will. It wasn’t long before 10 more men arrived at the park, bringing the total number of suspects to 15.

Seeking more privacy, the suspects forcefully led the victims through some 300 yards of wooded land to a secluded lake on the park’s property. Police described the walk as, more or less, a death march.

Beside the shore of that small lake, the victims were encircled, patted down, photographed and had their wallets taken. Then for the first time, the pack stated they were part of MS-13. They further explained their belief that one victim’s Nike Cortez shoes and red hat suggested he was a member of the rival 18th Street Gang.

Without provocation, all 15 MS-13 members began to punch the two men in the head and chest. Upon falling to the ground, the victims were placed in “chokeholds, kicked and stomped on,” court documents state. A few members went so far as to grab hold of large tree limbs, using the heavy, coarse wood to beat the victims’ defenseless bodies.

One of the men reportedly grabbed hold of a knife and shouted, “Let’s just kill them now!” Other members secured weapons of their own when two park patrons happened upon the ongoing assault. Those witnesses inadvertently spooked all 15 MS-13 members, in turn, making them scurry away.

The two victims ran in the opposite direction, finding help at a nearby dog park. They later told officers they had feared death as the countless blows and kicks were issued with seemingly fatal force. Paramedics transported both men to Suburban Hospital in Bethesda with severe injuries. Their current medical conditions are not known.

So far, Maryland-National Capital Park Police have arrested four individuals, charging each with at least a dozen criminal counts that include attempted second-degree murder, first-degree assault and kidnapping. However, 11 suspects remain at large. Investigators are calling the felony case “open and fluid” but have refused to disclose any additional details. MNCPP also refused to release mug shots of the adult suspects currently in custody, an uncommon move in the law enforcement community.

Nevertheless, here is what we know about each of the four accused MS-13 members already facing charges in this case.

Jose Alberto Sibrian-Garcia, 25, lives in a rental home along the 4400 block of Randolph Road in Silver Spring. Court documents indicate Sibrian-Garcia was born in El Salvador and resides with his fiancée in an upstairs bedroom. The 25-year-old has worked as a landscaper for the last 18 months, and previously did work as a day laborer. Sources tell ABC7 U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is actively reviewing his immigration paperwork. He is presently in Montgomery County custody.

Albaro Moreno, 20, lives in an apartment along the 13500 block of Georgia Avenue in Aspen Hill. He is currently in Montgomery County custody.

Jose Joya-Parada, 16, lives in an apartment along the 13500 block of Georgia Avenue in Aspen Hill. He is currently in Montgomery County custody.

Alonso Ernesto Rivera, 16, lives in a home along 2300 block of Glenallan Avenue in Silver Spring (Glenmont). He is currently in Montgomery County custody.

On Monday, Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy spoke before the Montgomery County Council’s Public Safety Committee about the continual rise in violent gang activity and crime, most notably with regard to MS-13. According to McCarthy, at any given time, 25 percent of Montgomery County’s jail inmates openly confess allegiance to a gang. McCarthy suggested a change in mentality is needed at the county level to thwart the mounting issue.

“I really don’t know if we have a real idea of the full extent to which there is gang crime in the county,” McCarthy stated with great candor.

Sibrian-Garcia, Moreno, Joya-Parada and Rivera are each facing more than 300 years in prison for their alleged roles in the mid-evening ambush at Wheaton Regional Park.

Haiti Official, Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation, Found Dead In Miami

He was due to appear before the Haitian Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission where he was expected to expose the extent of Clinton Foundation corruption in Haiti.

Klaus Eberwein, a former Haitian government official who was expected to expose the extent of Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice next week, has been found dead in Miami. He was 50.

Eberwein was due to appear next Tuesday before the Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission where he was widely expected to testify that the Clinton Foundation misappropriated Haiti earthquake donations from international donors.

According to Miami-Dade’s medical examiner records supervisor, the official cause of death is “gunshot to the head“. Eberwein’s death has been registered as “suicide.”

Eberwein, who had acknowledged his life was in danger, was a fierce critic of the Clinton Foundation’s activities in the Caribbean island, where he served as director general of the government’s economic development agency, Fonds d’assistance économique et social, for three years.

According to Eberwein, a paltry 0.6% of donations granted by international donors to the Clinton Foundation with the express purpose of directly assisting Haitians actually ended up in the hands of Haitian organizations. A further 9.6% ended up with the Haitian government. The remaining 89.8%  – or $5.4 billion – was funneled to non-Haitian organizations.

The Clinton Foundation, they are criminals, they are thieves, they are liars, they are a disgrace,” Eberwein said at a protest outside the Clinton Foundation headquarters in Manhattan last year.

The former director general of Haiti, who also served as an advisor to Haitian President Michel Martelly, was also a partner in a popular pizza restaurant in Haiti, Muncheez, and even has a pizza — the Klaus Special — named after him.

According to the Haiti Libre newspaper, Eberwein was said to be in “good spirits“, with plans for the future. His close friends and business partners are shocked by the idea he may have committed suicide.

It’s really shocking,” said Muncheez’s owner Gilbert Bailly. “We grew up together; he was like family.”

Bailly said he last spoke to Eberwein two weeks ago and he was in good spirits. They were excited about future business plans and were working on opening a Muncheez restaurant in Sunrise, he said.

The Haitian government issued an official notice thanking Eberwein for his service and mourning his untimely death.

The Directorate General of FAES presents its sympathies to the bereaved families, friends and collaborator that this mourning afflicts. The FAES flag will be flown at half-mast from Wednesday 12th to Tuesday 18th July 2017. May his soul rest in peace,” Charles Ernest Chatelier, director general.

School Board Director tied to The Resistance/ AntiFA – Harrisburg, PA

Carrie Fowler: “I do support [AntiFA]”

In an online discourse on 7/10/2017, via the Concerned Citizens of Harrisburg facebook page, Harrisburg School Board Director-elect, Carrie Fowler boasts of her leadership role in a protest demonstration that ended with 6 people being arrested. She also admits that she will always have hate in her heart, and reaffirms her loyal support of the domestic terrorist group, Antifa.

She is currently campaigning for a seat as a Harrisburg School Board Director. The election is in November 2017.

18426259-standardFowler is proud to be associated with AntiFA members in Harrisburg, including Chris Siennick, who is leading the ‘Resistance Movement.’ He is admittedly recruiting minors into his local activity, and recently accommodated out-of-town AntiFA crews who terrorized Harrisburg citizens and Police. Siennick endorsed solely Fowler in the May 2017 primary election for Harrisburg School Board Director.

Carrie Fowler: “I will spread hatred till the day I take my last breath.”

Antifa visited Harrisburg, PA on the Saturday of June 10th, when they held a violent counter-protest to advance their anti-gay, and pro-Sharia Law campaign. Militants were arrested during the demonstration. One actor assaulted a police horse by stabbing its neck with a staff. Antifa has been named for using a chemical mixture as a weapon to burn the skin of police in Harrisburg that day. A variety of weapons were brandished by the group, who also staged an aggressive ‘march’ that featured blocking traffic, harassing police, and being disorderly towards civilians.
On the Facebook page, Fowler was pressed by several concerned citizens, after boasting her leadership role in a recent demonstration against Republican Pennsylvanian Senator Pat Toomey, that ended with 6 ‘protesters’ being arrested. Several admissions were made in the discussion that followed.

From Concerned Citizens facebook page 7/10/2017:

Sean M Guay The ‘Resistance Movement’ emulates the tactics of black bloc, and has aligned with the terrorist of AntiFA. It is a threat to American freedom.
Such a shame that so-called citizens of Harrisburg would display pride in being aggressively disruptive. 

Carrie Fowler If you think the resistance movement is a threat to American freedoms, then you don’t understand how this country was built.

Sean M Guay This country was not built by aligning with terrorist. 

Carrie Fowler What do you think the monarchy thought of our founding fathers? You need a history lesson. 

Robert Brandt Seriously Carrie Fowler, did you just compare our founding fathers to ANTIFA?? LMFAO!! And I saw a pic you posted awhile back with you supporting ANTIFA so spin more spin doctor.

Carrie Fowler pledging allegiance to Antifa in Harrisburg on June 10, 2017

Sean M Guay: You all (the resistance) missed that while you were busy sympathizing with AntiFA, spreading hatred about America and our President.

Carrie Fowler: I will spread hatred about and for Trump till the day I take my last breath. He does not represent me or 58% of this country. He is a national embarrassment.

Amy Thomas: NJ DHS listed AntiFa as domestic terrorists.  Aligning with them when your seeking a position in the public school system board…what message does that send to the children, their families and the tax payers? Fine, you don’t like Trump but to associate with domestic terrorists? Wow

Sean M Guay: AntiFA assaulted a police horse, harassed civilians and police in the street around 3rd and Forester, blocked traffic and sprayed a chemical mixture at police in Harrisburg on June 10. 

Carrie Fowler, you are a current school board director elect, and as a ‘leader’ in this community, the citizens of Harrisburg must look to you for guidance.

Will you publicly condemn the violent activities of AntiFA and any person associated with them?

Amy Thomas Carrie Fowler, Do you condemn AntiFa? Simple question.

Carrie FowlerI do support them (AntiFA) for their efforts to stand against hate. Am I a member? No. On that Saturday (June 10) in question Antifa were the only ones protecting the hate from walking down our streets and there was absolutely NO violence. Do I stand by everything they do ? No.

I am not tolerant of Trump and his hate. Not for one minute. I will expose him every chance I get. I will call him out every chance I get

Now have fun twisting my words to fit your agenda. I put action behind my words. I make mistakes just like everyone else, but when I do I admit them, learn from them and move on a better person.

Brittney Parker: Carrie Fowler I think it’s pretty interesting you say you will never tolerate hate, and then a few posts above this one you say you will spread hate for Trump till you take your last breath.

Of course, we all know you’re ok with facism and hatred as long as it’s someone or something you disagree with, am I right? 

I don’t even like Trump, haha, I didn’t vote for him and left the GOP over it. But trying to claim the moral high ground on tolerance, diversity, and love while bragging about spreading hatred is pretty far out.

Closing Statements:

Apparently, Carrie Fowler was busy sympathizing with Antifa members, and while she was caught up in passionately spreading hatred of America and our President, she conveniently missed all the relevant national news about the violence and hatred that was caused by Antifa in Harrisburg on June 10, 2017. Recently, Fowler has become the Democratic mascot, making appearances on behalf of the party at every protest cause in the Pennsylvania State Capital.

Direct Link to the posting that was deleted (we have all screen shots) as soon as the connection to Siennick and AntiFA was established:


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The Faces of American Patriotism

Cynthia Rejoyce Lindsey – Preformed The Star-Spangled Banner “I wanted to be there to show my support for my country, her history, and President Trump.”

Everyone on bended knee during Pastor George Cooks speech. Not one dry eye (Photo Credit: Tammy Lee)

The Faces of American Patriotism

By: Amy Thomas – The Sunbury American/ Harrisburg100

Gettysburg National Military Park issued several special use permits for First Amendment activities. The Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry and the Maryland Sons of Confederate Veterans merged their two events to the location north of Meade’s Headquarters near 160 Taneytown Road from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
There were more than 250 participants with both groups. Ted Feild and John Pickens, both of Pennsylvania, were with the Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry along with Ski Bischof, of Allentown, who helped organize the events with a Facebook event called “Support America and Her History.”
Another group, Maryland Sons of Confederate Veterans, led by Raymond Rooks, consisted of about 20 people, marched in formation from the North Carolina Memorial to the Virginia Memorial, with small ceremonies along the way, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Gettysburg College professor Scott Hancock was issued a permit and staged a counter-protest against the Confederate Flag by himself.
Hancock, who has held similar protests in the past, said he was pleased to see the pro-Confederate Flag groups have less turnout than expected. He said he came by himself and didn’t publicize what he was doing to keep things from getting out of hand.
“The less support that groups that I consider to tell falsehoods about the past and the present, the less support the better,” Hancock said. “My guess was that it would be subdued because this seems to be the pattern. But in today’s political climate there’s always potential.”


Tammy Lee – New York- New York State Co-Ordinator – NY STATE DIRECTOR FOR AMERICAN FREEDOM KEEPERS with Rio Heitt Vocalist/Frontman Madison Rising- Maryland (Photo credit: Tammy Lee)
Tammy Lee – New York – NY STATE DIRECTOR FOR AMERICAN FREEDOM KEEPERS ‘Well for me being there I have many meanings. Besides the fact that I was there to help and assist in the protection of our history. I was also there to personally walk the history and see all the things that I have been reading about in books. For me I would have to say being a patriotic American is believing in your country and its values. Trying to love all of its people and sharing in a unity that keeps this country the greatest country in the world. Trying to remember that we have freedoms and we have a liberties that most don’t have. But being patriotic also means defending this country against all enemies which can be foreign and domestic. Preserving what made this country and preserving it for the future. We live in a day and age where everything is being attacked our history our liberties our rights and our freedoms and without people that are willing to stand up and risk everything to ensure that we keep those freedoms and liberties to me that is the basis of a true American patriot when you put your country before yourself I do sacrifice whatever needs to be sacrificed to preserve our country. My experience there the other day was very heavy and very overwhelming to be were so many people died so many people sacrifice the ultimate sacrifice so that we can move on and move forward and be free. Like so many other important places in this country they are taken for granted as far as what they represent now and it was just a very deep experience for me”

George Curbelo – State Commander New York Light Foot Militia (Photo Credit: Tammy Lee)
George Curbelo – State Commander New You Light Foot Militia & National Board Member “We were there because we believe in everyone’s right to protest but the threat of violence and the desecration of grave are not within our rights. Our coordination with law enforcement made it possible for all freedom loving Americans to enjoy honoring this sacred sight.” (New York Light Foot Militia -17 Members Attended Gettysburg)

Group Photo New York Light Foot Militia (Photo Credit: Tammy Lee)
Rio Hiett – Vocalist/Frontman Madison Rising- Maryland “I am a combat veteran, Retired MSGT, USAF, AMMO and I love the USA. I respect the right to protest and march but I do not respect the tactics of the leftist groups. Destroying property, intimidation, and assault is not acceptable and should not be tolerated. I was there to represent Americas Most Patriotic rock band and my family. I believe we should stand up to these domestic terrorists, and their supporters. I am also willing to meet their level of aggression with a higher level. We, Patriots, must protect our way of life from all those that threaten it. So my feelings are this; protest and I respect it but cross the line, there will be consequences and repercussions.”

Alan Lee Beddingfield (Photo Credit: Amy Thomas)
Alan Lee Beddingfield “My ancestors lived in South Carolina during the war and they were free people. They fought side by side. I see more racism in the North than I do in the South. I receive more racism from people of my own color. When I listen to Lynard Skynard they give me dirty looks. When I act a certain way the words “you act white” are repeated by those who are look at me with disgust as if I’m betraying my people. I grew up in the hood growing up I’ve seen four people get shot and someone stab right outside my house. When they want to kill each other and then nobody says word. Snitches get stitches. But then when a white cop or another person commits the same crime they want to scream and post it on Facebook. It’s about having what they want. Not about what’s right.”

Helena Rodriguez – Reading with Bill Birster – Locust Gap
Helena Rodriguez- Reading, attended with her husband Robert to show her patriotism. Rodriguez said she was born in Cuba but has lived in the United States since 1969. -I am an AMERICAN PATRIOT! I NEVER FELT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING! I IN THE OTHER HAND FELT BLESS & HONOR TO BE PART OF THE GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD! This my Home Sweet Home, where i found the meaning of FREEDOM & BROTHERHOOD! GOD BLESS THE USA!

 Jennifer Flavin – Lehigh Valley- Modern Patriots Pennsylvania Chapter (Photo Credit: Amy Thomas)
Bill Birster- Locust Gap- I am proud beyond words and I love that my son stood by my shoulder side by side and saw first hand what a true solidarity against these domestic terrorists.

Ace Baker – American Warrior Revolution
Jennifer Flavin –Lehigh Valley- Modern Patriots Pennsylvania Chapter “As an American and a supporter of our military men and women going to Gettysburg meant a lot to us. In no way were we going to allow them to destroy the history and the graves/headstones of our fellow American soldiers Doesn’t even matter what side they were on they were Americans not racist but Americans who fought and died for this country…and we honor them regardless what side cause we Patriots don’t see color, race, political background or religion …we see Americans”


Cynthia Rejoyce Lindsey – Preformed The Star-Spangled Banner (Photo Credit: Amy Thomas)
Cynthia Rejoyce Lindsey -Preformed The Star-Spangled Banner “I wanted to be there to show my support for my country, her history, and President Trump. I’ve been to a few outdoor rallies/marches, and each time, it was more (or equal number of) Antifa distrupters than were us patriots and Trump Supporters. I want to continually be part of a show of force and solidarity with my fellow conservatives as we fight this war of ideology and preserving history.”

John Pickens and Ted Field (Organizers) Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry (Photo Credit: Amy Thomas)
John Pickens National Sergeant Major of The Sons of Confederate Veterans, spoke of his family history and of his ancestors who fought in the American Civil War in both South Carolina and Gettysburg. “We had heard that the domestic terrorist organization as AntiFa were going to come out to this park and desecrate our ancestor’s graves, we all answered the call. Today is not about violence, it’s about teaching the person something because violence does nothing but create more violence at the same time can walk away learning something I would rather change their mind than change the direction of their teeth.

Ted Field – Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry Permit Holder for Event “This event is too important not to be here. I think the movement today is going to send a clear message to AntiFA that we are not playing around and that if they are going to come to our National Parks and cause problems, we are going to be here to stop them”

Ginny Lee – 3rd Great Grand Niece of General Robert E Lee (Photo Credit: Steff Gonos)
Ginny Lee – 3rd Great Grand Niece of General Robert E Lee

What we need to ask ourselves why would Americans take up arms against one another? The left say it was about slavery and that “the South was pissed because the North was going to take away their slaves”. That’s what they want you to believe. Does anybody in their right mind think that 50,000 men converged on one location to fight over slavery? All of us, ancestors of those people who fought and serve as a soldier, know the truth because we have been taught the truth handed down to us generation after generation and it is up to us to stand up and continue to speak the truth particularly when we are faced with such blatant lies. The Civil War was not fought over slavery…The Civil War was caused due to the aggression of the north. and the African slaves that fought with the Confederate Army were for the most part all free men, where as the African slaves fighting for the north were forced to fight for the union army. Because the North won the Civil war or as I like to call it, “The War of Northern Aggression”, history has been misrepresented and re-written to further their agenda and it is all to apparent, specially in today’s world. That agenda was as detrimental to all Americans as our ancestors said it was 154 years ago.

Andrew Shecktor- Berwick – US Senate 2018 Candidate
Andrew Shecktor- Berwick- US Senate 2018 Candidate “I stood beside you, I walked with in your marches while rocks and tear gas was being thrown. Tell me, what other politician today has had that has done that? NONE. Now I will stand behind you, before you and beside you in everything you stand for and will do so as long as I am alive and as long as I can. Today we stand on hallowed ground and beneath our very feet lies the blood of Patriotic soldiers of both the North and the South who fought for causes they both believed in and believed were just. We must never let the people who died on this Battleground to have died in vain.”

Pastor George Cook – Pennsylvania
Pastor George Cook-Pennsylvania “We have here today come to honor the dead and their valiant actions.” He then went on to ask the audience to get on bended knee and place a hand on the ground. “I want you all to be connected, just for a moment, to the blood that was soaked into this very soil 154 years ago. On a day long ago, men wearing both blue and gray came here and here their life-blood was poured out’

Dan Gray – Writer and Speaker
Dan Gray – Writer and Speaker. My name is Dan Gray. That doesn’t sound Jewish, but trust me, I am. So, now you may be asking why a Jewish guy went to speak to folks rallying in support of keeping Confederate monuments? I’ll tell you. It’s about America. About History. About Truth. You see, some of my family came to this country just ahead of the terrible wave of violence that swept across Europe in WWII. That swept the hundreds of my relatives who stayed behind into concentration camps, to their deaths. Out of all those, only two survived. We embraced America, not for what ills it had done in the past, (and like any country, there were many). We became Americans because of how the People continually rose above the sorrows in their wake, to constantly make America a better place, closer after every crisis to that Shining City on a Hill that our Founders meant us to be. What happened to my family is far from unique. Besides Jews, Nazis exterminated an even greater percentage of the world Gypsy population. They killed millions upon millions of innocent civilians, everywhere they went. And it wasn’t just Nazis. Soviets may have been less efficient, but they killed even more than the Nazis did. ChiComs were cruder still, but topped the Soviet death toll. In countries all over the world, since WWII, murdering dictators and their minions have dealt death wholesale, whatever their alleged ideology. Some, like Idi Amin, basically HAD no ideology other than raw power, and the effects of tertiary syphilis. ISIS today has yet to reach the numbers of even a Pol Pot, but it’s not for lack of trying. In each case, the victims were different, but the perpetrators were really much the same. There were two things every one of these murdering hordes had in common. How they started, and what they did just prior to their atrocities. They began with violent rhetoric that soon blossomed into violent thuggery, and in each and every case, they sought to destroy history. From Nazi book burning, to Soviet revisionism (so sadly comical in their crude cutting and pasting of textbooks), to ChiComs’ Cultural Revolution, that not only killed millions, but almost destroy the millennia-old culture of China, they sought to erase the past. ISIS destroys Buddhist shrines, treasures of world heritage. The Muslim Brotherhood, during their brief reign in Egypt under the auspices of Obama, even made plans to level the pyramids. I kid you not. The Pyramids, last surviving wonders of the ancient world, blown to dust for worship of Pharaohs and Sun Worshipers who came thousands of years before Islam. Why? What threat did the stories of those long dead present to tyrants? History is not a boring subject we were forced to memorize in school, back when they actually taught it. It is nothing more or less than the stories of people. Those that came before us were much like us, and faced much the same sorts of problems that we do today. How they did what they did, and why, informs us of our very natures, and points the way towards present dangers and possible solutions. The news is simply history that is unfolding before us in the now. We begin to wake to the dangers of false news narratives, but fail to realize the horror of losing our past. George Santayana famously said that those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. Gettysburg has been the subject of more histories than any other battle. As long as those historical analysis are based on actual facts, there is plenty of room for debate as to the whys of it. We are free to make our own interpretations of what was, and this educates and elucidates us. It tells us who we are. When we watch news, we must demand that same adherence to fact, even though there may be many ways to understand it. Without knowledge we can count on as correct, we cannot be expected to make good decisions for our future; for the future of our children. And that is why those who would rule us must destroy our past. It’s not enough to lie about what is, or even to force us into the gas chambers. As long as our stories remain, there will always be the spark of rebellion, the trace of wisdom. And tyrants cannot sit safely upon their thrones of skulls, knowing that we still know. Today, across the United States of America, we are under dire threat. First they learned to lie to us. Next they started assaulting us. Now they come for our past. For good or ill, those that came before us did what they did. We would be fools to give up the lessons of history without a fight. No matter whether we just arrived, fought on either side in the Civil War, or can trace ancestry back to the very beginning, our history belongs to us all. It even belongs to foreigners who study it intently seeking lessons to help free themselves from tyranny, today. Do not doubt the determination of those who oppose Liberty today. But they should not doubt our own resolve, either, shown today on these hallowed fields by our daring presence. And none who read History should think that this nation of ours is split 50-50, that a new Civil War is inevitable. For despite what certain ‘leaders’ would have us believe, with few exceptions we all have heart. We care for each other. The only difference that matters now, is whether we know the facts of what we’ve gone through to get to this critical time. If we know what was, we can determine for ourselves what will be. And so, while I stand willing and staunch between thugs of any stripe and peaceful people who only want to be heard, I cannot and will not castigate half of America as evil, or stupid. They are merely men and women who have not learned. And if we mean to prevent upheaval, to reform America once again to adhere even closer to her ideal, it falls upon us to listen, to care, and to educate our fellows, so they to may understand.

Doc Smith – Tennessee


Toby Germinario – “We came to support our history it may not be perfect but it’s our history nobody has the right to destroy or damage the graves or monuments it’s crime”


Harrisburg100 🇺🇸

Published By: Sean M. Guay

The Patriots Secure Gettysburg, and Restore American Spirit 

Update: AntiFA Identified by NJ Homeland Security

Update: Patriot misfires @ Gettysburg Battlefield – The Patriot News

Tourism and Patriotism are two things that are alive and well in the historic Civil War battlefield town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

By: Amy Thomas – The Sunbury American/ Harrisburg100
Thanks to the hard-working, law-abiding citizens of our fine country, with a special thanks to the Veterans and everybody who supports their efforts. Because of these great people, America remains a free, clean, and secure first-class nation. Evidence of this fact was fully on display during the 154th anniversary celebration and reenactment at the Battle of Gettysburg.

The Patriots Band Together at the Battle of Gettysburg to Defend America Against AntiFA

The masked militants of AntiFA, who emulate the tactics and appearance of ISIS, have been identified by the State of New Jersey as a terrorist organization. They recently issued threats of violence and vandalism toward the hallowed ground of the Gettysburg Battlefield.

On July 1, 2017, as the American Patriots mounted a strong show of force with 1000’s of people who traveled in from out of town, it was clear that the ranks of AntiFA were dwindling, and their inability to have a presence at this event was a humiliation to their organization, symbolizing a major blow to their credibility as a supposedly relevant influential factor in America.

AntiFA Identifies Its Most Wanted American Patriots

After being forced to resign from demonstrating hatred and violence in Gettysburg, a post event propaganda was published on ITS GOING DOWN, where AntiFA resorts to further threats of violence:

Initially being credited for issuing the #AntiFAban, thus leveraging AntiFA to avoid rioting in Gettysburg, the author and publisher of the original report have now been identified and targeted for future violence by the terrorist organization.

It has been confirmed that many AntiFA scoutes did show up in Gettysburg to scope the scene, to observe opposition leaders, and to identify primary targets of AntiFA:

As it is being reported in Europe, and according to the mainstream American media narrative, AnitFA didn’t apply for permits to be in Gettysburg (they did and were denied), and ‘Trolling Trumpsters’ is an alt-right controlled fb page that initiated the rumors (its actually controlled by AntiFA affiliates, as is the Harrisburg AntiFA fb page).

Reports surfaced that a Confederate supporter, whose identity has not been disclosed, brought a revolver to Gettysburg National Park and accidentally shot himself in the leg. The incident took place around 1 pm.

Christine Vondel of The Patriot News, spots American Patriots here:

What is AntiFA – By: FOX News:

AntiFA loses face by making terroristic threats, then not following through:

Silly intro, but real information here:

Confederate Flag Burning art exhibit in Detroit 

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New York, Maryland and Ohio State websites hacked with ISIS propaganda

“You will be held accountable Trump,” text on the landing page said, “you and all your people for every drop of blood flowing in Muslim countries.”
“I Love Islamic state,” it said.
A group calling itself Team System DZ, apparently hacked numerous state websites, including first lady Karen Kasich’s website and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections website. Those pages displayed the same message that Kasich’s did. In addition to the pro-ISIS language, a line appeared on each page that said “Hacked by Team System DZ.”
It was not immediately clear who the group was or whether it was genuinely affiliated with ISIS.
Kasich’s staff said Sunday that they were aware of the hack and working to resolve the issue. They’d been working on the hack on the Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections website when they were alerted to their own hack.
State Treasurer Josh Mandel posted about the Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections website on his Facebook. “Wake up freedom-loving Americans,” he said. “Radical Islam infiltrating the heartland.”
The FBI’s Ohio field office would neither confirm nor deny whether Team System DZ was a known entity to them.

Johnny Depp Suggests Assassination of President Trump

At Glastonbury, Depp asks about assassinating the president

Johnny Depp has asked a crowd at the Glastonbury Festival when was the last time an actor assassinated a president. The remarks came during a segment Thursday in which Depp was speaking about President Donald Trump.

Look at London! That’s what the Democrats and the mainstream media want for us”

The extremist rhetoric, and outright propaganda narratives that are being purveyed by our national mainstream media directly contributed to the recent politically targeted shooting of Congressman Scalise at baseball practice in Arlington, VA.

In light of this event in which 5 people, including 2 Capitol Police, were shot, bipartisan support of our country and the value of all life, should bring us together in unity. It is time for the left to show some dignity as human beings and speak out against the violence and hate.

img_1202But that is not happening, the media continues to attack our President, and by doing so the value and the decency of our country in the eyes of the international community is being reduced. Even here in the U.S., now in repeated cases, extremist members of the left are expressing support of violence against Trump supporters, and republicans.

The people who live in these echo chamber bubbles of society have developed extreme ideologies to support their dwindling political relevance. This cult-like anti-government activism has spread into the Arts community. In a copycat version of Kathy Griffins violent Severed Head image, the following group from Harrisburg, PA, shows no shame in its equally disturbing new art exhibit.

CopyCat Severed Head “Art” Display

According to their website, We Arts Collective (WAC):

The behavior of our current administration is unacceptable, and we are left without proper recourse.

  • In celebration of Kathy Griffin’s violent display of the severed head of our current United States President Donald J. Trump, this exhibit is led by this artist.

These attacks against the image represent more than just attempts at censorship, but rather the ideologies that fuel the support of our current President. We fully believe that art is one of the last forms of expression in which we can feel free and is a tool to be wielded in the struggle against injustice.” – WAC

  • This artist holds strong beliefs in the anti-Trump rhetoric.

We are recreating this photo in order to support freedom of expression through art while simultaneously resisting the current administrations outlandish use of power against the interests of American citizens.” – WAC


Look at London! That’s what they want for us”:



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In wake of Charlottesville, Americans are boycotting these Soros owned companies

In the wake of the tragedy in Charlottesville, VA, Americans are seeking answers to the source of funding for violent extremist political activity. The money trail continuously leads back to one primary source, who has a self-admitted agenda to leverage his assets against American interests.



Read this list carefully. Soros holds an interest in every one. Many are USA companies. 

  • MAP Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Savient Pharmaceuticals Inc
  • Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.Petrobras
  • com Inc. ADS
  • NII Holdings Inc
  • China Mobile Ltd.
  • Mechel OAO, Broadcom Corp.
  • iShares MSCI Japan
  • United Therapeutics Corp.
  • Pall Corp.
  • United Parcel Service, Inc.
  • Western Digital Corp.
  • MasterCard Inc.
  • Net 1 UEPS Technologies Inc.
  • MSC Software Corp.
  • The GEO Group Inc.
  • Banro Corp.
  • Nalco Holding Company
  • Support.com Inc.
  • NCR Corp.

Like Rebel Red on fb for more info:

  • Convergys Corp.
  • CB Richard Ellis Group Inc.
  • LandAmerica Financial Group Inc.
  • Valassis Communications Inc.
  • Logitech International S.A.
  • InterDigital Inc.
  • FedEx Corp.
  • Shire plc
  • Nabors Industries Ltd.
  • ACI Worldwide Inc.
  • Pantry Inc.
  • ADC Telecommunications Inc.
  • MercadoLibre Inc.
  • Greenlight Capital Re Ltd.
  • Exelon Corp.
  • GemstarTV Guide International Inc.
  • WalMart Stores Inc.
  • Payless ShoeSource Inc.
  • HewlettPackard Company
  • CEC Entertainment Inc.
  • Idearc Inc.
  • FPL Group Inc.
  • Altria Group Inc.
  • Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
  • MeadWestvaco Corp.
  • Flextronics International Ltd.
  • The Walt Disney Company Disney
  • H. Robinson Worldwide Inc.
  • Comcast Corp.
  • Dominion Resources Inc.
  • Wells Fargo & Company
  • Expeditors International of Washington I
  • Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
  • UnitedHealth Group Inc.
  • The Bank of New York Mellon Corp.
  • PPL Corp.
  • Weyerhaeuser Company
  • Rockwood Holdings Inc.
  • RPM International Inc.
  • The Gap Inc.
  • S. Bancorp
  • Best Buy Co. Inc.
  • PepsiCo Inc.
  • The Valspar Corp.
  • NVR Inc
  • The New York Times Company
  • Marvel Entertainment Inc.
  • Constellation Energy Group Inc.
  • Simon Property Group Inc.
  • Chemtura Corp.
  • Select Comfort Corp.
  • Entergy Corp.
  • EMC Corp.
  • Walgreen Company
  • Wendy’s International Inc.
  • OM Group Inc.
  • State Street Corp.
  • Westlake Chemical Corp.
  • Worthington Industries Inc.
  • Questar Corp.
  • Quanex Corp.
  • Stillwater Mining Company
  • Sensient Technologies Corp.
  • The Boston Beer Company Inc.
  • Titan International Inc.
  • RockTenn Company
  • Universal American Financial Corp.
  • Scholastic Corp.
  • Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc.
  • Public Storage Inc.
  • Under Armour Inc.
  • TiVo Inc.
  • The Southern Company
  • ProLogis
  • Tech Data Corp.
  • Vornado Realty Trust
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • CalMaine Foods Inc.
  • Cabot Corp.
  • Community Health Systems Inc.
  • Cytec Industries Inc.
  • DIRECTV Group Inc.
  • Duke Energy Corp.
  • Brinker International Inc.
  • eHealth Inc.
  • Equity Residential
  • Entravision Communications Corp.
  • B. Fuller Company
  • General Growth Properties Inc
  • Cascade Corp.
  • Boston Properties Inc.
  • American Equity Investment Life Holding
  • AES Corp.
  • Aetna Inc.
  • Applied Materials Inc.
  • American Oriental Bioengineering Inc.
  • Arbitron Inc.
  • Arris Group Inc
  • Ashland Inc.
  • Allegheny Energy Inc.
  • Sotheby’s
  • Bemis Company Inc.
  • Corning Inc.
  • Getty Images Inc.
  • Lifeway Foods Inc.
  • Lowe’s Companies Inc.
  • Medarex Inc.
  • AMIS Holdings Inc.
  • Ladish Co. Inc.
  • Merck & Co. Inc.
  • Infinity Property and Casualty Corp.
  • Integrated Device Technology Inc.
  • Live Nation Inc.
  • HarteHanks Inc.
  • The McClatchy Company
  • LouisianaPacific Corp.
  • Host Hotels & Resorts Inc.
  • Minerals Technologies Inc.
  • HLTH Corp.
  • MasTec Inc.
  • Palm Inc.
  • Novell Inc.
  • Whole Foods Market Inc.
  • Micrel Inc.
  • SonicWALL Inc.
  • Secure Computing Corp.
  • Health Management Associates Inc.
  • Skyworks Solutions Inc.
  • Sybase Inc.
  • KEMET Corp.
  • CarMax Inc.
  • Compuware Corp.
  • RealNetworks Inc.
  • TriQuint Semiconductor Inc.
  • Google Inc.
  • Intel Corp.
  • Schlumberger Ltd.
  • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.
  • Banco Ita Holding Financeira S.A.
  • Research in Motion Ltd.
  • CVS Caremark Corp.
  • Lockheed Martin Corp.
  • Honeywell International Inc.
  • Caterpillar Inc.
  • Emerson Electric Co.
  • Alcan Inc.
  • Colgate Palmolive Company
  • Unibanco Unio de Bancos Brasileiros S.A.
  • Deere & Company
  • General Dynamics Corp.
  • Union Pacific Corp.
  • Halliburton Company
  • ICICI Bank Ltd.
  • AT&T
  • Illinois Tool Works Inc.
  • Archer Daniels Midland Company
  • Raytheon Company
  • Goldcorp Inc.
  • Carnival Corp.
  • Alltel Corp.
  • Danaher Corp.
  • Harrah’s Entertainment Inc.
  • Philips LCD Co. Ltd.
  • Garmin Ltd.
  • Peabody Energy Corp.
  • Liberty Media Corp.
  • Capital Common Serie
  • Starbucks Corp.
  • Safeway Inc.
  • Wynn Resorts Ltd.
  • Marriott International Inc.
  • International Game Technology
  • Lyondell Chemical Company
  • CA Inc.
  • Coach Inc.
  • Macy’s Inc.
  • McDermott International Inc.
  • Fortune Brands Inc.
  • Rohm and Haas Company
  • Liberty Media Corp.
  • Interactive Common S, Autodesk Inc.
  • Quest Diagnostics Inc.
  • JC. Penney Company Inc.
  • Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
  • VF Corp., Nordstrom Inc.
  • Network Appliance Inc.
  • United Microelectronics Corp.
  • NAVTEQ Corp.
  • AutoZone Inc.
  • The SherwinWilliams Company
  • Mattel Inc.
  • Molson Coors Brewing Company
  • Abercrombie & Fitch Co.
  • Supervalu Inc.
  • SanDisk Corp.
  • Eastman Kodak Company
  • Level 3 Communications Inc.
  • Lam Research Corp.
  • Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • R. Horton Inc.
  • Tyson Foods Inc.
  • Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.
  • National Semiconductor Corp.
  • Invitrogen Corp.
  • Terra Industries Inc.
  • Wyndham Worldwide Corp.
  • Synovus Financial Corp.
  • The Stanley Works
  • ImClone Systems Inc.
  • DeVry Inc.
  • Silver Wheaton Corp.
  • Hasbro Inc.
  • Countrywide Financial Corp.
  • Bucyrus International Inc.
  • Quanta Services Inc.
  • Pulte Homes Inc.
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc.
  • Service Corp. International
  • Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc.
  • GenProbe Inc.
  • Washington Group International
  • Perrigo Company
  • Pan American Silver Corp
  • FTI Consulting Inc.
  • DresserRand Group Inc.
  • Equinix Inc.
  • Landstar System Inc.
  • Omnicare Inc.
  • Kansas City Southern
  • Pharmion Corp.
  • BioRad Laboratories Inc
  • Strayer Education Inc.
  • AptarGroup Inc.
  • SnapOn Inc.
  • Fossil Inc.
  • Ciena Corp.
  • Aspen Insurance Holdings Ltd.
  • Lennox International Inc.
  • Boyd Gaming Corp.
  • sina.com
  • Valmont Industries Inc.
  • The Commerce Group Inc.
  • Silver Standard Resources Inc
  • OrientExpress Hotels Ltd.
  • StanCorp Financial Group Inc.
  • Woodward Governor Company
  • National Instruments Corp.
  • The Hanover Insurance Group Inc.
  • Century Aluminum Company
  • Walter Industries Inc.
  • Oakley Inc.
  • Watson Wyatt Worldwide Inc.
  • Waste Connections Inc.
  • QLogic Corp.
  • Alexander & Baldwin Inc.
  • Hexcel Corp., Lear Corp.
  • Applebee’s International Inc.
  • Hercules Inc.
  • Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.
  • TransDigm Group Inc.
  • Platinum Underwriters Holdings Ltd.
  • UTi Worldwide Inc.
  • The Toro Company
  • CLARCOR Inc.
  • Herman Miller Inc.
  • ProAssurance Corp.
  • Silgan Holdings Inc.
  • Thor Industries Inc.
  • Teledyne Technologies Inc.
  • WMS Industries Inc.
  • STERIS Corp.
  • Montpelier Re Holdings Ltd.
  • Acuity Brands Inc.
  • Varian Inc.
  • Owens & Minor Inc.
  • Brady Corp.
  • Zenith National Insurance Corp.
  • Life Time Fitness Inc.
  • Jack In The Box Inc.
  • Columbia Sportswear Company
  • IPC Holdings Ltd.
  • Mine Safety Appliances Company
  • WESCO International Inc.
  • Quest Software Inc.
  • Sirona Dental Systems Inc.
  • Delphi Financial Group Inc.
  • Actuant Corp.
  • Eagle Materials Inc.
  • Chattem Inc.
  • Assured Guaranty Ltd.
  • Granite Construction Inc.
  • TempurPedic International Inc.
  • Polaris Industries Inc.
  • Amkor Technology Inc.
  • HNI Corp.
  • TeleTech Holdings Inc.
  • National Financial Partners Corp.
  • Tootsie Roll Industries Inc.
  • Sunrise Senior Living Inc.
  • Sigma Designs Inc.
  • Hilb Rogal & Hobbs Company
  • Kaiser Aluminum Corp.
  • Universal Corp.
  • Ceradyne Inc.
  • Wolverine World Wide Inc.
  • Metal Management Inc.
  • Axcan Pharma Inc.
  • Ameristar Casinos Inc.
  • Zoltek Companies Inc.
  • West Pharmaceutical Services Inc.
  • Panera Bread Company
  • CNET Networks Inc.
  • NovaGold Resources Inc
  • Advanced Medical Optics Inc.
  • Iconix Brand Group Inc.
  • The Phoenix Companies Inc.
  • RARE Hospitality International Inc.
  • Hecla Mining Company
  • Performance Food Group Company
  • Vector Group Ltd.
  • Grey Wolf Inc
  • Valeant Pharmaceuticals International
  • Hain Celestial Group Inc.
  • inVentiv Health Inc.
  • MKS Instruments Inc.
  • Lancaster Colony Corp.,
  • United Natural Foods Inc.
  • Nu Skin Enterprises Inc.
  • Carter’s Inc.
  • Willbros Group Inc.
  • The Timberland Company
  • WinnDixie Stores Inc.
  • Orthofix International N.V.
  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc.
  • Aspreva Pharmaceuticals Corp.
  • Triarc Companies Inc.
  • Royal Gold Inc.
  • INVESTools Inc
  • Blue Nile Inc.
  • Perini Corp.
  • Brooks Automation Inc.
  • Ariba Inc.
  • American Superconductor Corp.
  • Arch Chemicals Inc.
  • Andersons Inc.
  • IHOP Corp.
  • IKON Office Solutions Inc.
  • United Industrial Corp.
  • Amsurg Corp.
  • AMCOL International Corp.
  • Permian Basin Royalty Trust
  • Warren Resources Inc.
  • TASER International Inc.
  • Corinthian Colleges Inc.
  • CKE Restaurants Inc.
  • PrePaid Legal Services Inc.
  • Invacare Corp.
  • Champion Enterprises Inc.
  • CONMED Corp.
  • Universal Forest Products Inc.
  • Sanderson Farms Inc.
  • Fronteer Development Group Inc
  • InnerWorkings Inc.
  • CIRCOR International Inc.
  • TreeHouse Foods Inc.
  • Par Pharmaceutical Companies Inc.
  • Coinmach Service Corp
  • Dynamic Materials Corp.
  • Deltic Timber Corp.
  • Rush Enterprises Inc.
  • Glatfelter
  • Calgon Carbon Corp.
  • Excel Maritime Carriers Ltd.
  • Exide Technologies New
  • CBIZ Inc.
  • Symmetry Medical Inc.
  • ViroPharma Inc.
  • Matria Healthcare Inc.
  • Steiner Leisure Ltd.
  • Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc.
  • Minefinders Corp Ltd
  • Gulfport Energy Corp.
  • PetroQuest Energy Inc.
  • PolyOne Corp.
  • Aftermarket Technology Corp
  • Brush Engineered Materials Inc.
  • Badger Meter Inc
  • Team Inc.
  • Viad Corp
  • Raven Industries Inc.
  • Parallel Petroleum Corp.
  • MedCath Corp.
  • Pioneer Drilling Company
  • Gentiva Health Services Inc.
  • Federal Signal Corp.
  • Tredegar Corp.
  • Vicor Corp.
  • Buckeye Technologies Inc.
  • Pike Electric Corp.
  • Powerwave Technologies Inc.
  • Jos A. Bank Clothiers Inc.
  • Superior Essex Inc
  • iRobot Corp.
  • American Science and Engineering Inc.
  • AngioDynamics Inc.
  • Columbus McKinnon Corp.
  • Superior Industries International Inc.
  • Shutterfly Inc.
  • S.V. Inc.
  • M. Castle & Co.
  • Headwaters Inc.
  • CRA International Inc.
  • Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Inc.
  • Comfort Systems USA Inc.
  • Kenexa Corp.
  • FreightCar America Inc.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings Inc.
  • True Religion Apparel Inc.
  • The Lamson & Sessions Co.
  • Tecumseh Products Company
  • Cott Corp.
  • Assisted Living Concepts Inc.
  • Midwest Air Group Inc
  • Fuel Tech Inc.
  • Wausau Paper Corp.
  • Spartech Corp.
  • Beacon Roofing Supply Inc.
  • Axcelis Technologies Inc.
  • Sierra Wireless Inc.
  • Ennis Inc.
  • CDI Corp.
  • Cross Country Healthcare Inc.
  • AZZ Inc.
  • Universal Technical Institute Inc.
  • Gibraltar Industries Inc.
  • California Pizza Kitchen Inc.
  • Isle of Capri Casinos Inc.
  • Encore Wire Corp.
  • ARGON ST Inc.
  • Sun Hydraulics Corp.
  • Myers Industries Inc.
  • Flotek Industries Inc, Amerigon Inc.
  • Newpark Resources Inc.
  • Energy Partners Ltd.
  • Kforce Inc.
  • Harvest Natural Resources Inc.
  • American Railcar Industries Inc.
  • Ambassadors Group Inc.
  • Central Garden & Pet Company
  • Altra Holdings Inc.
  • Albany Molecular Research Inc. Spherion Corp.
  • First Consulting Group Inc.
  • Insituform Technologies Inc.
  • AmpcoPittsburgh Corp.
  • Bowne & Co. Inc.
  • Shuffle Master Inc.
  • Salix Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Noven Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Brigham Exploration Company
  • InfoSpace Inc.
  • Fleetwood Enterprises Inc.
  • LCAVision Inc.
  • 3D Systems Corp.
  • Baker Corp
  • American Woodmark Corp.
  • PetMed Express Inc.
  • The Greenbrier Companies Inc.
  • Retail Ventures Inc.
  • Spartan Motors Inc.
  • China Yuchai International Ltd.
  • Odyssey Healthcare Inc.
  • Builders FirstSource Inc.
  • Monaco Coach Corp.
  • Audible Inc.
  • Pinnacle Airlines Corp. (Delta, KLM, US Airways)
  • QLT Inc.
  • Wabash National Corp.
  • Maidenform Brands Inc.
  • Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • LSI Industries Inc.
  • Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp.
  • Overstock com Inc.
  • VCG Holding Corp
  • North American Palladium Ltd
  • Rackable Systems Inc.
  • Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc.
  • Accuride Corp.
  • Celadon Group Inc.
  • Midas Inc.
  • Symyx Technologies Inc.
  • LECG Corp.
  • Commercial Vehicle Group Inc.
  • ABX Air Inc.
  • Neurocrine Biosciences Inc.
  • American Oil & Gas Inc
  • Georgia Gulf Corp.
  • TravelCenters of America LLC
  • On Assignment Inc.
  • Ruth’s Chris Steak House Inc.
  • Innovative Solutions and Support Inc.
  • Sturm Ruger & Company Inc.
  • Insteel Industries Inc.
  • NPS Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Packeteer Inc.
  • Hudson Highland Group Inc.
  • S. Concrete Inc.
  • Standard Motor Products Inc.
  • Diamond Management & Technology Consulta
  • TLC Vision Corp.
  • Frontier Airlines Holdings Inc. (Known For Chemtrail Contracts)
  • Progressive Gaming International Corp.
  • Mesa Air Group Inc., Candela Corp.
  • LJ International Inc.
  • InFocus Corp.
  • Venoco Inc.
  • SunOpta Inc.
  • iShares
  • S&P Europe 350 Index Fund
  • US Gold Corp.
  • Dolan Media Company
  • US BioEnergy Corp.
  • WuXi PharmaTech Inc.
  • Clean Energy Fuels Corp.
  • iShares S&P Latin America 40 Index Fund
  • Euroseas Ltd.
  • Seabridge Gold Inc
  • Oilsands Quest Inc
  • Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corp.
  • PharMerica Corp.
  • Haynes International Inc., Chart Industries Inc.
  • Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd, Heelys Inc.
  • Aventine Renewable Energy Holdings Inc., Pool Corp.
  • PowerSecure International Inc.
  • Polypore International Inc.
  • Max Capital Group Ltd.



UNMASKED: List of AntiFA members

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Full list of AntiFA members

Fannie Madden-Grider: Former professor at Morehead State University

Xenia Madison:  facebook / xeniamadison Resist cover photo

N*** ******k: Sanford H Calhoun High School teacher

Alexis Maestre-Saborit: Massage Therapist Fort Myers, Florida

Jane Maestro: Fundraising Manager at New Hope Charities (((education: Tel Chai, Israel))

F. Rachel Magdalene: Progressive activist, Hillary lover, fascism & Trumpenfuehrer/GOP resister, Bible scholar, legal historian, attorney, pastor, mom. -her twitter

Rudresh Mahanthappa: New York-based jazz alto saxophonist. Apparently he’s “world renowned”.

Scott Mahler: Director, Digital Immerison at Arizona State University

Ava Mailloux: Greater NYC area, self proclaimed writer. “How to talk to your Girlfriend after She Get Groped in a Bar” – Shark Reef Magazine

Donna Malamud: Volunteer Coordinator at Kids in the Spotlight, Inc. Greater LA area. Video entitled “Until We All Have Healthcare” vimeo / 7095708

Jerry Malamud: Political Activist & Occupyer in San Diego & Coachella Valley. Also on kikebook and twitter

Dominique Malaquais: Ph.D. Columbia University, New York City. Movie entitled “Men From Nowhere” where she played herself. A story about a French holocaust survivor with PTSD.

Frankie D. Mallis: Professor, English. Arcadia University. Children’s Fantasy Writer

Christine Mallory: Ms. Christine Mallory serves as Vice President of Finance at AllClear, was also former CFO at BlueSpace Software Corp. Lives in Texas.

Aaron Managhan: Office Assistant at South Puget Sound Community College.

Carl Manaster: Bioinformatics Programmer, ActivX Biosciences. Carl Manaster is a liberal political activist. He’s been programming computers for over twenty years. – scrumalliance period org.

Victor Manfredi: Visiting Researcher in African Studies at BU Linguistics. AB, Linguistics (combined with Anthropology), Harvard University. PhD, Linguistics and Social Anthropology, Harvard University

Michael Mangino: It’s not the pedophile DARE cop, hopefully. He’s a Professor in Biology at Harper College, Illinois.

Jessica Mangum: Self proclaimed medium and mentor at “Jessica Mangum Your Spiritual Pathfinder”.

Shilpa Mankikar: Director, writer, filmmaker based in New York. Two of her scripts were finalists at the 2016 Sundance Screenwriters Lab. “Known” movies: “Sunset”, “Baby Diva”, and “Tools of War”.

Reeser Manley: Writer “The Life In Your Garden: Gardening for Biodiversity

Catherine Mann: Catherine Mann is a USA Today bestselling author who has published numerous books with Berkley, Sourcebooks, and Harlequin Desire. Catherine has won a Rita award, celebrated five RITA finals and three Maggie Award of Excellence finals.

Jenny Mannion: Author, “Intuitive Healer”. Check out her website named after herself if you actually give a fuck.

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Organizers of BAMN:
















Antonio Abate

Ariel Aberg-Riger

Sandra Abernathy

Osama Abi-Mershed

Michael Ables

Cheri Abraham

Cheryl Abraham

Steve Abraham

Danielle Abrams

Debra Abrams

Madeline Abrams

Dawn Acevedo

Judith Ackerman

Susan Ackley

Lindsay Ackroyd

Nick Adam

Jim Adami

Cheryl Addington

Frances Adkins

Michael Adler

Rachel Adler

Simon Affolter

Melissa Agar

Keith Aguirre

Jessica Ahart

Deirdre Aherne

Rais Ahmed

Zulfi Ahmed

Shpresa Ahmeti

Patrice Aiello

Ann Aiken

Safaa Ajram

Gwen Akin

Hope Akua

Franco Alarcon

Dawn Albano

Vicente Alba-Panama

Louise Albers-Sobel

David Albert

Lauren Albert

Rhett Alden

Jim Aldrich

Dale Aleckson

Gary Alexander

Jordan Alexander

Kathleen Alexander

Raymond Alford

Samuel Alig

Ben Alkov

Shelley Alkov

Kinte Allah

Brooke Allen

Dustin Allen

Sarah Elaine Allen

Fred Allen

Genna Allen

Elizabeth J. Allen

Jasmine Allen

Kennth Allen

Lexie Allen

Wayne Allen

Monica Allison

Chris Allport

Raquel Almazan

Patrick Almonrode

Cesar Alonso

Robert Alpert

Jon Altbergs

Usama Alteraifi

Criage Lynnette Althage

Ruth Althoff

Barbara Altieri

Kenneth Altman

Frank Alton

Joseph Alvarado

Francie Alvarez

Laura Amazzone

David Ambrosio

Benny Ambush

Varda Amdur

Scott Amendola

Krista Amigone

Sandip Amin

Habib Amiri

Kiel Amiri

Tess Amoruso

Lisa Amowitz

Paul Ampolsk

Moran Ana

Barbara Anders

Bonnie Anderson

D. Anderson

Brooke Davis Anderson

S. E. Anderson

Gene Anderson

Glen Anderson

Kenneth Anderson

Lara Anderson

Marc Anderson

Nkosi Anderson

Phil Anderson

Sarah Anderson

Shani Anderson

Rebecca Andersons

Katina Andoniadis

Jane Andreacchio

Joseph Andrews

Shelley Andrews

Barbara Anello

Victoria Anfinson

Brooke Angle

Roxana Anniuk

Katie Anousheh

Gabrielle Antal

Demi Anter

F. Kate Anthony

Susanne Paola Antonetta

Victoria Antonini

Linda Antonioi

Dawn Antonis

Lou Antonucci

E. Anz

Lyndel Apivor

Hannah Appel

Isaac Appel

Rap Appel

Paul Appell

Virginia Applebaum

Roy Appletavistock

Ann Arader

Gloria Araya

Sara Arbour

Amy Arbus

Nile Arena

Nicole Arendt

Alma Arias

Shirley Ariker

Muhyiddin Arisoy

Laurie Armer

Susan Arndt

Don Arneson

Scott Arnold

Mollie Arons

Mardirossian Arpi

Andrea Arroyo

Tova Artin

Amy Arundell

Nancy Arvold

Nancy Asch

Ramiro Asebedo

Tabia Ashew

Daniel Ashworth

David Asselin

Dr. Nabil Abu el Ata

Christine Atiyeh

Jana Atkins

Katherine Atkinson

Elizabeth Atterbury

Deborah Attoinese

Sarah Auclair

Jonathan Auerbach

Quillia Augustine

Yamasaki Augusto

Gaius Augustus

Patty Aunon

Laura Austan

Adessii Austin

Dorothy Austin

Nathan Austin

Kelley Auston

Arlene Avakian

Noah Averbach-Katz

Sara Averbeck

Ally Avina

Julie Avina

Jessica Avizinis

Carla Ayers

Nancy Aykanian

Francesca Aza

Borhan Azemi

Loba Azul

Ivonne Azurdia


Kelly Baars

Virginia Babasa

David Baca

Deborah Baca

Robin Baca

Cristina Bacchilega

Karlan Bachmann

Jessica Bacon

Pamela Bacon

Daniel Badell

Isabelle Badillo

Alison Baenen

Patricia Bagi

Michael Bagley

Donald Baham

Beverly Bailey

Larry Bailey

Noah Bailey

Tina Bailey

George Ray Bailey-Brown

Stephanie Bain

Janice Baird

Carl Baker

Hope Baker

Lynne Baker

Max Balakoff

Leonard Baldyga

Cheryl Ball

Greg Ball

Jacquelyn Ballard

Thomas Ballentine

Rebecca Baloga

Kurt Balogh

Courtney Baltazar

Meggy Banks

Crystal Banuelos

David Barash

Ariana Barat

Deborah Barbagallo

Jane Barbarow

Melida Barbosa

Lisa Barcy

Perry Bard

Robert Barger

Geena Barker

Robert Barker

Teresa Barker

D. Barnes

Diane Barnes

Mark Barnes

Shannon Barnes

Stephen Barnes

Susan Barnes

Todd Barnes

Susan Barnum

Connie Baron

Mosi Barouti

Joanne Barrett

Susan Barrett

John Barriage

Stacy Barrington

Jenny Barroll

Jennifer Barrow

Craig Barry

Suzanne Barry

Kiti Kahalelauniu Bartel

Julia Bartholomew-King

Serena Barton

Alan Barysh

Michelle Basart

Dianne Baskin

Roberta Baskin

Cem Basman

Lois Bass

Simran Bassi

James Bassler

Sarah Batchelor

Lisa Bateman

Gina Bates

Matthew Bates

Cheryl Bath

Webster Batista-Lin

Mark Battiste

Katy Bauer

Margaret Mary Bauer

Erica Baum

Paul Bauman

Ronald Bausman

Martin Baxter

Anne Bayerle

Sandra Bayes

Alex Bayne

Ralph Bayne

Dianne Bazell

Michele Bazzani

Lisa Beade

Coyote Beale

Miriam Beale

Thomas Bear

Brady Beard

Bruce Bears

Barbara Beasley

Sally Beattie

Rebecca Wallace Beattie

Regina Beaulac

Jeff Becan

Chitti Becci

Miguel Becerra

Keith Becher

Justin Beck

Karen Beck

Elaine Becker

Jay Becker

Joan Becker

Kyra Beckmann

Richard Becky

Jay Bee

H. Beede

Angelika Beener

Gwendolyn Beetham

James Bege

A.C. Beh

Thomas Beha

Lauren Behar

Susan Behnke

Douglas Beigel

Joseph Bein

Tiffany Bekir

Jan Beladi

Carl Bell

Christine Bell

Faith Bell

Linda Bell

Monique Bell

Susan Bell

Stephen Bellaire

Judith Bellin

Leslie Bellis

Angela Bello

MaryAnn Bellomo

Dr. Cheryl Bellrose

Zoe Beloff

Polina Belomlinskaya

Guy Ben-Aharon

Francisco Benavides

Doug Bender

Kathleen Benedict

Paula Beneke

Katherine Beniger

Athesia Benjamin

June Benjamin

Shannon Benna

Carol Bennett

Ed Bennett

Lucella Bennett

Miriam Ben-Shalom

Anne Benson

Cris Benson

Moriah Benthem

Neal Benzel

Chris Berger

Deborah Berger

Terry Bergeron

Lydia Berg-Hammond

Jeff Bergman

Carol Bergquist

Elliot Berke

Terry Berkowitz

Sue Berland

Sonya Berlovitz

Barbara Berman

Fred Berman

Jodi Berman

Lawrence Bernard

Elizabeth Bernheim

Charles Bernstein

Jill Bernstein

Leah Bernstein

John Berrellez

Michelle Berry

Stephen Berry

Rita Berson

Marc Beschler

Becky Best

Chandra Betner

Rich Beverly

Rose Bevington

Dawoud Bey

Jody Beyer

Jagger Bianca

Craig Bianchi

Steve Bibby

Kristie Bible

Lynn Biddle

Laura Bidwell

Olive Bieringa

Courtney Bierman

Joshua M. Bigley

Dianne Bikyak

Cynthia Billey

Jay Binder

Jamie Bindon

Michael Bingaman

Dan Bingham-Guanilo

Paul Binnerts

Lizabeth Binns

Cathie Bird

Peter Birkenhead

Jeb Bishop

Sarah Bishop

Michelle Bitting

Darla Bjork

Bruce Bjornstad

Jean Bjugstad

Hugh Black

JoAnn Black

Sandi Black

Susan Black

Patricia Bladh

William Blain

Brent Blair

Arthur Blakey

Judith Blatchford

Felicity Blau

Robin Bliss

Kathy Bloch

Brian Block

Deborah Blocker

Sharon Blom

Toby Blome

John Blomgren

Terry Bloomberg

Lori Bloomer

Marvin Blue

Cori Blum

David Bly

Aesha Boatwright

Alisa Bobzien

Kathy Bockelman

Benjamin Bockrath

Judith Bodie

Anna Boe

Kellen Boersma

Brittany Bogdan

Daniel Boggs

Peter Bohmer

Tyler Bohn

Marilyn Boisseau-Gudmundsson

Kevin Boissonnault

Charissa Boldridge

Munirah Bomani

Audrey Bomse, Esq

Virginia Boney

Robert Bonhomme

Patti Bonnet

Vicki Bonnington

Sarane Boocock

Mary Booher

Wendi Boomershine

Ashley Boone

Heather Booth

Dorothea Boothe

Dorothea Boothe

Okito Boothe

Laura Borders

Richard Bordman

Frank Bordonaro

Karin Borjesson

Lee Boroson

Pat Borow

James Borst

Elizabeth Bossert

Karen Botha

Nathaniel Bouman

Jordan Bowen

Kristine Bowen

Kimberly Bowers

Daniel Bowles

Dalanya Bowman

Ellen Bowman

Joyce Bowman

Tamera Boyd

Wyatt Boykin

Kathleen Boyle

Sheila Boyle

Bridget Brace-MacDonald

Kelli Bracken

Hunt Braden

Matthew Bradford

Teresa Bradford

Teresa Bradford

Deborah Bradley-Kramer

Jeff Brady

Margaret Brady

Megan Brady

Susan Brady

Maya Brady-Ngugi

Jon Brams

Tari Brand

Bonita Brandt

Jennifer Brass

Robin Brasso

Dave Brast

Mary Braswell

Billie Braun

Sara Braun

Lynnette Brawer

LaRina Brawner

Ontasha Brawner

Bruce Breece

J. Breece

Ashley Breen

Nora Breitenstein

Peter Bremer

Delphine Bremond

Deborah Brenda

James Brengman

Cathleen Brennan

Denise Brennan

Pollock Brennan

Stacy Bressette

Yazmin Bretado

Kalena Brewster

Peggy Brewster

Rev. Chloe Breyer

Bill Briden

Lois Bridges

Earl Briggs

Carol Bright

Regi Bright

Deborah Brindis

Raymond Brinkman

Jasmine Briscoe

Leon Britton

Ernie Brock

Sarah Brock

Dorothy Brockway

Beth Broday

Alexandra Brodsky

Michelle Broe

Joshua Brollier

Adam Brooks

Bonnie Brooks

Dagmar Brooks

Joan Brooks

Michael Brooks

Teresa Brooks

Adam Broomberg

Andrea Brown

Anna Brown

Anthony Brown

Bradley Brown

Cameron Brown

David Brown

Elaine Brown

Jane Brown

Lise Brown

Lynne Brown

Michael Brown

Reginald Brown

Roland Brown

Sherry Brown

Thereza Brown

Timothy Brown

Yoshekia Brown

Yvette Brown

Diana Browne

Brenda Brown-Grooms

Elizabeth Broyles

Gordon Bruen

Martha Brummitt

Tracy Brunette

Laurie Brunner

Cassi Bruno

Hope Brustein

Jeremy Brustein

Bradley Bryan

Laurie Bryant

Ronald Bryant

Torrie Bryant

Katie Bryce

Griff Brydon-Williams

Natalie Bryenton

Scott Brynildsen

Arverta Buchanan

Rhonda Buckingham

Kathleen Buckley

Zoe Buckman

Colleen Budzien

Roy Budzien

Donna Buell

Haley Bueschlen

David Bullard

Rita Bullard

Barak Bullock

Carmen Dello Buono

Heidi Burbidge

Karma von Burg

Jan Burgess

Joy Burgess

Sarah Burgess-Herbert

Andrew Burgin

Lisa Burke

Martha Burke

Jeffrey Burl

Champayne Burnette

Warren Burr

Andrew Burton

Michael Busch

Jim Bush

Amber Bushie

Amy Busse

Joe Bussell

Aaron Bustamante

Keilani Bustamante

Johnny Butler

Laurel Butler

Trevian Butler

Donald Butner

Brian Butterick

Anthony Buttitta

Sharon Byers

Jason Bynum

Lala Byrd


Tammy Cabading

Aylin Hernandez Cadena

Anita Cafiero

Dana Caggiano

Eileen Cahoon

Jeff Cain

Linda Calderaro

Carlos Calderon

Kelly Caldwell

Jessica Califano

Charlotte California

Paul California

Jorge Calvo

Gwendolyn Cameron

Mary Cameron

Matthew Camp

Matteo Campanelli

Beabe Campbell

Don Campbell

Elizabeth Campbell

Chantay Campfield

Emmet Campos

Stacie Canales

John Cancienne

Susan Canning

Keri Cannon

Jacob Cantele

Catherine Cantrell

Cigdem Capan

Alicia Caputo

Keith Carberry

Kathryn Carbone

Judi Cardarelli

Richard Cardillo

John Cardona

Beverly Carey

Janet Carey

Susan Carey

Octavio Carlin

Christina Carlisle

Max David Carlson

Krista Carlson

Sabastian Carmagnola

Michael Carman

Stacey Carmcay

Holly Carnes

Conan Carpenter

Andrea Carr

Kira Carr

Marina Carreira

Edward Carrillo

Wendy Carson

Jamie Carter

Jim Carter

Julie Carter

Keren Carter

Yoshida Carter

Zachary Carter

Alfonso Casal

Andre Casanave

Betsy Casas

Lourdes Cases

Daniel Casey

Michele Casey

Geneva Cash

Cassils Cassils

Mariah Castaneda

Shannon Castaneda

Jo Casteel

Malvina Castro

Barbara Catanzaro

John Cato

Charlotte Catto

Bonnie Caudill

Rev.Dr. Neema Caughran

Carrie Caulfield

Mars Caulton

Ursina Caviezel

Kerri Cavlovic

Antonia Cedrone

Claire Celestin

Kevin Centlivre

Joseph Cermatori

Cecilia Cerrutti

Justina Cesari

Apurva Chakraborti

Veronique Chalarca

Henry Chalfant

Kathy Chalfant

Lora Chamberlain

Tiffany Chambers

John Chance

Christopher Chandler

Marcella Chapman

Stephanie Chapman

Ed Charles

Phyllis Charney

Varda Charnin

Norma Lee Chartoff

Jesse Chase

Randall Chase

Christopher Chase-Dunn

Didier Chassang

Antonio Chavavrin

Denise Chavez

Kim Chernecky

Wiebke Cherubim-Wirth

Solov Cheryl

Helen Cheuck

Heidi Chiat

David Childress

Bruce Chin

William Chinnock

Nicole Chojnacki

Donna Chollett

Kevin Chow

Karen Chrisp

Julie Christensen

Ricky Christiansen

Sue Christiansen

A. Christianson

Joanna Christie

Melissa Christie

Crystal Christner

Joshua Christoffersen

Dennis Christofi

Evelyn Chu

Andrew Chumley

Nicholas Ciallelo

Alyssa Ciapponi

Kathi Cibischino

George Ciccariello-Maher

Alexandria Ciccone

Knope Cindy

Robert Ciocan

Diane Cirafesi

Cindy Cirlincione

William Claassen

Park Claire

Nancy Clancy

Benjamin Clark

Cynthia Clark

Rev. Theron Holmes Clark

Colia Liddell Lafayette Clark

Leigh Clark

Merrill Clark

Nina Clark

Sandra Clark

Sean Clark

Eric Clarke

Simon Clarke

Shannon Clarkson

Sinai Class

Eddie Clay

Alexander Clayton

Bernadine Clayton

Elizabeth Van Cleef

Sydney Clemens

Roxann Clements

Bobby Clennell

Kate Cleveland

Andy Cline

Esther Clyne

Sean Clyne

Arthur Coates

James Coates

Robert Coats

Dorothy Cocolin

Denise Cody

Roxanne Cody

William Coe

Phyllis Coelho

Shira Coffee

Lana Coffey

Maureen Coffey

JayAnn Coffin-Rojas

Patrick Coffman

Aaron Cohen

Alison Cohen

Avra Cohen

E. Cohen

Jeff Cohen

Jeff Cohen

Jennifer Cohen

Lenore Cohen

Lisa Cohen

Mardge Cohen

Raphael Cohen

Ruth Cohen

Ruth Cohen

Sophia Cohen

Steven Cohen

Debra Cohn

Marjorie Cohn

Jacqueline Coker

Rosemarie Colacino

Derek Colanduno

Camille Colatosti

John Cole

Rachel Cole

Kevin Coleman

Nancy Coleman

Sydney Coleman

Candice Coley

Joseph Colgan

Alison Colhouera

Jeanne Collaco

John Collier

Ebony Malaika Collier

Jennifer Collins

Mark Colman

Jo Confrey

Scott Conner

Alex Connolly

Colleen Connor

Kathleen Connor-Kirshbaum

Sally Conover

Kevin Conrad

Patricia Contino

Ryan Contraski

Kristen Contreras

Sara Convery

Philippe Conway

Evette Cook

Geneva Cook

Geoffrey cook

Mary Cook

Melissa Cook

Ronni Cook

Dave Cooke

Lorraine Cooke

Pam Cooke

Timothy Coombs

Kimberly Coon

Lynne Cooney

John Cooper

Nicole Cooper

Karen Coppock

Patricia Coray

Stephen Corbin

Tamara Cornelius

Alison Cornyn

Dawn Corrigan

Michael Corrigan

Robert Corriher

Cynthia Cortes

Kia Corthron

Bella Cosetta

Beatriz da Costa

Donna Costa

Anne-Lise Coste

Lorretta Costello

Leonard Costopoulos

Chris Cote

Tori Coto

Nicole Cottrell

Linda Counts

Jane Courant

Andrew Courtney

Zac Courtright

Tonya Covington

Wendy Covington

Kenneth Cowan

Kandace Cowen

Amanda Cox

Lezlie Cox

Gloria Crabtree

Laura Craig

Nicole Craig

Renee Cramer

Eloise Cranke

Barbara Craven

James Crawford

Mary Crawford

Nina Crawford

Susan Creaney

Linda Crear

Orietta Crispino

Sarah Cristal

Kara Critchley

Sarah Critelli

Butler Crittenden

Bronwyn Crocker

Cory Crockett

Kure Croker

Tracey Cronin

Cathy Cronin-Pastrano

Kevin Crooks

Melissa Crosby

Meredith Crosler

Julie Croteau

Jacob Crowley

Janet Crowley

Dominic Crozier

Kurt Cruger

Marian Cruz

Sandra Cruze

Cedre Csillagi

Bryan Cudney

Cynthia Cueto

Sarah Cullerton

Amber Culver

Alan Cummings

Brenda Cummings

John Cummings

Kathleen Cummings

Larisa Cummings

Natalie Cummings

Stephanie Cummings

Marilyn Cummins

Linda Kay Cunningham

Julia Cupp

Livia Tarsia In Curia

Scott Currie

Nathan Currier

Colleen Curry

Marcia Curry

Dan Curtin

Michael Curtis

Michelle Czapla

Nicole Czarnecki


Chiara D’Angelo

Danielle D’Ascenzo

Matthew D’Alessio

Stephen D’Alessio

Anita Dacanay

Micheal Dahan

Katrine Dahl

Sheri Daley

Thomas Dalton

Joe Daly

Veda Daly

Lliso Damaris

Charlotte Damboise

Amrita Dang

Precious Daniels

Silke Dannemann

Paul DaPonte

Birgit Darby

Bonnie Darves

Derek Darves

Natalie Darves

Kathleen Darwin

Jami Dauber

Suki Daudjee

Juanita Davalos

Courtney David

Duncan David

Germaine David

Kasmier David

Taylor David

Chandler Davidson

Scott Davidson

Jeffrey Davies

Sue Davies

Bonnie Davis

Caroline Davis

Celina Davis

Clarck Davis

Diane Davis

Jessie Davis

Jinx Davis

Joan Davis

Laurence Davis

Lisa Davis

Rachel Davis

Rose Davis

Sharon Davis

Susan Davis

Wesley Davis

Tracy Davis-Black

Shannon Dawdy

Nolan Dawna

Julia Dawson

Annie Day

Kristen Day

Patricia Day

Kim Dean

Leesa Dean

Lisamarie Dean

Dorian Deas

Sandra DeCicco

Denise DeCooman

Anthony DeCorte

Eldie DeCou

Rosita Dee

Kathy Deer

Kelly DeGraffenried

Shiloh Deitz

Alexis Dekle

Michael Delahunt

Reid Delahunt

Victoria Delaney

Kelly Delay

Velma Deleon

Guillermo Delgado

Hope Dellon

Mary DeLongfield

Allie Demarco

David DeMarco

Patty DeMartini

Tony DeMatos

Dorothy DeMello

Susan Deming

Cristina Demon

Carol Dempsey

Tracie Denga

Joseph Dennis

Travis Denson

Alex Dent

Pamela DePaulo

Gabrielle Depew

Lisa DePiano

Paul DeRienzo

James Desalvo

Joanne DeSantis

Dawn DeSisto

Angelina DeSousa

Lori Desrosiers

Susan Detato

Judith Detert-Moriarty

Peter Devin

Barbara Devine

John Devlin

Leslie Devonshire

Sterling DeWeese

Heather Dewey-Hagborg

Stephen Dexter

Susan Dexter

Noche Diaz

Julie Diaz-Martinez

Grace Diekhaus

Mike Diekmann

David Dienes

Michael Dietler

Andrew Dietz

Mario DiGangi

David Dillard-Wright

Sheryl Diller

Dillan Dimas

Peter Dimitriades

Aletras Dimitrios

Nancy Dine

Leah Dinkin

Brian Dinnie

Arrington de Dionyso

Carl Dix

Sue Diyg

Zac Djamoos

Julie Dobkin

Kimberly Dobson

Larry Dobson

Smith Dod

Sandra Dodson

Alysia Doherty

Joseph Doherty

Sue Doherty

Nancy Dollard

Ed Dolle

Ken Dolsky

Dakota Domanich

Marena Domingo-Young

Alejandro Dominguez

April Dominguez

Marino Domino

Howard Donaghy

Frank Donahue

Tom Donegan

Seth Donnelly

Megan Donnelly-Heg

Brian Donovan

Jenny Donovan

Ross Donovan

Melinda Doran

William Doran

Kerry Dorf

Brian Dorsey

Todd Doss

Annamarta Dostourian

Christine Doty

Mo Dougherty

River Dougherty

Emory Douglas

Gerald Dowd

Michael Dowell

Elizabeth Morris Downie

Michael Doyle

Wilim Doyle

Jessica Drake

Nicola Drake

Julie Drassinower

Ralph Dratman

Gudrun Dreher

Michele Drier

Chhimed Drolma

Amy Dryansky

Inez Duarte

David Dubnau

Luz DuBois

Megan Dubose

Mark DuCharme

Tim Duda

Lynn Dudenhoefer

Gary Duehr

Alissa Duffy

Vali Dugan

Gracie Dumeny

Catherine Dunaway

Leah Dunbar

James Dunn

Brad Dunshee

Ed Dupree

Sarah Durand

Cathy Duren

Lauren Durham

Hetty Dutra

Pamela Duvall

Paris Duvall

Oasa DuVerney-Gaspar

Ramona Dvorak


Katherine Earle

Carol Eastes

Myra Eastman

Christina Eater

Severn Eaton

Todd Eaton

Christina Eberle

Lani Eberlein

Greg Eckenrode

Jasmine Eckenrode

Mikhaila Eckhardt

Sally Eckhogg

Lynette Ecklin

AnneMarrie Edam

Beth Eddy

Carole Edelsky

Eleanor Edelstein

Margaret Edera

Nora Edison

Ace Edmands

Idema Eef

Adam Eeuwens

Lynn Egan

Jamie Ehrenfeld

Howard Ehrman

Kristian Eik

James Eilers

Deborah Einbender

Bernie Eisenberg

Maxine Eisenberg

Art Eisenson

David Eisikovits

Steve Eklund

Auguste Elder

Erin Elder

Robert Elder

Carolyn Elerding

Mohamed Elias

Reyes Elina

Serena Elkaim

Jennifer Elling

Kurt Elling

Margaret Elliot

Mary Jane Elliott

Meghan Elliott

Tristan Elliott

James Ellis

Patrick Ellis

Jeffrey Ellis-Lee

Arlene Ellner

Lauren Elvig

Robin Elvig

Sophie Elvig

Judith Emerson

Rana Emerson

Renee Emory

Michael Ender

David Engel

Stephanie Engel

Stephanie Engel

Hilary Engelman

Gloria Engelmeyer

Eyrika Engeman

Pam England

Deanne English

Barbara Epperley

Kevin Epperson

Anthony Eppse

Betty Epstein

Jessica Epstein

Amanda Kay Erekson

Jay Erker

Randy Erl

Bonnieclare Erling

Jill Ervin

Geovana Escalante

Diane McQueen Escobar

Home Eshima

Eric Eskenazi

Jessica Espeleta

Isabel Espinal

Kate Esposito

Tiffany Esteb

Rebekah Estera

Ed Estes

Donnelley Estey

Norberto Estrada

Richard Estrada

Scarlett Estrada

Filipa Estrela

Melissa Ettere

Bonnie Ettinger

Joseph Eusterman, MD, MS(Med.)

Ann Euston

Michael Evans

Michael Evans

Pamela Evans

Ernest S. Evans

Simone Evans

Tracy Evans

Nicole Eveland

Larry Everest

Bridger Everett

Michelle Evetett


Beth Fabian

Carole Fabricant

Sarah Fader

Dorothy Fadiman

Ted Faigle

James Fairbanks

Megan Fairbrace

Fidel Fajardo-Acosta

Dave Falkoff

Cathy Falwell

Danielle Fanelli

Ruth Fannin

Kimberly Fanshier

Lisa Farabee

Kristins Faragher

Madeline Farber

Abigail Faria

Linda Farino

Michael Farmer

Stuart Farmery

Joe Farnell

Elyse Farnsworth

Holly Farr

Kelleen Farrell

Peyton Farrish

Heide Fasnacht

Erin Fassold

Linda Faste

Sabriyah Fatimah

Thomas Fattoruso

Fauna-June Fauth

Kate Fauvell

Garry Fay

Ian Fay

Matthew Fazekas

Tim Fazio

Meryl Feigenberg

Clinton Fein

Hadar Feingold

Nancy Feinstein

Scott Feldman

Rev. Lee Feldman-Redick

Candy Feldt

Mike Felix

Nina Felshin

Will Fenio

Heidi Fenn

Marc Fenton

Kerri Fenwick

Andrew Feraios

Roderick Ferguson

Susan Ferguson

Teresa Ferlisi

William Fernandez

Ric Ferrazzano

Alec Ferrell

Charles Ezra Ferrell

Laura Ferson

William Field

Ed Figaniak

Daniel Filipak

Philip Fillion

Doyle Fine

Patti Fink

Regina Fink

Melissa Finley

Colm Finn

Elaine Fischer

Richard Fischer

Donna Fisher

Gregory Fisher

Jennifer Fisher

Louis Fisher

Tom Fisher

Kathleen Fitzgerald

Mark Fitzgerald

Colin Flagg

Nicholas Flamel

Katherine Flanagan

Lauren Flanigan

Michael Flannery

Deborah Flear

Martha Fleischman

Alexandra Fleming

Ross Fletcher

Kaylle Flores

Marisol Flores

Melanie Flossman

Anne Flounders

Amanda Floyd

Kathleen Fluegel

Michelle Fokos

Olenka Folda

Kay Foley

Marie Follayttar

Dusti Worley Folmar

Freddy Fonseca

Karen Ford

Makon Ford

Carolyn Foreman

Alberto Forero

Debra Forman

Rhona Koretzky forman

Marquis Forman

Ronnie Forman

jan Forney

Kathy Forte

Francesca Fortunato

Jane Fosse

Carol Foster

Natasha Foster

Rosalie Fourniotis

Tiffany Fowler

Christine Fowley

Jennifer Fox

Linda Fox

Lolly Fox

Vicki Fox

Coco Francini

Ben Francis

Matt Francis

Angela Francisco

Danielle Franco

Andrew Frank

Glendon Frank

Michael Frank

Jerry Frankel

Amanda Franklin

Carol Franklin

Oliver Franklin

V. P. Franklin

Virgil Franklin

Stephen Frantz

Linda Franzman

Dik Fraser

Jon Fraser

Shawn Fraz

Jerome Frazer

Sarah Freedman

Terri Freedman

Susan Freel

Carolyn Freeman

Gordon Freeman

Phil Freeman

Brenna Freestone

Patricia Freiberg

Erin de Freitas

Boletta Fretheim

Karen Frid

Eugene Fried

Stanley Fried

Deb Friedman

Judith-Kate Friedman

Lori Friedman

Patricia Friedman

Sasha Frisbie

Kimberly Frisch

Liz Fritzsche

Boo Froebel

Kristin Froehlich

Liza Frolkis

Patrick Frownfelter

Patrick Frye

Alona Fryman

Maureen Fudger

Barbara Fuller

Bill Fuller

Mark Fuller

Vaughn Fuller

Zoe Fuller

Heather Fulton

Jeanette Furlong

John Furphy

Donald Furroe

Sammi J. Futorian

Sherrill Futrell

Douglas Futuyma


Scott Gailhouse

Constantine Connie Gaines

Renoir Gaither

Xylem Galadhon

Nicole Reisch Galante

Lea Galanter

Jaime Gale

Madeline Gale

Candace Galen

Margarita Gallagher

Morganne Gallagher

Toni Gallagher

Nora Gallaher

Rita Gallin

Shirley Galloway

Theresa Gambacorta

Erica Gamble

Chris Gando

Phil Gant

Merrill Garbus

Sharon Garbus

Marc Garcelon

Andy Garcia

Jesse Garcia

Jesus Garcia

Miguel Garcia

Nikolai Garcia

Patricia Garcia

Robert Garcia

Carlos Miranda Garcia-Tejedor

Michael E. Gardener

Suzanne Gardinier

Jean Gardner

Rebecca Gardner

Trevor Gardner

Micah Garen

Anu Garg

Pat Gargaetas

James Garman

Karen Garmon

Julia Garrard

Alex Garrett

David Garrett

Christina Garris

Kyle Garrison

Johanna Garsenstein

M. S. Garvey

Adrian Gaskin

Wilmer Gastineau

Leslie tavistocks

J. Ronald Gaudreault

Travers Gauntt

Laura Gavre

Norris Gay

Jen Gebble

Billy Gee

William Gee

Beth Geer

Stav Geffner

Austin Gehring

Andrew Gehrke

Cassandra Van Gelder

Mullins Geneva

Raimondo Genna

Lillian George

Jennifer Georgino

Jeanan Gerber

Joyce Gerber

Evan St. Germain

Cecile Gernez

Lyn Gerry

Sherrianne Gersten

Janine Getler

Sam Joanna Ghiggeri

Penny Ghinaudo

Lida Giachetti

Gonzalo Giannotti

M. C. Gibbons

Joan P. Gibbs, Esq.

Cynthia Gibson

David Gibson

Michael Giddings

Petra Giese

Emily Gilbert

Georgia Gilbert

Quiwana Gilbert

Scott Gilbert

Valerie Gilbert

Carla Gill

Mary Gill

Ryan Gill

Julia Gillard

Will Gilliam

Carol Gilligan

Robin Gillum-Fury

James Gilmore

Alison Gingeras

Michael Gingerich

Alex Gingrow

Sims-Burchard Ginny

Meredith Giovanelli

Flor Giron

Rachel Girshick

Judy Gitlin

Gerald Glaeve

Eric Glaser

Joyce Glasgow

Liz Glasgow

L. Glasner

Donna Glass

Randall Glass

Kate Glazer

Constance Glen

Makeva Glen

Beth Glenn

Bruce Gluck

James Glueck

Eric Gmeinder

Kasia Goclowski

Maia Godet

Pauline Godfrey

Shae Godfrey

Darlena Goetz

David Gold

Phillip Gold

Michael Goldberg

Ellen Goldin

Daniel Goldner

Joni Goldstein

Dennis M. Goldstein

Ismelka Gomez

Nancy Gomez

Teresa Gomez

Anthony Gonder

Steve Gonzales

Farrah Gonzalez

Gus Gonzalez

Juan Gonzalez

Maria Gonzalez

Nepo Gonzalez

Hillaria Goodgame

Romane Goodlow

Jerry Goodman

Rina Goodman

Mandy Goodnight

Phyllis Goodnow

Danny Goodwin

Malcolm Goodwin

Cathrin Gordon

Gail Gordon

JoAnne Gordon

Matthee Gordon

Paul Gordon

Samantha Gore

Connor Gorman

Mark Gormley

Frank Gormlie

Kalika Gorski

Leslie Gottlieb

Rochelle Gottlieb

Peggy Gould

Steve Gould

Ben Gouse

Judith Gouwens

Jason Gracia

Lisa Grady

Michael Graffeo

Ian Graham

Malanya Graham

Pamela Graham

Tom Graham

Monique Grajeda

Jeremy Granade

Lindsey Granberg

Claire Grant

Elizabeth Grant

Indira Grant

Matt Le Grant

Peter Grant

Victoria Grau

Kathleen Graves

Ben Gray

Skip Gray

Melanie Graydon

Diane Green

Sandra Green

Sylvia Greenawalt

Harry Greenberg

Mary Lou Greenberg

Dianne Greene

Lisa Greene

Matthew Greene

Stephen Greene

Georgan Gregg

Austin Greitz

Erin Grenier

Heather Grey

Al Grieco

C. Grier

Christi Christi Griffin

Mike Griffin

Jennifer Griffith

David Grigsby

Barbara Grill

Lucia Grillo

Esther Grimm

David Grimsley

Jeremy Grizzle

M. K. Groebel

Sue Gronewold

Michelle Gross

Sherri Gross

Sally Grossman

Rick Grossmann

Geoff Grove

Diane Grover

Shannon Grow-Garrett

Ronald Grummer

Andrea Grundt

Marianne von Grunewald

Gay Guard-Chamberlin

Natalie Guarnieri

Merry Guben

Sara Guernsey

Julio Guerreiro

Omar Guerrero

Vivianne Guevara

Ansley Guillebeau

David Guinn

Kristen Gull

Francesco Gulli

Nanci Gulya

David Gunn

Kristen Gunning

Ayca Guralp

Jennifer Gurd

Khalsa Gurudarshan

Christine Gutierrez

Stephanie Gutierrez

Benji Gutsin

Beverly Guy-Sheftall

Nathan Gwynne


Evelyn Haaheim

Jessica Haas

Ira Joel Haber

Marilyn Hacker

Ilse Hadda

Souleyma Haddaoui

Ellen Hagan

Timothy Hagley

Connie Hahn

Kelli Hailey

Jehan Hakim

Marni Halasa

Clark Hale

Naomi Halfaker

Claire Hall

Dawn Hall

Dena Hall

Elizabeth Hall

Gregory Hall

Jesse Hall

Philip Hall

Stuart Hall

H. Nell Halladay

Justin Hallee

Michael Halloran

Jacob Halpern

Sarah Halter

Todd Halvorsen

Linda Hamer

Gwen Hamilton

Janet Hamilton

Deborah Hamm

Eugene Hammel

David Hammond

Kara Hammond

Kathleen Hammond

Nikki Hammond

Chere Hampton

Finnick Hampton

Sherman Handberg

Kathy Handy

Jake Hanft

Nancy Hanks

Denise Hanley

Alison Hannigan

Amber Hanson

Michael Hanson

Cindy Happel

Richard Harbour

Esme Hardesty

Meg Hardin

Estora Hardmon

Charles Hardwick

Deb Hare

Gilda Harger

Tim Hargesheimer

Roderick Hargo

Lauren Harkrader

Amy Harlib

Rayne Thunderword Harlowe

Susan Harman

Harriet Harmon

Brenda Harper

Frank Harper

John Harper

Brandon Harris

Erin Cullen Harris

David Harris

J. Harris

Katie Harris

Kim Harris

Noelle Harris

Richard Harris

Richard Harris

Sharon Harris

Sherry Harris

Julie Harrison

Margot Harrison

Norma Harrison

Ritu Harrison

Lance Harshbarger

Alison Hart

Erin Hart

Lyryn Hart

Lori Hartlein

Carter Hartley

Zedrea Hartley

Carol Hartman

Harald Hartman

Drew Harton

Alice Hartranft

Donna Hartz

Joan Harvey

Mary Harvey

Victoria Harvey

Stephen Harwood

Laura Haselton

Valerie Hasely

Stephanie Hasiotis

Nate Hassan

Gerald Hassett

Karney Hatch

Cameron Hatcher

Marsha Hatfield

Lalah Hathaway

Ann Hatkevich

Triona Hatman

Adriana Havana

Thomas J. Hawkins

Jen Hawkins

William Hawkins

Katie Hawkinson

David Hayden

Josh Hayden

Megan Haygood

Austen Haynes

Susan Haywood

Karen Heagle

Mark Heald

Tyler Healey

Susan Heath

John Hedlund

Amanda Hedman

Alan Hedrick

Patty Heffley

Josh Heffron

Judith Heger

Adriana Heguy

Mike Heichman

Karen Heidebrecht

Robert Heikkila

Hana Heineken

Janis Heitz

Leila Hekmati

Phoebe Helander

Chris Held

Lisa Heldke

Eric Helgeson

Bruce Heller

Steve Helm

Dolores Helman

Diane Helt

Robert Hemmerly

Alicia Hempfling

Jaime Henderson

Kay Henderson

Kelly Henderson

Nidia Henderson

Raye Hendrix

D. Heneghan

Nate Heneghan

Leah Hennessey

Marlene Hennessy

Brett Henry

Bruce Henry

Emily Henry

Diane Hensel

Robin Hensel

Isabelle Herfeld

Leon Heriberto

Carlos Hernandez

Edi Hernandez

Erica Hernandez

Nicholas Hernandez

Erick Heroux

Jennifer Herrera

Kim Herrlein

Kaarin Von Herrlich

Tara Hershberger

Kim Hershey

Gary Herstein

Lisa Herthel

Carol Hester

Adam Hettler

Albert Hetzell

Nancy Hetzell

Kathleen Heuss

Kari Hewitt

Jessica Heyman

Kate Hickey

Thurston C. Hicks

John Higgins

Rachel Higgins

Sylvia Higgins

John Hildebrand

Jeff Hildebrandt

Chris Hill

Connor Hill

Diane Hill

Gary Hill

Lauren Hill

Willie Hill

Bradley Hils

Deborah Hinds

Debra Hinkley

Rosie Hinnebusch

Jena Hintze

Courtney Hirsch

Joan Hirsch

Patty Hitt

Jon Hively

Emily Hixson

Trevor Hoag

Lisa Hobbins

Christine Hobbs

Robin Hobbs

Perry Hoberman

Harry Hochheiser

Dave Hodge

Charles A. Hoefel

Dr. Heidi Hoefinger

Connie Hoffman

Emily Hoffman

Hinda Hoffman

Margaret Hoffman

Patricia Hoffman

Robert Hoffman

Valerie Hoffman

Connie Hogarth

Stephen Hogberg

Mel Hoit

Dina Holbert

Susan Holburt

Sarah Holcman

Caroline Holian

Matt Holland

Juanita Hollander

Antoinette Holliday

Judith Hollier

Jessica Hollinger

Conner Hollingsworth

Peggy Holloway

Kim Hollstein

Kate Holly

Larry Holman

W. Clifton Holmes

Sheryl Holt

Stephen Holton

Cynthia Holub

Janet Hook

Randy Hoover

Doug Hopkins

Josh Hopkins

Sylvia Hopkins

Nancy Hoppi

Richard Horn

Jody Horner

Tresa Horney

Marty Horning

Stephen Houldsworth

Jason Housden

Joelle Hoverson

Elizabeth Hovey

K. D. Howard

David Howard

Edward Howard

Laureen Howard

Lisa Howard

Phillip Howard

P. V. Howard

Hanna Howarth

Robert Howell

Tommy Howell-Owasso

Drea Howenstein

Deborah Howland-Murray

Edward Hrebec

Ying Huang

Ivan Huber

Martha Hubert

Renee Hudon

Kenneth Huey

Corry Hughes

Kelly Hughes

Leah Hughes

Margaret Hughes

Steven Hughes

Ruthie Hulett

Daylin Hull

Valerie Hultquist

Sylvia Hume

Anneeth Kaur Hundle

Michael Hunsinger

DeeAnne Hunstein

Diana Hunt

Jim Hunt

Neil Hunt

Aurora Hunter

Scott J. Hunter

Sonjj Hunter

Beth Huntington

Diana Huntington

Deborah Hupert

Siobhan Hurley

Eric Hurt

Lana Hurteau

Julie Hurwitz

Nathan Hurwitz

Ivar Husa

Annette Husband

Megan Huston

Daniel Hutt

Joseph Huttner

Mary Huttner

Christian Huygen


Katia Iannacome

Tony Iantosca

Amatu Nur Ibrihim

Carlos Iglesias

Mary Ijichi

Dana Immordino

Michael Incociati

Gina Infelise

Susan Ingagliato-Pena

Laura Ingalls-Wilder

Cassandra Inglesby

Cassie Ingram

Aurora Insurriaga

Maria Iorillo

Melissa Ireland

Judith Iris

Max Irwin

Lisa Isaacson

Isaias Isaias

Andrei Isari

Brian Iverson

Christina Iverson

Carole Ivy

Erik Iwe

Vijay Iyer

Joseph Izzo


Leslie Jack

Beth Jackson

Carolyn Jackson

David Jackson

Phyllis J. Jackson

James Jackson

Keli Jackson

Noel Jacoboni

Alana Jacobs

Christine Jacobs

Lana Jacobs

Michael Jacobs

Ron Jacobs

Susan Jacobs

Ingrid Jacobsen

Mark Jacobson

Peter Jacobson

Lauren Jacquish

Levine Jake

Nancy Jakubiak

Anna Ceraulo Jalazo

Michele Jalbert

Andrea Jalickee

Triana Arnold James

Brad James

David James

E. James

Tonya James-Linneball

Webster Jamieson

Meredith Jan

Chris Janeczko

James Jankowiak

Louis Jargow

Teresa Jarzynski

Debi Jasen

Pamela Jauregui

Lydia Javins

Diann Jenkins

Ethan Jenkins

Susan Jenkins

Debra Jenks

Gabrielle Jennings

Russ Jennings

Brandi Jensen

Paloma Jeretic

Guadalupe Jerez

Mekell Jiles

Juanita Jimenez

Marie Jines

George Jobson

Lauren Jobson-Ahmed

Manprit Johal

Shermaine Johns

Amy Johnson

Brian Johnson

Charles Johnson

Suzanne Deerly Johnson

Diana Johnson

Faye Johnson

James Johnson

Janet Johnson

Jessica Johnson

Gregory Joey Johnson

John Johnson

John Johnson

Julie Johnson

Karla Johnson

Kirk Johnson

Kirk Johnson

Kyle Johnson

Kysa Johnson

Marie Johnson

Mary Johnson

Mikki Johnson

Myke Johnson

Stephanie Johnson

Stuart Johnson

Tyme Johnson

Marisa Johnstad

Scott Johnston

Kathy Johnston-Keane

Xan Joi

Hope Jolles

Margaret Jolly

Steven Jonas

Alexander Jones

Angela Jones

David C. Jones

Camille Jones

Carolyn Jones

Christopher Jones

Devon Jones

Dwain Jones

Ebonye Jones

Elizabeth Jones

Gary Jones

India Jones

Jake-ann Jones

Jill Jones

Johnny Jones Jr.

Leslie Jones

Lisa Jones

Monica Jones

Phyllis Jones

Stella Jones

Tracie Jones

Vanessa Jones

Dexter Jordan

James Jordan

Dave Jordano

Barney Joseph

Claire Joseph

Louis Josey

Nicolas Journey

Ching Juhl

Edward Juillard

Elias Julianna

Alice Julier

Vivian Julier

Toia Tutta Jung

Mark Junor

Joseph Juntunen

Sarah Jurgensen

Barbara Jursa

Kayleen Justus


Kevin Kachadourian

Katie Kadwell

Ku Kahakalau

Hannah Kahlke

Marilyn Kahlo-Burton

Kanani Kai

Bill Kaiser

Michelle Kalbac

Tom Kalin

Ian Kaloyanides

Alice Kamara

Khadija Kamara

Amy Kaminsky

Amalia Kane

Bridget Kane

Carol Kane

Nassima Kaojkaji

Angela Kaplan

Gregory Kaplan

Katrina Kaplan

Jay Kappraff

Christina Karaba

Amanda Karchmer

Ell Karen

Jim Karger

Paul Karitis

Lyndsey Karr

Maggie Karshner

Vivian Kasey

Dem Kashtai

John Kasprzak

Kimberly Kastelz

Erin Kato

Ellis Katz

Ronni Katz

Tzipora Katz

Joe Katzbeck

Nancy Katzman

Joshlyn Kaufman

Susan Kaufman

Heather Kay

Aron Pieman Kay

Templeton Kaye

Rosemary Kean

Frankie Keane

Lauren Kee

Edward Keefe

Susan Keegin

Kathy Keenan

Sagar Keer

Thomas Keil

Kelley Keisch

Luna Kelder

Betsy Kelleher

Kelly Keller

Chase Kelley

Gwen Kelley

Jim Kelley

Kate Kelley

Kristin Kelley

Griffin Kelli

Ann Kelly

Jamie Kelly

Kathy Kelly

Marie Kelly

Maureen Kelly

Mason Kelsey

Karen Kelsky

Eric Kemp

Jennifer Kemp

Marie Kennedy

Mariah Kenney

Alicia Kent

Jane Kentner

Clark Kenya

Heather Kerr

Tammy Kershner

Phyllis Kerzmann

Mahmood Ketabchi

Jacita Keys

Sylvia Louise Kezele

Bruce Kezlarian

Mohammed Khalique

Jay Kidd

Rebecca Kidwell

Katrina Kiefer

Rikki Kiefer

Richard Kiely

Edward Kihn

Andy Kilbride

Jennifer Kilgore-Caradec

Dian Killian

Lori Killion

Ashley Kim

June Kimmel

Terence Kincaid

Deborah King

Donovan King

Gigi King

Jacqui King

Frankie Kingman

Rhonda Kingman

Jeffrey Kingsley

April Kinkead

Jonathan Kinney

Kathleen Kinney

Cory Kinservik

David Kinsfather

Phyllis Kirby

Melissa Kirchoffer-Talbott

Ari Kirk

Lynette Kirkwood

Susan Kirschner

Edward Kish

Nicholas Kisiel

C. Clark Kissinger

Jennifer Kissinger

Tamar Klaiman

David Klasovsky

James Klein

Jean Klein

Gary Kleinman

Clarice Klepadlo

Michaelah Kline

Joy Klinger

Stuart Klipper

Julie Kmetzko

Elizabeth Knapp

Wayne Knapp

Sierra Knight

Darren Knighton

Paula Knowlton

Steven Knox

Elizabeth Knudsen

Mark Koba

Henry Kober

Zoya Kocur

Nancy Koehler

Bill Koehnlein

Alexa Koenig

David Koenig

Kelly Kofron

Nancy Kogel

Owen Kohl

James Kolber

Ellen Kolodney

Debra Kolodny

Judith Kolokoff

Riley Konor

Daniel Kontoff

Heidi Kortright

Christyn Koschmann

Fran Koski

Kim Kosmitis

Deb Koss

Marina Kostel

Maurice Koster

Don Kotval

Krista Kouns

Gabor Kovacs

George Kovacs

Cathy Kraetz

Steven Kragon

K. M. Kraimer

Shoshanna Krall

Chuck Kramer

Eli Kramer

Joyce Kramer

Gary Krane

Brian Krawitz

Michael Krebs

Jerome Kremer

Nancy Krempa

Susan Krinard

Christopher Krueger

Josh Krugman

Barbara Krulik

Richard Krulik

Mona Krupski

Loretta Kuehn

Katherine Kuharic

Deanna Kuhn

Miya Kumangai

Chenjerai Kumanyika

Kalindi Kunis

Susan Kunkel

Sonya Kuo

Diane Kupelian

Asami Kuroki

Julie Kurzenberger

Max Kutner


Paige LaCombe

Heather Ladov

Elizabeth Ladzinski

Laura LaFarga

Marc Lafia

Alice Lafleche

Keke LaFleur

Janet Rayedel Lafontaine

Andre Lafontant

Jeffrey Laign

Lorelei Laine

Becky Lake

Conor Lake

Roberta Lamb

Samantha Lambert

Jennie Lamensdorf

Melena Lamotte

Mark Lamoureux

Hazel Landa

Jane Landis

John Landis

Bob Landolfi

Brian Landolt

Jessica Landon

Susan Landon

Bethany Lane

Amy Lang

George Lang

Ken Lang

Patricia Lang

Matthew C. Lange

Keith Langston

Katherine Lanser

Dave Lara

Jami Porter Lara

Linda Larkin

Norman Larreta

Jane Larsen

Marilyn Larsen

Mary Larson

Rodger Larson

Sunday Larson

Robert LaRue

Lynn LaSalle

Kevin Lash

Jamie Laskowski

Alex de Laszlo

Norman Latham

Joseph Lattani

Dana Laufer

J. T. Laurent

Maria De Laurentiis

Madalyn Lauth

Michelle Lavenia

Janet Lavin

Kelli Lawhead

Keziah Lawicki

Kathy Lawless

John St. Lawrence

Heather Lawson

Kent Lawson

Neal Lawson

Lee Lawton

Jennifer Lay

Laurel Lazar

Candice Lazarus

Phuong Le

Kerry Lea

Marilyn Sue Leach

Benjamin Leaf

Francine Leahey

Sharleen Leahey

Monica Leavitt

Luna Leber

Joe Lebitz

Luke Leblow

Dara Lebrun

Grace Ledbetter

Janet Lederman

Charvette Lee

Gwendolyn Lee

Kenneth Lee

Wendy Lynne Lee

Steven Lee

William Lee

Mary Lee-Szymanski

Laura LeFaivre

Sarah Leff-Estrada

Dacia Legge

Scott Leggett

Gail Lehmann

Katherine Lehr

Barbara Leighton

Jonathan Leisher

Curt LeMieux

Amy Lempa

Paul Lenart

John Lenick

Hans Leo

Shaun Leonardo

Paul Leone

Esther Lerman

Joseph Lesinsky

Hanna Lessinger

Redmond Letiger

Laura Letinsky

Michele Levan

Mary Geraci Levesque

Beth Levin

Robert Levin

Daniel Levine

Phyllis Levine

Shellie Levine

Mary Ann Labosky Levins

Allyson Levinshon

Aaron Levinthal

Carol Levy

Kathryn Levy

Leslie Levy

Rachele Levy

Linda Lewi

Cara Lewis

Josh Lewis

Julie Lewis

Nancy Lewis

Sue Lewis

Robert Patrick Lewman

Juliana Liang

Terrie Liberman

Deborah Libertore

Ken Libertore

Victori Lichterman

Gretchen Lieberum

Alexandra Lifshin

Caleb Lightfoot

Christine De Lignieres

Lorraine Lima

Elizabeth Limanov

Bobbie Limper

Kevin Lindemann

Nastassia Lindes

Kasey Lindley

Emmelie Lindner

Sonia Lindsay

Carolyn Lindsey

Erin Lindsey

Katja Lindskog

Marsha Linehan

Ernestine Linton

Joan Lipkin

Steven Lippman

Eleanora Lipton

Hannah Liquori

Nosek Lisa

Stephen Lisner

Katt Lissard

Noah De Lissovoy

Suzi List

Ardele Lister

Byron Liston

Mary Little

Joyce Littlebear

Roberto Livar

Mauricio Lizarazo

Judy Llan

Michael Locker

H. Lockie

Martin Locklear

Rema Loeb

J. Loft

Pam Logan

Sherri Lombardi

Kim Lombardini

Sharon LoMonaco

Fred Lonberg-Holm

Desirea Long

Judith Long

Mikel Long

Tahna Long

Carolyn Longacre

Nanette Longmore

Saku Longshore

Dennis Loo

Anna Loper

Eddie Lopez

Elsa Lopez

Emma Lopez

Juana Lopez

Margie Lopez

Rod Lopez

Tony Lopez

Debbie LoPresti

Aidan Lorch-Liebel

John Lott

Raymond Lotta

Diane Louis

Yvette Louis

Shannon Louwerse

Sven Lovegren

Janine Lovelace

Emma Loveland

Maria Lowen

Katherine Lowland

Ben Lowrance

Madeline Lowrance

Jeanne Lozier

Lane Lrskela

Susan Lubliner

B. Lucas

Kristin Lucas

Liz MacGillicuddy Lucas

Natali Lucas

John Luce

Lola Luce

Fran Luck

Kelly Luck

Lorie Lucky

Evelyne Luest

Jose R. Lugo Jr

Matthew Lukowicz

Maria Luna

Timothy Lunceford – Stevens

Cindy Lund

Stephanie Lundberg

Arleina Lundy

Dave Luther

Janet Lutz-Folsom

Mary Lutzow

Jennifer Lyke

Julie Lyke

Bhavana Lymworth

Denise Lynch

Kristen Lynch

Steven Lynn

Chandra Lynne

Wilfred Lyon

Denise Lytle

Salvatore Tuzzo M.D.


Vajra Ma

Kelley MacDonald

Gordan Macdougall

Scott Mace

Katherine MacElhiney

Flannery Mack

Courtney Mackedanz

Donna MacKenzie

Patrick MacLeod

Allison MacMillan

Megan Madden

Fannie Madden-Grider

Alison Maddex

Marcelle Madison

Xenia Madison

Neal Madnick

Alexis Maestre-Saborit

Jane Maestro

Adam Magazine

F. Rachel Magdalene

Sue Magee

Patricia Magill

John Magin

John Magisano

Hydra Magnus

Rudresh Mahanthappa

Scott Mahler

Ava Mailloux

Thompson Maine

Santana Maira

Henry Major

Donna Malamud

Jerry Malamud

Dominique Malaquais

Dorothy Malizia

Frankie Mallis

Christine Mallory

Marjorie Malone

Mary Malone

Erin Maloney

Aaron Managhan

Carl Manaster

Lori Mancini

Victor Manfredi

Mike Mangine

Michael Mangino

Jessica Mangum

Shilpa Mankikar

Reeser Manley

Catherine Mann

Jennifer Mannion

Justine Manser

Catherine Mansfield

Emily Mansfield

Cindy Mantel

RoseMary Mantineo

David Manuel

Teresa Manz

Amanda Maples

Jamie Marantz

Joseph Marchione

Carol Marder

Michael Maresca

Jackie Maresch

Farrell Margaret

Sherry Margolin

Mikaela Maria

Boeker Marilynn

Stacey Marine

Richard Marini

Judy Marino

Laura Marino

Rev. Rob Mark

Max Markel

Goran Markovic

Debra Markovitz

Barry Marks

Shelley Marlow

Anthony Marrow

Craig Marsden

Thomas Marse

Cindy Marsh

Emma Marshall

Rae Martel

Tim Marteny

Leslie Martey

Bruce Martin

Chas Martin

Donna Martin

Ebony Martin

Emily Martin

Jack Martin

Kelly Martin

Michaelan Martin

Ruby Martin

Sara Martin

Martina Martina

Michele Martindill, Ph.D.

Monica Martinet

Katy Martinez

Leo Martinez

Lilliana Martinez

Raul Martinez

Sara Martinez

Jane Martin-Lavaud

John Martino

Trishia Maruri

Denise Marvin

Michael Marvin

Dunbar Maryland

Fee Maryland

Michael Masley

Bonnie Maslin

Ann Mason

Jay Mason

Eileen Massey

Zak Masson

Ilana Master

Heaven-Leigh Masters

Tammy Masters

Teresa Mastrandrea

Marcy Matasick

Andrea Mathews

Todd Mathieson

Deborah Matro

Avra Matsoukas

Mari Matsuoka

Christy Matthews

Nancy Matthews

Robert Matthews

David Mattoon

Alex Mattson

Jay Matyas

Aaron Matzkin

Paul Maurizio

Maureen Maxand

Aracely Maxwell

Marcia Maxwell

Lisa May

Maria May

Rachel Mayabb

Marie May-Bonge

Cody Mayer

Lucia Mayer

Susan Mayhew

Steven Maynard

Kathy Mayo

Terez Mays-Jones

Moghaddam Maziyar

G. Mazzeo

Judith McAdoo

Sandra McAndrew

Pam McArthur

Carole McAuliffe

Christopher McBride

Yvonne McBride

Austin McCaffrey

Eilish McCahill

Kirk McCall

Michele McCandless

Barry McCann

Brian McCann

Terry McCarthy

Theresa McCarthy

Ashley McCartney

Perri McCary

Howie McCausland

Emily McClain

Melissa McClain

Tom McClelland

William McClelland

Kenneth McClintic

Bryan McCloskey

Jason McClung

Camara McCormick

J. McCoy

Tina McCrory

Ericka McCroskey

Charles McCullough

Scott McCutcheon

James McDaniel

Jan McDaniel

Maria McDaniel

Shannon McDermott

Bruce McDonald

Deirdre McDonald

Holly McDonald

Katherine McDonald

Robin L. McDonald

Kathy McDonough

Laurie McDougall

Andre McElroy

John McElroy

Kerry McElroy

Mitch McEwen

Jeffery McFadden

Marla McFadin

Michael McFarland

Madison McFerrin

Kevin McGarry

Rev. Will McGarvey

T. McGiffert

Jennifer Mcgilvrey

Marcy McGowan

Timpthy McGranahan

Dana McGuire

Leslie McGuire

Alexander McHugh

James McHugh

Diatrice McIntosh

Michelle McIntosh

Phyllis McIntosh

Deanna McKee

James McKenzie

Mary McKeon

Cheryl McKereghan

Jane McKinley

Jonathan McKnight

Peter McLaren

Christina Mclaughlin

Gina McLaughlin

Elizabeth McMahon

Apryl McMennamy

Heather McMillan

Matt and Stacy McMillan

John McMurray

Brian McNally

Cynthia McNaughton

Andrew McNeely

Lela McNutt

Christopher McQuain

Regina McRae

Patricia McSweeney

Joseph Kohn MD

Phillip Meade

Adam Mean

Roberta Medford

Melissa Meditz

Tammy Medlin

Prescilla Medrano

Chuck Meece

Michael Meehan

May Mei

Shatta Mejia

Gustavo Mejias

Anya Meksin

Arturo Melendez

Jerry Melvin

Zoey Memmert-Miller

Violet Menarde

Emily Mendelsohn

Andrew Mendle

Mariana Mendoza

William Mendoza

Clara Meneses

Daniel Meneses

Emily Meneses

Jack Meoff

Bob Meola

Jonathan Mercer

Lesley Mercill

Suzanne Mercury

Mark Merella

J. E. Meridian

Zhenya Merkulova

Shaman Merrily

Scott Merring

Tracy Merritt

Erika Merz

Jennifer Meservey

Gwen Meshorer

Becky Mesker

Grace Messenger

Debra Messing

Johnnie Metso

Robert Metters

Jennifer Meuhle

Deborah Guzman Meyer

Norva Meyer

Elliott Meyrowitz

Andrea Meza

Alexis Miano

Godwin Michael

Yolande Michaels

Lee Michalsky

Jessica Michaud

Rene Michigan

Dorothy Micklea

Veronica Migliore

Laila Laila Miguel

Alex Mikulich

Alexander Mikulich

Brad Miller

Carrie Miller

Charlie Miller

Joyce Miller

Kerby Miller

Maryellen Miller

Michele Miller

Pam Miller

Perry Miller

Priscilla Miller

Stacey Miller

Sue Miller

Virginia Miller

Judith Z. Miller

Cassie Miller-Leone

Les Millett

Ann Millett-Gallant

Sarah Millhoff

Sean Millis

Kimberlee Mills

Susan Mills

Jazmine Millsaps

Kyle Miner

Lila Miner

William Minnick

Lynne Minore

Cynthia Minter

Deborah Miranda

Cass Mishy

Danielle Mitchell

Faye Mitchell

Aaron Mittman

Gautreaux Mixolidia

Masao Miyoshi

Susie Mizelle

Lezlie Moats

LindaSue Mobbe

Maribel Mocci

Amaris Modesto

Emma Modrak

Chad Moffett

Sahand Moghadasi

Lorraine Molina

Mary Molina

Michael Molnar

Martine Monaghan

Lauren Mongillo

Cambra Moniz-Edwards

Corinne Monk

Kathleen Monks

John Ross Monok

Maud Monson

Daisy Montague

Rita Montalvo

Nils Montan

Lisa Monte

Dr. Jorge A. Montemayor-Aldrete

P. H. Montenegro

Valerie Montgomery

Jeff Moody

Ronelle Moody

Beverly Moon

Derek Moor

Barbara Moore

Chelsea Moore

Erin Moore

Heather Moore

James Moore

James Moore

Jason Moore

John Moore

Karl Moore

Kevin Moore

Laura Moore

Linda Moore

Mary Moore

Natalie Moore

Richard Moore

Thurston Moore

Troy Moore

Margo Morado

Alejandro Morales

Travis Morales

Jennifer Moran

Jim Moran

Dorinda Moreno

Michele Moreno-Cheverez

Sherry Morez

Phoenix Morgaine

Melinda Morgan

Susan Morgan

Evelyn Morgan-Rallios

Amadea Morningstar

Barbara Morris

Doug Morris

Ellen Morris

Maryann Morris

Molly Morris

Theresa Morris

John Morrisette

Liam Morrison

Rebecca Morrison

Richard Morrison

Judy Morrow

Devin Morse

Elizabeth Morse

Clark Mosher

Nikia Mosley

Donna Mosquera

Templeton Moss

Glenna Mote

Robert Moulthrop

Katherine Moulton

Dave Mount

Patricio Keith Moxey

Cary Moy

Alicia Moyer

Stephen Moyer

William Gregory Mucci

Wendy Mueller

Cecelia Muhammad

Isam Muhammad

Brooke Muhoberac

Rev. Michael Mulberry

Gui de Mulder

Roseanne Mulherin

Thomas Mulligan

Felicia G Mullins

Deidre Munn

Jeffery Munoz

Terry Munson

Adam Murgittroyd

Denise Muro

Gail Murphy

Jennifer Murphy

Jo-Ann Murphy

Robby Murphy

Tim Murphy

Dianna Murray

Felicia Murray

Tina Murrell

Gail Musante

David Muschamp

Daphne Muse

Roxanne Mustafa

Amber Mutchler

Anderson Muth

Brooke Myers

Dan Myers

Denise Myers

Maritza Myers

PZ Myers

Virgina Myers

Paul Myoda

Linda Myrick


Marcin Nadja

Shaan Naimoli

Tom Najemy

Susan Napier-Sewell

Josh Narayanan

Susana Narotzky

Cynthia Nash

Jamal Nassar

James Nau

Raymond W. Koch, LCDR, US Navy, Retired

Sarah Nayeem

Gordon Nayvin

Linda Nazryan

Nancy Neal

Elise Nechelput

Chelsea Nee

David Neeley

Jann Neely

Beth Neff

Esther Neff

Rachael Neffshade

Kelvin Nelmes

E.P. Nelsen

Erica Nelson

Jamie Nelson

Jennifer Nelson

Liz Nelson

Todd Nelson

Manoshi Chitra Neogy

Debie Nervina

Pamela Nesby

Nancy Vining Van Ness

Deborah Neulander

Nick Neumann

Yeshi Neumann

Lisett Nevarez-Hauptman

Felipe Neves

Arlishia Neville

Toya Newell

Judeth Newham

Bonnie Newman

Harry Newman

John Newman

Lydia Newman

Patrick Newton

Regina Ng

Jonathan Nicholoff

Joyce Nichols

Ruth Nichols

Mick Nickel

Melinda Niekum

Jack Nielsen

Marlene Nielsen

Donna Niemi

Edward Nieshoff

Y. Armando Nieto

Jesus Nieto

Mahina Nightsage

Carl Nigro

Luca Nigro

Dr. Kalamaoka-aina Niheu

Austin Nilsen

Vance Nimtz

Russell Niquette

Weldon Nisly

Sebastian Nix

Sarah Nodarse

Ginger Noe

Michael Noel

Angela Nolan

Dylan Nolfi

JoAnn Noorkhah

James Nordlund

Paulette Normand

Mary A. Norris

Henri Norris

Wendy Norris

S. Darrick Northington

Gloria Norton

Tara Notvest

Isabel Novoa

Lisa Nowak

Petra Van Nuis

J. C. Nunes

Michelle Nungester

Allen Nur

William Nusbaum

Efia Nwangaza

Steven Nyberg

Valerie Nyerick

Lohen Nzoma


Brenna O’Brien

Dan O’Neal

Erin O’Brien

Jane O’Hara

Jane O’Leary

Janet O’Brien

Kaytlyn O’Connor

Kelly O’Brien

Kevin O’Neill

Mark O’Connell

Melissa O’Connor

Patricia O’Brien

Rosie O’Donnell

Terri O’Connor

Robin Oanes

Amy Occhiuto

George Odum

Marie Oemler

C. Elisheva Offenbacher

Genie Ogden

Ozzie Ogur

Niko Okamoto

Gregory Olaivar

Kevin Oldham

Melissa Oliveira

Tim Oliveira

Andrew Oliver

Denise Oliver

Scott Oliver

Tod Oliver

Michele Olivet

Tracy Olmoz

Jon Olsen

Karen Olsen

Carol Olson

Cheryl Olson

Linda Olson-Osterlund

Leticia Olvera

Mary ONeil

Heather ONeill

Steve Ongerth

Barton Oostlander

Mary Oppman

Zubalsky Or

Ilsy Bu Orellana

Kevin Orr

Richard Orser

Angelica Ortega

Monica Ortiz

Patricia Ortiz

Kate Osba

Mark Osborne

Paulette Osborne

Robert Osburn

Nathan Osmun

Philip Osterling

Anne Ostrom

Andrea Osuch

Ralph Oswald

Adriana Otero

Steve Otta

Diane Otten

Nathaniel Weaver Otting

Dawn Oughton

Denisse Ovalle

Joel Overfelt

Chris Owen


Emma Pace

Linda Maria Pagan

Lucille Pagenkopf

Mark Paige

Joseph Palermo

Ronald Palizzi

Bryan Palmer

Deborah Palmer

James Palmer

Jon Palmer

Lori Palumbo

Darcey Pancoast

Adam Pankow

Ashley Panteah

Celia Panzer

Diane Paolazzi

Jessica Paolucci

Elizabeth Parenteau

Natalie Pargas

Carol Paris

Joshua Park

Cynthia Parker

Miriam Parker

Philip Parker

Lois Parkison

Eileen Parks

Jacqueline Parks

Kathleen Parks

Misty Parks

Leila Parnian

Ronald Parry

Jack Parsons

Michael Parvin

J. Pasila

Arianna Passaro

Dhruv Patnak Pathak

Roberta Pato

Brian Patrick

Christine Patterson

Lou Patterson

Tammy Patterson

Nathalie Beth Pattison

J. Philip Patton

James Pattyn

Brittany Paul

P. Paul

Nathan Tamar Pautz

Zoubok Pavel

Rev. John T. Pawlikowski, OSM, Ph.D

Dennis Payne

Arthur Peace

Ernie Peacock

Carolyn Pearl

Jenni Pearl

Mark Pearlman

Vickie Pearse

Tia Pearson

Kevin Peason

Emma Peck

Laura Peck

Tina Peck

David Pecoraro

Tamara Peden

Judith Pedersen-Benn

John Wayne Peel

Linda Pellegrini

Jerome Peloquin

Lana Peltier

David Pena

Maryellen Penland

Christy Pennington

Tara Pennington

Nancy Penrod

Alicia Peppers

Danielle Peppers

Alicia Perez

Desiree Perez

Erin Perez

Martha Perez

Ramona Perez

Sabrina Perez

Mary Perillo

Dan Perini

Stephen Perkins

Randy Perl

Janine Perlman

Lexi Perlmutter

Colton Perna

Siobhan Perricone

Leslie Perrin

Beverly Perry

Judith Persohn

Brenda Peters

Sue Peters

Victoria Peters

David Petersen

Linda Petersen

Roger Petersen

Amy Peterson

Anna Peterson

Dave Peterson

David Peterson

Donald Peterson

Ellen Peterson

Anthony Petit

Angela Pettis

Patricia Pforte

Danica Phelps

Leslie Phelps

Brian Phillips

Chip Phillips

Chuck Phillips

Devorah Phillips

Linda Phillips

Peter Phillips

Suzanne Philllips

Brandon Phipps

Missy Pica

Marie-Claire Picher

Marcia Pickett

Ebony Pierce

Julie Pierce

Randevyn Pierre

Robert Pierson

Zachary Pignataro

Jeremy Pikser

Elise Piliwale

Isabel Pina

Cecile Pineda

Darlene Pineda

Lisa Pines

Ryan Pingo

Ana Pinheiro

Esteban Pinilla

Julio Pino

Lucinda Pinochot

Lisa Pintado-Vertner

Josie Pinto

Linda Piontek

Suaan Piscitelli

Shannon Pitts

Stephan Pitts, LCSW

Carol Plain

Marcia Plante

Linda Platt

Mark Platt

Deborah Plaza

Iris Vander Pluym

Jimi Pocius

Christa Podsiadlo

Karen Poels

Bret Polish

Laurie Pollack

Robin Pollack

David Pollard

Sally Pometta

Meredith Pominville

Erminia Ponce

Debora Barrera Pontillo

Laurie Pontillo

Katherine Pope

Brian Porter

Lori Porter

Steve Portigal

Alice Post

Caroline Powell

Keith Powell

Sharon Powell

Steve Powell

Veronica Powell

John Powers

Kathleen Powers

Jana Prager

Srividya Prasad

Allison Prater

Laura Pratt

Glenn Prempeh

Steve Prendergast

Hank Prensky

Sarah Preslar

Florette Press

Sam Presser

Leah Pressman

Shannon Prestridge

Michael Prete

Denise Previte

Victoria Prewitt

Gerri Price

Paige Price

Preston Price

Bret Primack

Deanna Prior

Naomi Prochovnick

Karen Procter

Holly Prosch

Dana Protano

Jean-Pierre Protzen

Donald Proud

Nichole Provost

Harry Pruett

Bob Psenka

Saqqara Ptahlibah

Juan Puello

Elizabeth Pulcinella

Sarah Puleo

Stephen Pullin

Carmen Pupo

AnneMarrie Purdy

Auburn Putz-Burton

Julie Pycior


Imtiaz Qazi

Neal Querio

Tuffy Questell

Nancy Quick

Louise Quigley

Stephen Quigley

Linda Quilty

Carrie Quinn

Joan Quinn

Thomas Quinn

Carlos Quinones


Jane Raabe

Skye Van Raalte-Herzog

Craig Rabinowitz

Stuart Raby

Isha Racho

Mark Radin

Jaclyn Rae

Daniel Rafinejad

Melissa Ragain

Joseph Ragan

Khawaja Rahman

Mizanur Rahman

Leigh Raiford

Robert Raines

Kian Raiszadeh

Shameem Rakha

Esther Ramirez

Sarah Ramirez

Shannon Ramirez

Jen Ramos

Winnie Ramsdell

Heather Rand

Annie Randall

Gina Randazzo

Jhani Randhawa

Jonathan Raney

Drew Rangel

Mark Rappaport

Rebecca Ratero

Aaron Rathernot

Michael Rattray

Bob Ratynski

Manuela Raunig-Berho

Sunwyn Ravenwood

Gidon Raz

Daniel Read

Alycia Reaves

Ribeiro Rebecca

Ray Redd

Linda Redding

Hali Rederer

Maryellen Redish

Reiko Redmonde

Daunte Reed

Tyler Reed

Michael Reeder

Holly Reeve

Elizabeth Regal

Colleen Regan

Mike Regul

Jess Reichmuth

Tysarah Reid

Daniel Reif

Sharon Reilly

William Reilly

Joseph Reinek

Cathy Relihan

Mark Remington

Justin Remus

John Rene

Rene Rene

Linda Renkwitz

Judith Repp

Rev. David Reppert

Elizabeth Reshower

Laurent Reyes

Sarah Reyna

Brian Reynolds

Cindy Reynolds

Doleen Reynolds

Paula Reynolds

Rebecca Reynolds

Mario Rezendes

Leesa Rhoden

James Rhoderick

Barbara Rhodes

Christopher Rhodes

Curtis Rhyne

Jayne Rice

Susan Rich

Cynthia Richard

Lewis Richard

Anne Richardson

Diana Richardson

Grace Richardson

Sally Richardson

Scott Richardson

Scott Richardson

Cassidy Richey

Ann Rick

Patricia Ricketts

Robert L. Ridgard

Drew Riedl

Rosalie Riegle

Jaquelyn Rieke

Mary Clare Rietz

Christine Riley

Tyree Riley

Connie Rimmer

Rebecca Riofrio

Alberto Rios

Nataly Rios

Jaime Rippetoe

Loretta Riquetti

Emma Rivera

Lisette Rivera

Minerva Rivera

Perla Rivera

Deborah Riverbend

Lilly Rivlin

Karla Rixon

Tara Ro

Claire Robb

Virginia Robbins

Beth Roberts

Christle Roberts

Andrea Ford Roberts

Karen Roberts

Kim Roberts

Malik Roberts

Monique Roberts

Stuart Roberts

Elizabeth Robertson

Janice Robertson

Leslie Robertson

Merilie Robertson

Rob Robertson

Angela Robinson

Boni Robinson

David Robinson

Holly Robinson

J. Robinson

Sally Robinson

Sara Robinson

Amber Robles-Gordon

Danny Rochel

Julie Rockefeller

Kay Rodgers

Andy Rodriguez

Hector Rodriguez

Milagros Rodriguez

Jodi Roessler

Christina Rogers

Lee John Rogers

Matthew Rogers

Nels Rogers

John Rokas

Hector Roldan

Josh Romano

Princess Mecca Romero

Denise Romesburg

James Romines

Dan Ronfeld

Kerstin Roolfs

Peter Rooney

Hannah Rooth

Jeanne Roper

Annette Ropers

Annalisa Di Rosa

Kevin Rosano

Lisa Rosati

Amy Rose

Kyanne Rose

Marie Rose

Lexa Rosean

Sue Rosemarin

Ben Rosen

Quillan Rosen

William Rosen

Stephen Rosenblum

Lillian Rosengarten

Ami Rosengren

Carolyn Rosenstein

Richard Rosenstein

Danny Rosenthal

Joy Rosenthal, Esq.

Linda Rosenthal

Pamela Rosinia

Ellen Roskovich

Ad Ross

Christopher Ross

Diana Ross

Lois Ross

Lois Ross

Mary Ross

Rakhael Ross

William Ross

Gabriel Rosser

Livia Rossi

Marco Rossi

Nori Rost

Staci Bernard Roth

Jerome Roth

Rochelle Rothbaum

Josh Rotholz

Ivan Rothstein

James Rountree

Lilith Routh

Amy Routon

Heath Row

Megan Rowell

Patricia Royall

Antoine Rozier

Albert Ruben

John Ruben

Julie Ruben

Rheta Rubenstein

Clive Rubin

Laura Ruble

Carrie Ruckel

Jane Rudd

Lisa Rudikoff

Jackie Rudin

Carolyn Ruff

Eric Ruff

Patricia Ruggeri

Ana Ruiz

Demitria Ruiz

Anne Rumberger

Diana Rumney

Michelle Rup

Lee Rusch

April Russell

Darren Russell

Gregory Russell

Kelly Russell

Tom Russell

Joe Russo

Elizabeth Rutledge

Anna Ryan

Eileen Ryan

Wilhelmina Ryan

Esther Rydell

Sheridan Ryder

Ron Rzepkowski


Hameed Saba

Sasha Sabbeth

John Sackman

Elizabeth Sacre

Cindy Sadlowski

Francine Safir

James Sagert

Matthew Sagliocco

Elivia Sagov

Yusef Salaam

Roni Salaj

Nancy Salazar

Stephanie Salazar

Amy Sall

Josue Salmeron

Carol Salmon

Laurie Saloman

Susie Salomon

Peter Saltzman

Randall Salzman

Nick Sample

Julie Samples

William Sampson

Keith Sanborn

Peter Sanburn

Alex Sanchez

Angeles Sanchez

Eva Sanchez

Guido Sanchez

Liliana Sanchez

Lourdes Sanchez

Lori Sanders

Sharon Sanders

Carol Sandiford

Marilyn Sandler

Brenda Sandoval

Catie Sandoval

Lisa Sands

Noah Sandweiss

Ivy Sandz

Juan F. Gutierrez Sanin

Robin Santhouse, Ph.D., L.S.W

Katia Santibanez

Jessica Santone

Saurav Sarkar

Sarko Sarkodie

Maury Saslaff

Ayse Sasmazel

Zeynep Sasmazel

Daphne Sasson

Robertson Sauer II

Patricia Sausen

Tyler Sauter

Stacey Sauvago

Thom Savino

Flora Savitzky

David Savoy

Larry Sawyer

Michelle Sbroochi

Judi Scaife

H. Alexandra Scarborough

Kristin Scarola

Kathy Schaeffer

Talia Schaffer

Kathleen Van Schalkwyk

Donna Schall

James Schamus

Claudia Scheda

Catherine Scheer

Gaea Schell

Sara Schennum

Lee Schere

Pam Schiefelbein

Skip Schiel

Nina Glick Schiller

Laura Schilling

Corinne Schipull

Sybil Schlesinger

Katherine Schloemer

Evin Schmidt

Ivan Schmidt

Ted Schmidt

Lee Anne Schmitt

Leigh Schmitt

Mary Schmitt

Ivon Schmukler

Erik Schnabel

Ann Schnake

Dawn Schneider

Wayne Schneider

Paul Schoen

Carole Schoendorfer

Robin Schoenfeld

Kurt Schonfeld

Pete Schoonmaker

Rhonda Schrader

Don Schramm

Julia Schrecengost

Susan Schreiber

Dave Schroeder

Janice Schroeder

Richard Schroeder

Tom Schuessler

Nancy Schulman

Theresia Schumburg

Kim Schure

Jesse Schurr

Lisa Schuster

Katherine Schutta

Barbara Schwartz

Dana Schwartz

Noah Schwartz

Randy Schwartz

Lynda Schwechtje

David Schwittek

L. Carol Scott

Heidi Scott

James Scott

Teresa Scott

Gordon Scoville

Gary Scrivani

Noreen Scully

Kevin Seal

N. Sealey

Cecilia Seaward

Karen Seeley

Diane Segal

Adam Segall

Mary Gretchen Segars

Mary Segur

Katherine Sell

Greg Sells

Alan Semerdjian

Chaitali Sen

Diana Senn

Crystal Senters

Amy Seplin

Dawn Sepulveda

Stephania Serena

Jeanne Serrano

Ofelia Serrano

Patti Serrano

Trudel Serrano

Jesse Serwer

Eric Serxner

Neil Sethi

Nicholas Sevilla

Gena Seward

Lisa Sewell

Janet Van Sgry

Beth Shadur

David Shaff

Paul Shambroom

Brian Shane

Lester Shane

Lynn Shannon

Yossi Shanti

Joann Shapiro

Robert Shapiro

Ellie Sharp

Jordan Shaw

Madeline Shaw

Elizabeth Shaw-Draves

Stephanie Sheehan

Jacob Sheffield

Kate Sheldon

Linda Shelton

Andrew Sheltry

Feng Shen

Freda Shen

Sade Shennel

Donna Shepherd

Lilah Shepherd

Tom Shepherd

Gwendolyn Shepperson

Neal Sherman

Harshad Sheth

Beverly Shields

Farrah Shields

Janae Shields

John Shields

Katie Shields

Susan Shiels

Joyce Shiffrin

Barbara Shih

Matthew Shipp

Katherine Shisler

Luke Shneour

Lynn Shoemaker

Jon Shorr

Timothy Shortell

Laurence Shoup

Tina Shull

Marc Shulman

Julie Shults

Joan Shumway

Amanda Shunnarah

Mary Shurtleff

Gregory Shushan

Judith Shushan

Emily Siar

David Sicilia

Chery Sidwell

Rochelle Siegel

Shane Siegel

Jim Siegelman

Ernie Sierra

John Sigel

Danielle Sigler

Melisa Siltanen

Chris Silva

Kim Silva

Rui Silveira

Roberta Silver

Suzie Silver

Cheryl Sime

Laura Simington

Danny Simmons

Kimberly Simmons

Michael Simmons

Jason Simms

Andrew Simon

Fred Simon

James Simon

Lucy Simotes

David Simpkin

Leanne Sims

Irving Sinai

Suzannah Sinclair

Krystal Sines

Janeen Singer

Kelly Singer

Sanjit Singh

K. Singleton

Shari Sirkin

Glenda Sirota

April Sisco

Sharon Siskin

Kathleen Sites

Rachel Skinner-O’Neill

Matthew Skoller

David Skovron

Alison Sky

Melani Skybell

Teri Slagle

Michael Slate

Helen Slater

Lea Slaughenhoupt

Adele Slaughter

Margo Slaughter

Michael Slaughter

Sebrina Slaughter

Robert Slavik

Sophia Sledge

Joyce Sloan

Susan Slohm

Manon Slome

Trevor Sloughter

Susan Slupe

Kathryn Sly

Larry Smallwood

Jodi Smart

Harriet Smartt

Monica Smiley

Adri Smith

Alan Smith

Alie Smith

Andrea Smith

Arlene Smith

Arnold Smith

Barb Smith

Beth Smith

Bonnie Smith

Caroline Smith

Mary Catherine Smith

Cecile Smith

Chelsey Smith

Cheryl Smith

David Smith

Diana Smith

Elyse Smith

Emily Smith

Ezekiel Smith

Francesca Smith

Gabrielle Smith

Jackie Smith

John Smith

Joyce Smith

Julie Smith

Kathryn Smith

Kayla Smith

Lowell Smith

Mario Smith

Mary Smith

MaryBeth Smith

Nathan Smith

Royce Smith

Sean Smith

Shannon Smith

Stacy Smith

Stacy Smith

Steven Smith

Susan Smith

Tiffani Smith

Toni Smith

Victoria Smith

William Smith

Zach Smith

Layla Smithberg

J. Smith-Cameron

Colin Smith-Clark

Kate Smock

Audrey Smolin

Christina Smouse

Sarah Kirkland Snider

Martha Snider

Angela Snyder

Emily Snyder

Jaime Snyder

Brian Jay Snyder

Kelly Snyder

Nicole Snyder

Donnie Sokol

Kathleen Solar

Alyssa Solazzo

Steven Solomon

Cindy Solomon-Klebba

Dorian Solot

Linda Solotaire

Lynn Somers

Cliff Sommers

Sandi Sonnenfeld

Dawn Sonntag

Knabner Sophie

David Sorensen

Phoebe Sorgen

Setareh Sorkh

Maria Sorrentino

Carmen Sosa

Karen Sotiropoulos

Angel Soto

Jackie Soto

Diana Sottana

Gabriel Kummer de Souza

John Sovitsky

Jocelyn Spaar

James Spagnoletti

Garnet Spagrud

Dawn Sparks

Manjula Spears

Courtney Speer

Jeri Spence

Jewel Spence

Christopher Spencer

Craig spencer

Gary Spencer

Marci Spencer

Rebekah Spencer

Robert Spencer

Sandy Spencer

Donna Spielman

Brian Spillane

Harley Spiller

Judy Spina

Andrea Spiritos

Joy Spitzer

Chet Spoonley

Don Sporman

Jayne Spottswood

Michele Sprietsma

Charley Spring

Kirsten Springer

Jack Spula

Robin Squier

Deborah M. Stafford

Hans Stahlschmidt

Nancy Stallings

Steven Stancell

Susan Standish

Kevin Stangler

Preston Stanke

Dena Stanley

Marianne Stanley

Edward Stanton

Lara Stapleton

Mark Stapleton

Theresa Starchild-Wolf

Debra Stark

Richard Stark

Zoe Stark

Denise Starkey

Tracee Starner

Belle Starr

Robert Stasiak

John Stathopoulos

Karen Stauffer

Erica Stearns

Mary Stec

Gregory Steel

Carolyn Steele

Jeffrey Steenberg

Helen Stefan

Ronald Steigerwalt

Marybeth Steil

Len Stein

Marykay Stein

Paul Stein

Roxanne Steinberg

Carol Steiner

Denise Stella

Peter Stepek

Andrew Stephens

Britainy Stephens

Estelle Stephens

Maura Stephens

Catherine Stern

Nancy Stetson

R. D. Stevens

Dan Stevens

Debra Stevens

Lisa Stevens

Richard Stevens

Sharon Stevens

Theresa Stevenson

Rebecca Stevens-Walter

Charles Stewart

Dana Stewart

Gerald Stewart

Diana Stezalski

Rachel Stigers

Raychael Stine

Steven Stineling

Paul Stingo

Timothy Stinson

Abigail Stokes

Mike Stoller

Bob Stone

Brittany Stone

Bruce Stone

David Stone

Fallon Stone

Judith Stone

Lisa Stonestreet

Marie Stopes

Riz Story

Sarah Jordan Stout

Daniel Stover

Wayne Straight

Jan Strain

Damari Stratford

Rihard Strathmann

Colleen Stratton

Katarina Straughn

Carroll Straus

Cosmo Strauss

Melinda Strauss

Ruth Strauss, MD

Simon Stravitz

Walter Street IV

Daniel Strones

V. Strugatsky

Shayna Strype

Cullimore Stuart

Gary Stubblefield

Paul Stubbs

Tami Studer

Marjorie Stueber

Roger H. Stuewer

Richard Sturgeon

Abby Stuthers

Brandon Stutzman

Kelly Styer

Nicole Subryan

Marge Sudbay

Terri Suess

Daniel Sullivan

Robert Desmarais Sullivan

Dyana Sullivan

Garrett Sullivan

John Sullivan

Liam Sullivan

Linda Sullivan

Harvey Summers

Luping Sun

Bette Sussman

Barbara Sutherland

Kelly Sutton

Michael Suvak

Paula Swartz

Laura Gail Sweeney

Kelly Sweeney

Debra Sweet

Jess Sweetman

North Swenson

K. Swift

Adi Swisa

Whittaker-Butler Sylvia

Karsten Syverson

Kathleen SzBo

Jan Szostek


At-ta Ta

Jarin Tabata

Tahereh Tabatabaie

Michael Tacopino

Alan Taeger

Halima Taha

Avani Tailor

Hidemi Takagi

Vicky Talbert

Anitai Tamar

Laura Tamayo

Carol Tambor

Anthony Tambueei

Eaton Tammy

Yon Tande

Stephanie Tang

Elizabeth Tanner

Anthony Tanzola

Ryan Tardiff

Loreen Targos

Prof. Denise J. Tartaglia

Layla Tate

Shirley Tate

Vivian Taube

Tanaquil Taubes

Emilii Tavarez

Steven Tayama

Chad Taylor

Deanna Taylor

Francesca Taylor

Leah Taylor

Melanie Taylor

Nancy Taylor

Quintin Taylor

Ralph Taylor

Scott Taylor

Sunsara Taylor

Tina Taylor

Dr. D. Taylor-Zickler

Jill Teagardin

Mason Ted

Thomas Tedesco

Robert Tefft

Corey Tegeler

Elizabeth Tegeler

Anne Teil

Lauren Teixeira

Allen Tennille

Jean Terepka

Elaine Terriss

Cheryl Terry

Patrick Tesh

Neil Tesser

Neil Tesser

Jaiprikash Thadani

Sandra Thaxter

John R. Thayer

Tzvia Thier

Mary Thierry

Larry Thigpen

Luke Thoennes

Jeanette Thomas

Kristin Thomas

Mike Thomas-Faria

Wendy Thomasser

L. B. Thompson

Jan Thompson

Julieanna Thompson

Kerry Thompson

Kim Thompson

Larriette Thompson

Michael Thompson

Sheryl Thompson

Tina Thompson

Amy Thor

Mel Thoresen

Helen Thornton

Ann Thryft

Elizabeth Thurlow

Karen Tidwell

Lisa Tiemann

Toryn Tiger

Rejeana Tillery

Nate Tillman

Richard Tillman

Sandhya Tillotson

Cameron Tim

Ralph Timberlake

Michael Timko

Sally Timm

Don Timmerman

Roberta Timmerman

Amy Tinkle

Mark Tinkleman

Brooke Tiphanie

Cindy Tipton

Betty Tisel

Lisa Todd

Ahmad Tolbert

Rebecca Tolen

Tom Tomkins

Cathy Tompkins

Stoni Tomson

Barkley Tona

Tom Tongier

Natalie Toppino

Laurie Torkelson

Daniel Del Toro

Jennifer Torok

Michelle Torres

Rosa Torres

Robinson Totman

Lana Touchstone

Doris Toumarkine

Aleta Alston Toure

Arlene Towle

Patricia Tracy

Dennis Trainor Jr.

Maximus Trajan

Tiana Trammell

Elizabeth Tran

Khoa Tran

Kelli Trapnell

Paloma Trecka

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Lu Vaccaro

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Ryan Valdez

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Hector Valenzuela

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Jackie Vanacore

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BUT WAIT.. THERE IS MORE.. Many more members to be unmasked in PART II – To be released soon

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Alt-Right Executive Speaks Following His Arrest at Charlottesville, VA Monument Protest

Evan McLaren, a self-described member of the alt-right, and Executive Director of the National Policy Institute (NPI), speaks in a newly released video following his arrest in Charlottesville. 

Partnered with Richard Spencer who was a scheduled speaker at the event, Evan took part in what was initially intended to be a peaceful rally to unite the right, to promote historical preservation and freedom of speech. 

In a MOAB Radio facebook live broadcast, Evan McLaren called in and was interviewed by Host “Sarge” Robert Brandt, as well as guest co-Host Dave Martel. 

McLaren details his arrest after surrendering to and being run over by the riot police as his allies who resisted were forced into the crowd of violent activists. He also explained the mission of his organization and activities. 

Martel dives deeper in theories of Richard Spencer being a CIA operative and Evan reveals the past history of the non-profit NPI and its former “globalist agenda”. 


The Cost of Black Privilege in America: UN recommends reparations for the black community from U.S. tax payers 

In a published article, the UN has recommended that the African-American community be provided with financial reparations at the expense of U.S. tax payers. This topic has rekindled the debate, at a time when racial tensions are flaring up in America.

However, in a stark contrast to the UN conclusions, the following report tells a much different story of how much tax payers are already contributing to the black community:

The cost of Black America

If you are a white American, over the course of your lifetime the federal government will, on average and on your behalf, transfer $384,109 of your wealth and income to a single black individual.

According to the data derived from the 2014 federal budget, the average annual net tax/benefit broke down as follows:

  • White: -$2,795
  • Black: +$10,016

Over the course of an average 79-year lifespan, a white individual contributes a net $220,805 to the system, whereas over the course of an average 75-year lifespan, a black individual receives a net $751,200. However, since there are 4.6 times more whites than blacks in the USA, the black share has to be divided among the various contributors to sort out a one-to-one comparison.

So, the net cost to the average White American of the average Black American is $384,109. Married? That’s $768,218. Got 2 kids? That’s $1,536,436. 4 kids? Now we’re talking $2,304,654 lifetime.

John Hope offers his insights

Diversity is expensive. Now you understand why you won’t have much of an inheritance to leave to your children. Do you really think it’s worth it? And then, those natural conservatives to the south, the Hispanics, will surely improve the situation, right? After all, immigration helps the economy! Well, not so much.

  • Hispanic: +7,298

In fact, because there are more Hispanics in the USA than Blacks, Hispanics are already a bigger cumulative net drain on the economy, $411,950,000,000 to $389,710,000,000. Needless to say, the ongoing demographic change from a predominantly white society to a less productive, less white one can be expected to have even more serious negative effects on the long-term economic prospects of the United States that it already has.

Ben Shapiro gives his angle on issues of the black community

Video: Benjamin Dixon speaks his piece on the candidate from St. Petersburg mayoral candidate, Paul Congemi, telling Black Americans to go back to Africa and to accept President Barack Obama as “reparations” for the Black community.
This post was recently published and represents a different perspective on the debate

U.S. Army sergeant indicted in Hawaii for providing aid to ISIS

U.S. Army sergeant indicted in Hawaii on charges of trying to help Islamic State

A photograph with a redacted date, and entered into federal court as an exhibit to support the government’s motion to keep U.S. Army Sergeant Ikaika Erik Kang in detention without bond, shows what is described as Kang holding the Islamic State Flag after pledging allegiance to the Islamic State. Kang is charged with trying to provide material support to Islamic State extremists. U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii/Handout via REUTERS

(Reuters) – A U.S. Army sergeant stationed in Hawaii has been indicted on charges of trying to provide material support to Islamic State, allowing the case to move to a federal trial without a preliminary hearing, officials said on Saturday.

Ikaika Erik Kang, 34, is being held in jail and is scheduled to appear in court in Honolulu on Monday to face charges. He was arrested on July 8.

The indictment, from a U.S. grand jury, accuses the military air traffic controller of four counts of attempting to provide material support or resources to a “foreign terrorist organization.”

Islamic State, a militant group that has claimed responsibility for suicide bombings and other attacks on civilians around the world, controls territory in Syria and Iraq. Earlier this month, Iraq’s prime minister declared victory in a battle to drive Islamic State out of the city of Mosul. [nL8N1K12DD]

Kang’s arrest followed a year-long probe involving undercover agents and other “confidential human sources” who posed as Islamic State operatives and sympathizers, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

A photograph with a redacted date, and entered into federal court July 13, 2017 as an exhibit to support the government’s motion to keep U.S. Army Sergeant Ikaika Erik Kang in detention without bond, shows what is described as Kang kissing the Islamic State Flag and putting it up to his forehead. Kang is charged with trying to provide material support to Islamic State extremists. U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii/Handout via REUTERS

He is accused of trying to provide classified military documents, a small drone and training in firearms and hand-to-hand combat to people he thought were associated with Islamic State, according to court documents. The alleged contact occurred in June and July, court papers state.

He also swore allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, FBI officials have said.

If convicted, Kang faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison on each criminal count, the U.S. Department of Justice said in a statement.

His attorney, Birney Bervar, has said Kang was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or other mental problems the Army failed to address after he returned from deployments to Iraq in 2011 and Afghanistan in 2014. FBI agents exploited those mental issues when they targeted him in the undercover operation, Bervar told reporters earlier this month. [nL1N1K11SO]

Bervar could not be reached for comment on Saturday.

Kang was raised in Waimanalo, Hawaii, according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis in Los Angeles; editing by Diane Craft

Lawsuit Filed against Harrisburg Mayor’s senior advisor, Karl Singleton

Harrisburg, PA – In a motion recently filed by Timothy Rowbottom against the senior advisor to Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse, Karl Singleton has been named in a $12,000 civil suit for threatening life of the Mayor’s constituent.

In a written statement by the plaintiff, it has be alleged that on May 09, 2017, around 9 p.m., the defendant, Mr. Singleton threatened the man and alluded to knowing his home address. This incident occurred in the Harrisburg Hilton Hotel during the 2017 Mayoral debate. Singleton and Rowbottom were both in attendance at the debate event that took place that evening in the 2nd floor Ballroom.

 The plaintiff believes this was a politically motivated threat. 

Philadelphia police: Teen flash mob threw bottles at cops

Teens threw bottles at Philadelphia police officers as they tried to break up an unauthorized summer cookout Sunday night, police said.

Updated: JULY 17, 2017 — 9:34 AM EDT

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Philadelphia police say a flash mob of about 500 teens threw bottles at officers and jumped on cars after a rec center closed for the evening.

Authorities say the disturbance began Sunday night outside the Lonnie Young Recreation Center in the city’s Germantown section. Police say the teens gathered with an unauthorized disc jockey outside the center and had to be dispersed.

No officers or youths were hurt. Police say they opted not to make any arrests so tensions wouldn’t escalate.

At one point, police asked some area businesses to close after some of the youths ran into the businesses.

Most of those in the crowd appeared to be 12 to 17 years old.



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